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Top 20 Interior Designing Trends In India For 2021

top 20 Interior Designing Trends In India For 2021

The world went through a lot in 2020, there is no denying that. However, as humans, we never despair. We keep marching on and we continue to live life. This year you can choose to redecorate your house to breathe fresh life into it or you can decorate your new house with trends that are new and here to glam up your place.

With each year bringing in state-of-the-art trends with reference to knowledge, technique, and materials, we at Floma come up with an all-around catalog of home decor ideas every year. Amidst all the fancy artistry taking up the entire room, ventilation has gained new attention amongst clients now making it a priority. With more time being spent at home, large and interactive open spaces seem to be gaining more attention. The chances to entertain oneself and one’s visitors has found grip and we find clients requesting us to incorporate not just theatre-quality viewing but also the possibility of having large gatherings at home.

Here is a list of 20 interior designing and decorating trends for 2021!

1. Clean air and nourishing home

With the wave of COVID-19, we are all more aware of cleanliness and hygiene. Air purifiers and house plants are a must this year so as to ensure that the air in your house is clean and safe. You can crack open a window for some circulation, so make sure to have windows in your living spaces. Windows are also a good place to allow light to enter the space.

2. Video- call worthy backgrounds

The world has shifted online and we are conducting a lot of meetings and business via video calls. You can make your office space or seating area have one wall which is Zoom worthy. Put plants, books, and colorful shades in the background and make it a nice place to take your calls. You can out up some abstract art that you like, put up posters of your favorite sitcom or band or make a whole out of it or just make one wall brightly colored. You can put a nice table that will allow you to work in style.

3. Stylish front doors

Front doors are the gateway to your home and you have to pay utmost attention to them. Pick the right frame, the right color, the right material, and make sure it is safe and stylish at the same time. This is the first introduction people have when they visit your house; make sure to leave a good impression in their minds.

4. Browns and beiges

When you talk to any designer, you will learn that the shades of brown and beiges are so versatile that they are integrated into every home. Play with these colors and your house will pop. Basic colors also let you introduce small pieces of art that will be accentuated because of this basic shade. Providing a brown and beige backdrop highlights the different textures found throughout your home decor, such as the silver sheen on candlesticks or the warm feel of a wooden coffee table.

5. Headboards for bed

This is a new interesting concept introduced to the bedroom. Generally, the bed is put against the empty wall but now you can shift to a headboard made of wood or soft fabric as per your taste. You can pick a color that is contrasting to the general color theme of your room to make it stand out while also adding a pop of color to your room.

6. Easy clean surfaces

It is time to shift to surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain. Vinyl coated walls and slabs are a good alternative that can be scrubbed and wiped clean with soap. You need not waste anymore of your time cleaning walls and slabs. You can worry less when you have kids around the house, running out with food or colors as even if something spills, you can just wipe it off!

7. Fancy lighting

To avoid the spread of germs, these hands-free options are entering the market. A simple wave or movement turns the light on and off. These options can be used in the kitchen as well in the way of hands-free faucets and taps. It makes it easier while cooking as well and reduces the scope for germs to spread. You can also go in for lighting in the headboards and in the ceiling. Put in a regulator to change the degree of lighting you want in your room, adjust it according to the setting and create a whole fun vibe. You can go in for lamps of different shapes and sizes that can be kept on tables or hang from the walls. You can get abstract lamps that add to the whole aesthetic of any room. You can also go in for candles, the scented variation, to make the room sweet smelling while also making it a comforting setting.

8. Laundry basket storage

It is very important to make your space an efficient place. If you are renovating, make sure to create space for your laundry baskets so as to avoid having them take up floor space. You can put slabs, either vertically or horizontally. Make sure to plan the slabs according to the size of your laundry basket and equipment.

9. Laundry room

This is a room where you work hard, so make it bold, playful, and colorful. Add some color, make it a peaceful serene place where you can do your work in a calm, soothing manner. You need to make it a place where you are not stressed as you will be the only one doing laundry! Add a little nook for reading or doing the other chores that you can get to while also attending to the laundry.

10. Open space

People are shifting spaces to smaller spaces when it comes to these video calls as well. It is good for a large family to gather but otherwise, it’s a waste of space.  People are choosing sliding partition doors or dividers to efficiently divide space. It gets very difficult to fill up open spaces with furniture or art or just about anything.

11. Work nooks

Make sure to spend your time decorating your work nook. This place has to be soothing and stress-free to ensure maximum efficiency for you.  Have a table that is rightly sized for you, big enough for your books, laptop, and a pen stand. Make sure to place some plants to ensure a constant supply of oxygen. Plants also add a pop of color to any room they are placed in. Having a window never harmed anyone. It will not only usher in light but also fresh air.

Home offices are here to stay. As life goes back to normal many jobs will likely begin to start remote employment. The permanency of remote jobs means people will design their home work areas differently. As an outcome, we’ll see more private and dedicated home work spaces, as opposed to makeshift desk setups. This may mean people move to massive homes in more remote areas to garner more space, or they dedicate guest rooms as permanent home offices.

12. Peaceful gardens

People now are utilizing more space from their homes into making a large garden. A peaceful garden will be a good investment for your kids to play in the sun and for you to lounge and read a book! Science has shown that just looking at something green can decrease heart rate and alleviate stress. Find good garden furniture, chairs, tables, picnic tables, swings, and porches. You can set up a wide deck for yourself to have nice garden parties with a barbeque on the side.

Also, if space is an issue, you can easily go for vertical gardens. This idea is gaining momentum. People are looking forward to having a top to the bottom green wall. We always prefer developing vertical gardens or walled gardens. Green promotes a sense of connection with nature, which many of us are missing at the present, and so we think the popularity of the color will continue into the next year but will move away from forest greens to more olive greens.

13. Tile patterns

Brick patterns continue to remain popular but these days the concept of stacked tile patterns, especially in smaller bathrooms, is gaining popularity. It provides a more continuous run of the surface while visually expanding the width of a room. It accentuates the height of the room rather than its narrow width. You can get a tile colored in a basic pastel shade that will merge in with any setting and wall color, with a white outline that will add a touch of modernism to it.

14. Light wood cabinets

The year 2020 was so heavy that people are now shifting to light furniture. Light furniture mixed with other neutrals like whites and greys is a great way to create an airy palette with just the right amount of warmth. This technique is very effective in a kitchen as well. Using wood instead of white on cabinets allows you to bring in white tones without really bringing in the white tones. Light wood cabinets are also easy to set in any space.

15. Multi-zone kitchen

A traditional three zone kitchen has proven to be extremely efficient in a lot of houses. Refrigerator, sink, and range are all to be connected but now with a new addition of more touch points and additional work zones. The new work trapezoid can include dedicated areas for baking, prepping, and chopping or can consist of separate stations for snacks, drinks, or homework. You can make an exclusive station next to the over only for baking.

The trend of integrating the dishwasher with kitchen design has definitely been seeing a rise as it reduces the dependence on domestic help and offers the comfort of time. Blenders and choppers have also become an integral part of the kitchen to decrease dependency on cooking maids.

16. Small rectangular tile patterns

If you are interested in movement, it is time for you to consider small tiles set in a chevron pattern. Small scale rectangular tiles can sometimes create a continuous image from far away but a more detailed image when seeing from up close. The texture, pattern, and reflection reveal a much more complex surface. You can play around with the shapes and patterns to create varying effects.

17. Hands free faucets

As already mentioned before, hands free appliances are finding more scope in these times of zero contact. Hands free faucets are efficient and also conserve water to a large extent. The spreading of germs is reduced. A simple wave or motion detector is enough to activate the water flow. The right faucet can add a pop of color or become a glided focal point for any serene space.

18. Materials and styles

This trend became more popular in the 2000s with the industrial style with weathered wood, concrete, and metallic lighting. Light woods are a concept taken from the Scandinavian countries and are trend material for interiors. This material is used for flooring and also for walls and panels. It is a tactile designing method that finds its place in 2021. People are turning to nostalgic comfort and security.

Modern ideas don’t essentially have to be western. You can implement your ethnicity and culture in a sleek modern way. Indian houses need to be inspired by the colorful and warm flavor of the country. Let your house reflect your rich heritage by accessorizing it with rich handicrafts. These offer a regal and exotic look to your house. Add vibrant side tables and colorful ottomans to the list of your interior design trends for the living room, to offer your home a warm and welcoming effect.

19. Colours scheme

The year 2021 is considered to be a year of grey tones, a cool neutral scheme color that is symbolic of technology and modernity into elegant spaces. These neutral colors will never go out of style. This shade allows you to introduce small details while adding a lot of character to space. According to some designers, dark blue will be the color of 2021. Whether you’re picking out tiles, wall shades, or door handles, color schemes should be embracing moody hues and rich tones. Charcoal greys, dark neutrals, and navy blues offer a dramatic ambiance when used as paint or wallpaper, or go for regal Victorian elegance with reds or lush forest greens. A matte pebble or white tone can also be used to lighten smaller rooms if they can’t carry a heavy shade.

20. Matte finish

Matte finish is slowly making its way into bathrooms and kitchen spaces. This adds a touch of elegance to your space. Warm, rich shades in matte finishes are sure to take over other interiors, offering a welcome contrast to ceramic glazes, high-shine velvet, or stainless-steel appliances. Adding a wood finish to the handle can also increase the oomph quotient.

Setting up your kitchen or bathroom with matte tiles offers a warm, understated background for polished marble surfaces, sinks, and metallic utensils. The matte finish absorbs the light rather than reflecting it, which offers an intensity of color and depth to the tiled wall or floor.

Embracing these design trends doesn’t essentially mean offering your whole house a makeover – your interpretation could lie in those ever-essential little details. From matte to chalk painted furniture to matte dinnerware, you can go as subtle and small as you prefer.

Alternatively, take things outside with chalk painted metal for your patio table and chairs or matte pain plant pots. It is a wonderful task to redecorate your house. You can experiment with materials, furniture, colors, and styles until you find the one best suited for you. Take some time to find the right fit and it is smooth sailing after that.

The year 2020 truly has set the pace for building a complete home that lets you experience all aspects of your lifestyle. If you are looking to redecorate and need some expert advice or some inspiration, visit us at Floma! We will tell you an estimate of how much it will cost to get your dream interiors. Floma is the go-to solution for all interior designing queries.

How are we different? We do not put any photos; it is all curated especially for you. We will help you find designs by colors and rooms. You can go through our magazine with over 100 articles on interior design. We fully understand that the main key to stunning home decor is the ability to search for balance and harmony between materials, objects, and colors.

Get your all-new living room and other interiors only at Floma! You can read the stories put up by various customers and their reviews of our services. Our guides will give you a how-to for all kinds of rooms and settings.

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