Top 10 Interior Design Shows to Watch Right Now (Updated)

Top 10 Interior Design Shows to Watch Right Now (Updated)

Everyone loves to watch a good show to unwind after a hectic day. An interior design show can be informative and fun to watch. Whether you’re a flipper or an interior designer searching for ideas to revamp a current project or if you wish to stay up to date with the latest modern-day trends, there are numerous shows for you to binge-watch! 

Before you begin your next project, we have detailed some of the best interior design-centric shows to stream next. Many of these shows deal with décor, renovations, and home improvement tricks, tips, and ideas. They can inspire freshening up your house just by rearranging furniture, decluttering, adding a new pop of color to your rooms, or doing a quick and simple DIY project. 

The criteria we have used to make our choices are, essentially, whether the show makes for interesting viewing, whether the audience can get some workable takeaways from the show, and last but most essential; does the show allow you to dream big? The past few years saw shows like Grand Design and Extraordinary Homes; this year’s slate features TV shows on everything from home organization and innovations to stunning apartments and makeovers.

In no particular order, here are our top 10 picks on Interior Design Shows to watch right now. Happy Viewing! 


1. The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes 

This fabulous show is definitely for the real dreamers. In the show, Architects wave their magic wands to create sensational buildings on impossibly steep cliffs in France, suburban jungles in India and golden beachfront in Bali. Each episode portrays four extraordinary homes from across the world, handpicked and curated by the hosts of the show, Piers Taylor (architect) and Caroline Quentin (a comedian). The interior design show weaves in delightful insights from the architects of these homes, enabling one to understand how they conceptualize and ideate these magical cozy spaces.

This is for someone who knows how to truly appreciate architecture as an art. One episode takes you to Norway, where a summer house is built around a rock; and inside a particular room, you can see a massive rock extending from the floor to the ceiling, with a portion of it acting as a backplate for the fireplace. We say that you’ve got to watch the show as words are not suffice to describe these amazing homes. Prepare to be wowed! 


2. Abstract: The Art of Design

Abstract: The Art of Design 

The season helps us to explore the minds of prolific designers of varied fields and acts as an introduction to their design fields which is presented extremely innovatively in each episode. Both the seasons of this Interior Design series will totally blow your mind and leave an amazing impression. But what you should specially focus on is the interior design episode featuring the fabulous Ilse Crawford. The editor-turned-designer has her signature style deep down to selecting pieces that look stunning and feel fabulous!

Her work has been presented everywhere from The Soho House to Michelin starred cafes, no wonder one feels super cosy, and you can tell simply by watching it on the television. Crawford will subtly inspire you to get rid of your unsteady bar stools and enable you to relax in your softest comforters on a chilly winter weekend afternoon. Don’t miss it This show beautifully and successfully appreciates the art and the artist behind the work. 


3. Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo 

This interior design show may not exactly be about home interiors, but it’s one of the top home advancement shows on Netflix. Why is that? Because you’ll surely get a lot of ideas that will help you avoid clutter from taking over your clean life.

In this wildly popular Netflix series, Marie Kondo shares tidying tips and tactics that can also make your house area look much smarter. To help you decide which products should stay or go when tidying up, Marie Kondo inspires you to always ask, “Does that spark joy and fun?” This very question can make you realize that following minimalism in your life is just as easy as letting go of the things that don’t make you content anymore. Who would have thought that tidying up could be this brain moving? 

Nevertheless, Marie Kondo is a joy to watch because of her cute and infectious personality. Her “spark joy” mantra in life has also strongly resonated with a lot of people that it spawned countless memes. She teaches one to find what is best in the house and discard the rest. The life-changing effects and the magic of decluttering can be experienced purely by watching the lady work her way through seemingly unmanageable messes. 


4. Tiny House Nation

Tiny House Nation 

With the increasing demand for smart and cost-effective housing, this series offers innovative and practical solutions for small spaces under 500 sq. ft. The Renovation experts, Zack Giffin and John Weisbarth travel across America and offer help in constructing and designing tiny houses. What appeals to us most about the show is the fact that the renovators find out as much as they can about the personalities of the home-owners, and then incorporate designs and changes into the living spaces.

They come up with unique ideas for furniture and rooms that the families could never think of. The best part – the solutions are also cost-effective. The hosts guide the families through the process of designing and constructing their tiny house, culminating in a wow-worthy reveal at the end of each episode. 

5. Amazing Interiors

Amazing Interiors 

Most of us are after the fashion and more extraordinary things in life. If you wish to feed your mind with impressively beautiful inspirations, include Amazing Interiors in your Netflix watchlist. If you adore eclectic and bizarre interior designs, then this show on Netflix is just ideal for you. This is definitely binge-worthy. A simple and typical house that appears plain from the outside is shown, but once you enter it, you can see a completely amazing scene. Whimsical styles that are inspired by awe-inspiring interior design ideas blow your mind – designs that use rollercoasters, aquariums, and even crazier things and funkier design ideas. The biggest wow factor of the show is the out-of-the-box thinking of the architects and genius of each design. Warning: Striking room transformations to come! 


6. Stay Here

Stay Here

Vacation Farmhouses sound like a fascinating and soothing idea. But renting out your own house isn’t as simple as renting out a vacation house yourself. The Interior Design Show, Stay Here, anchored by world-famous Designer Genevieve Gorder and Real estate professional expert Peter Lorimer, portrays homeowners how they can transform their houses into sources of steady income in the most cost-effective manner.

The Interior Design Show very well sets the stage for the importance of research at the design phase and other valuable lessons to be understood by rental property owners for an ideal guest experience. The show guides you on how to attract potential vacationers to stay on your property and have the best time! 

Understand the basics of design and attach a few tricks up your sleeve to gain from your personal properties. Stay on budget and in high style!


7. Design HQ

The Interior Design Show that unravels the lives of celebrities authentically, Design HQ is Ashiesh Shah’s masterpiece. The award-winning architect takes us through the sprawling havens of Bollywood celebrities, fashion designers, and entrepreneurs as they let their guard down. The show makes up for an ideal opportunity to take a sneak peek through the generous residences. The show features the who’s who of Bollywood and India’s creative best, from Aditya Roy Kapur, Hrithik Roshan, and Jacqueline Fernandez, to Sandeep Khosla, Abu Jani, Pernia Qureshi, and Masaba Gupta, whose homes are much as a reflection of the celebrity in the limelight as they are about the private person. 


8. Grand Designs

Grand Designs

The Interior Design Show that designer and writer Kevin McCloud present, Grand Designs, portrays stories of people who have a dream and vision for their home and achieve it completely through their own work and planning. The TV show follows the homeowner’s adventure from the dream conception, designing, planning to make the whole structure from scratch. And this is all done by the owners themselves. Not all of us can build a house (literally) from scratch, from the ground up, but this Interior Design Show will leave you feeling inspired and wishing to do something with the long-forgotten dream of a cosy dream house.

House-building shows aren’t really binge watch material, but the variety of personalities, styles, budgets and settings Grand Designs showcases keeps it from ever getting boring. There are treehouses, urban museum-like spaces, a house built into a prehistoric cave, and many more innovative types. Years of labor, struggle, and stress are captured in each episode, and there is something really soothing about watching these houses come together.


9. Dream Big: Engineering Our World 

The Interior Design Show called Dream Big is a celebration of engineering marvels from all over the globe. It highlights the wonders that mankind has curated from the underwater robots to the Great Wall of China, Smart Cities, and Solar Cars. The Show underlines the artistry of engineering that will shape the future of the planet and encourage viewers to be curious and be aware of the pivotal role of engineering. 


10. Interior Design Masters

Interior Design Masters

This show is full of heart-warming stories, interactive conflicts, and a series of quirky challenges. The judges are all expert designers and have a no-holds-barred approach when it comes to feedback. You will see ten amateur designers contest for a big contract. Whether it is minimalism or over-the-top floral prints, you will find a number of tricks and tips here. The whole idea is to show real-life challenges and obstacles that professional designers face when creating the ideal decor. If you find excitement in watching intense competition apart from beautiful designs, you’ll adore this show. If you prefer seeing quick transformation from start to finish and enjoy a good before and after, then this show is for you. 


All these shows help viewers to take away some amazing and cost-effective interior design tips! For the benefit of our readers, we have listed some tips that you can understand and incorporate in your décor theme. Read on!


1. Go with a set Theme 

Sticking to one theme for the house isn’t simple. It includes a lot of factors. In many houses, the major issue with the theme is that they are not steady. As the number of rooms is the number of themes, creating a flow isn’t simple. You need to begin by identifying what you need in a specific room. Do you require a theme that would be ethnic to the place where you live? Then it would be better to get the furniture and other decor items that fit perfectly into this category.

When you cannot find a theme that would go with your house or room, then you can decide on the basis of a color-based theme. The ideal way to deal with the color theme is by following the 60:30:10 rule. The primary color for the wall paint should be 60%, the secondary color should be 30%, and the upholstery theme should be 10%. Following a theme helps in breaking the monotony of the room and can be a conversation starter.


2. Adding Textures for Aesthetics 

This is one of the best approaches for interior design to begin with, namely adding textures. Texture building is considered to be highly attractive not just to the eye, but to the touch. It is essential to practice balance in all design projects. Too much texture can never provide outcomes that we desire, so constantly balance one texture with a low texture piece. Go for three main large surface textures and balance them by alternating one high texture and one low texture furnishings. The most sought-after texture is with fabrics like velvets, knitted, silk, loom weaves, lace, and linens, and so on.


3. Wall Murals are Universal 

Murals in rooms act as a luxury big-ticket item. With modern and advanced technology, the cost of such wall treatments has become cost-effective. Murals can be an entire wall floor to ceiling size, a vignette in a niche, or applied to the wall and framed with attractive decorative molding. The positive factor is that if you’re talented, you can also paint your own mural. Customized mural has always been a cherished art form in most houses. Go for a house pattern that enables the mural design to take center stage and keep ascents on the other walls to a least and in harmony.


4. Mixing Old and New 

Another stunning idea to add interest to any space is to mix the old with the new. For instance, using modern fabric on old furniture pieces, changing the finish of old tables or armchairs are ideal when done. We at Floma, recommend adding a careful combination of vintage and contemporary.


5. Monochrome has always been the trend 

A monochromic theme easily creates harmony, because it is really all one base color. By going for a monochromatic color palette, you have your unifying elements from the beginning. Since monochromatic designs have such a relaxing impact, it is often utilized in spaces that need a calming boost. Bedrooms are of course an ideal option. Experiment with monochrome themes in your bathroom to form a spa-like feel or make use of it in your child’s playroom to help keep all that strong energy at bay. Focus on complementing the main color of your room with a variety of neutrals. Pops of white and black offer the eye a place to relax from the power of the main shade.


6. Experiment with Lighting 

Lighting is an important element of Interior Design. The correct lighting can help push out the negatives and bring out the positive factors of the design. You can experiment with designs, colors, and even the intensity of the lights. Different rooms can have different lighting textures. For instance, you can dim golden lights in the living room for a relaxed evening while the kitchen should have bright lights.


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