Transformation Of A Beautiful 3 BHK Residential Project At Chhatarpur, Delhi

3 BHK Residential Project

At Floma, we just love interior design! Well, that’s obvious. 😀

So when we were thinking of a brand new category to the Floma Magazin, of course, we had to select the ‘Before and After’ one to bring you beautiful transformations of homes from around India.

Here is a story of one such 3 BHK home in Chhatarpur, Delhi which has been transformed beautifully by a Floma pro, Lokesh Tanwar.


In this story, you will see how a family abode in Chhatarpur, Delhi was transformed by a Floma Pro with a beautiful and eye-catching design. In this 3 BHK apartment which is a home for 4 family members, Lokesh has inculcated a number of distinct elements and made the space aesthetically beautiful, yet functional.

The Before Story

The Before Story

As you can see in the pictures here, this residential space was just an empty apartment with some accented features and a basic design. Lokesh Tanwar, who is a professional interior designer and a Floma Pro, identified the strong points in this apartment and started designing it as per the client’s needs. According to him, “While redesigning a previously owned flat, one needs to consider the client’s needs and expectations from that design. Thereafter, we put forth a number of ideas and concepts which help the client get a clear idea of how their home will appear after redesigning.“

In this home, there were some accented walls in areas like the living room and bedroom which could be easily highlighted with the help of different colours and textures. Lokesh also told us how he used some smart techniques to make the space appear bigger.

The Before Story

I came up with an idea of an open kitchen to make the living room appear bigger than usual. If I would have added some partition between the living room and the kitchen, then the living room would have appeared smaller and congested.“

The After Story

The After Story

While sharing his thoughts with Floma, Lokesh added, “During the planning and redesigning, we decided to follow a modern and contemporary theme in the apartment. We also used a lot of space saving ideas and smart techniques which have helped to make it functional and more attractive. Also, we have considered all the family needs and requirements.”

Elaborating a bit on the details of the design, Lokesh stated, “The main motto while designing this flat was to make it look spacious by giving it a touch of grandeur. We have fulfilled this goal by using compact yet attractive furniture, flowy drapes, fresh colours, brilliant lights and some additions like plants and other accessories.”

Although the end result was a fabulous and well-designed apartment, still this task came with its challenges. Lokesh shared some details about these challenges, “Yes, there were a couple of challenges like tapered walls, and odd corners, but with a bit more precision and care we could get through them and design a fully functional home. One more challenge was that of the budget. While designing, I focused on coming up with a perfect plan so that the client gets a design as per their wish without spending excess amount. I recommended them things which were worth spending and suggested cost cutting measures where the expenditure was not necessary. In this way, we could come up with a satisfactory design.“ 

Client’s Review

While designing this apartment, Lokesh had focused on fulfilling the client’s needs, requirements and choices. So we also had a word with his happy client who merrily reacted saying, “The design was completely in line with our expectations and budget. Neither did we had to compromise on quality nor did we spend an extra amount of money. Lokesh helped us all the way through and gave us an aesthetic and functional design for our dream home. “

What has Lokesh planned for the future?

Being a passionate architect and interior designer, Lokesh plans to expand his own enterprise and do more creative projects to help homeowners get wonderful dream houses. Also, he wants to handle a variety of projects and design residential, commercial and industrial projects on a larger scale.

Floma is proud of our pro, Lokesh Tanwar and wishes to cover many more of his projects! If you wish to contact him or start a project with him, contact him today!

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