The Middle Class Jugaad To Beautify Homes: Do It The Housewife Style

The Middle Class Jugaad To Beautify Homes: Do It The Housewife Style

Two things we’d like to clear- one, we absolutely cherish the jugaadu keeda our Indian brains have. And two, we believe that NOBODY can beautify homes the DIYish style as well as a housewife can!

Our homes are where our most innovative DIY (Do-it-yourself) ideas and inventions take place. Most of which come from methods that help us save some paisa. So, today we are going to talk about a few tips and tricks that the housewife-heart in you can use, to revamp your home.

Having said that, let’s all celebrate the ‘paise-bachao funda’ we swear by, shall we?

1. Decorate your kitchen or dining room wall by hanging plates.

When you do not have time or money to paint that wall and cannot really think of a way to decorate it, your crockery can come to rescue! We all have those beautiful porcelain dinner sets jo mehmaano ke liye rakhe hai. However, even while you being extra careful in handling them, some plates of the sets may have broken off over time, leaving the set incomplete. So take the beautiful plates from those sets and hang them on your wall. It will instantly give a sophisticated look to your home!

2. Take those cookie tins from your cupboard and pull out the Sui-Dhaaga!

As housewives, we love to keep the needle box handy. So take your favourite threads and embroider on plain pillow covers. Make a lovely design or sew an alphabet to personalise them. It will bring in a punch of intricately coloured design on your bed, bringing in attention.

However, if you don’t know how to stitch, get a hot glue gun! It will cost you Rs. 300-600 only. Cut stripes of an old favourite fabric and make a beautiful plait of it. Now place it in a nice design and stick it on your pillows. These will become unique and customised show pillows for your living room sofa!

3. Recycle your furniture: Give your space a Boho look.

From clothes to interior, the Boho look has been trending in every part of the designing world recently. So incorporate the same in your home.Aasaan hai!

Buy a medium to large-sized dreamcatcher or windchime of your choice and hang it on your balcony. For the seating arrangement, ask your husband for a Stepney or old spare tyre of your vehicle. Give that tyre a thick layer of brightly coloured oil paint. You can go for yellow, orange, teal, or mint green. Now take some pillow stuffing suitable for the size of the inner circle of the tyre. Take a plain cloth and stitch it with the stuffing like a pillow. Now place it inside the tyre, and you are good to go!

4. Recycle your furniture: Transform your child’s crib.

If your child has grown up and does not use the crib anymore, it is time to transform it into a study table.

  • Take off one of the long sides of the crib completely. What you will be left with is a one-side open paalnaa.
  • Now get a black/green/whiteboard customised as per the size of the crib’s bed and stick it in place of the bed.
  • Get a small chair, of a suitable height as per the height of the table board.
  • Your mini study table is ready.

Give your child chalk or markers and a duster and let him write and draw directly on the board! Paper aur paalnaa, dono bachao!

5. Incorporate patterns, prints, and colours.

One of the best and easiest ways known by every housewife to add newness in a home is to incorporate prints. Mix and match brightly coloured curtains with bedsheets and cushion covers. Go for prints that look Indian. Prints like Tribal, Rajasthani, Phulkari, etc. bring out intricate detailing that make any corner beautiful. Apart from this, you can also display collections if you have any. Fill a jar with colourful marbles and place it in the centre of your showcase or TV unit.

Mirrors are another element that can add versatility to your home. These give a wider perspective to the room, making it look spacious while adding a classy touch. So choose among the various frames like vintage, traditional, modern and chic, and add it to your mirror. You are all set to show the revamped house to your guests!

So ladies, keep the housewife-heart alive in you and keep revamping your home whenever you wish to. However, if you want a detailed interior designing consultation for your home, you can get in touch with some of the best interior designers in India. Follow Floma for more such guides and comment below if you have any other suggestions! You can also buy unique art pieces for your home from the Floma Shop.

We at Floma truly understand the value of a Ghar from within the heart. Stay tuned for more interesting guides for your Indian home!

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