Transform A Boring Work Space By Adding Your Own Touch

If you’re lucky enough to have a home office to work from and you have an interest in interior design, you’re probably wondering how to keep your office a productive space while still adding your own personal trademark.

But keeping things professional and well organised doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun with your office interior! Follow our simple ideas for transforming a boring work space by adding your own touch.

These tips and tricks can even be applied to your office at work too, so take a look even if you don’t have space at home.

Put up some fun posters.

Posters are an easy, almost instant way to brighten up your space and change the overall theme of the room. While they can be stuck up with a regular tack, you also have the option of framing them for a more adult, professional look.

Use storage you love – not just what’s practical.

Storage is an essential, so have fun with it! Choose some cool containers, unique drawers or anything else you think would be perfect for your supplies.

Display photos of your family, friends or happy memories.

You can’t get much more personal than a selection of your own family photos, so display them proudly in your office as a reminder of your best days as a family.

If personal photos aren’t your thing, try some photography prints.

Photos might not be your cup of tea, or maybe all your family snapshots are in digital format. Instead, try some photography artwork, choosing pieces that suit your interests, mood and personality.

Add a chalkboard or whiteboard for notes and reminders throughout the day.

Writing your to-dos on a board gives you a chance to get creative, as well as adding colour and interest to your space.

Subscribe to a monthly delivery of fresh flowers.

Fresh flowers will brighten up the room and make it smell great too! There are subscription services that send flowers monthly or weekly to your chosen location, so look into these within your area.

Plant some healthy greens too.

Plants are also a great choice, adding greenery and healthy oxygen into the room. If you’re looking for something low maintenance, try succulents, cacti or air plants.

Paint the walls with your favourite, upbeat colour.

Painting the room with an upbeat colour will have a positive effect on your mood and keep you powered up as the day goes on.

Integrate a few of your favourite activities.

Do you love movies or video games? Add an entertainment corner for those well-deserved breaks! Whatever your interest is, it’s easy to integrate it into your office for a little rest and relaxation.

Make sure you’re comfortable while you work.

Comfort is key when working, so choose a chair that’s appropriate for your body type and posture.

Change your computer’s wallpaper.

Who’s to say your computer can’t double up as a piece of art? Choose a wallpaper that suits your personality and theme – one you can enjoy looking at throughout the day.

Update your lighting by making it warmer or cooler – however you prefer to work.

Lighting can have a huge effect on the way we work. Some people feel happier and more at ease with warmer lighting while others feel motivated when the lighting is cool. The choice is down to personal preference, so make sure you have the lighting you prefer.

Hang up some fairy lights – they’re not just for holidays and festivals.

Who doesn’t love some pretty flickering lights? They can add warmth and festivity to a room at any time of year, giving off an almost magical effect to power you through your work.

Place some brightly coloured post-its.

Post-its are available in a huge range of colours and shapes to brighten up your office, so pick a few in your favourite styles and use them for important reminders throughout the day.

Add ornaments and home décor items that reflect who you are.

These may be trinkets that feature elements of your personality, religion, beliefs, family life… anything you want! The result will be a combination of items that mean a lot to you and no-one else.

Display a few of your favourite books.

The books you love (or books that are relevant to your work) are an important part of you, so display them with pride ready to pick up for inspiration when you need it.

Feature some inspirational quotes.

Choose a few motivational or inspirational quotes that resonate with you and your goals. Then, consider the ways you could include them in your home office decor.

Organize your supplies in a way that’s intuitive to you.

You’ll find countless guides on how to organise your office supplies for optimal organisation – but they won’t do a thing for you if they’re not suited to the way you like to work. Choose a method that’s intuitive to you to save you time as well as suiting your aesthetic.

Fit some speakers to play your favourite tracks.

Some people work better when they have some music to listen to – especially if it’s a variety of tracks they enjoy. While a good pair of headphones will do, you could always fit some high-quality speakers into your home office to enjoy your music at its best.

These are just a few ideas, so feel free to use them or get creative and think up some of your own! Regardless of whether you work at home or from an on-site office cubicle, you’re still entitled to turn your space into your own. After all, we’re all more productive when we’re surrounded by things that make us happy! Say no to boring workspaces and bring in the fun.

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