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The Best Interior Design Magazines In India: A Definitive List To Inspire You

With so much focus on digital technology and media today, it’s only natural that your first port of call for inspiration would be the web when looking for inspiration for your home décor projects.

But sometimes, it’s fun to go back to basics and flick through the pages of a real book or magazine while looking for ideas.

Interior design is a vast industry, so it’s no surprise there are a wide variety of publications that cater to design and home décor needs. Inside, you’ll find trends, tips, styles, ideas and more – all of which you can put into action when decorating yourself.

You could even cut out the photos you like the most and create an inspiring scrapbook full of your best ideas. Not only could that be a fun project, but it’s also a great way to arrange a variety of styles together and see how they complement one another.

However you decide to proceed, now is the time to take a break, relax and enjoy some peace and quiet as you get lost in page after page of inspiration.

As for which interior design magazines you should consider taking a look at? Read on to find out!

Elle Decor India

Elle Decor has publications all over the world in a huge number of countries – and the Indian edition of the magazine has been running for 16 years.

The magazine focuses on home decorating as well as home décor products made in and available in India, resulting in a homegrown look that’s more suited to your home than some looks you may find online.

Elle Decor takes a colourful approach, not shying away from traditional Indian colours and happy, bright looks. This makes a refreshing change, considering many publications focus heavily on monochromatic, modern contemporary trends.

The magazine’s slogan is ‘ideas you can use’, so there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to relate to the content and find authentic Indian design ideas you’d be happy to include in your own home.

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest has always been an authority on international design, so it’s no wonder the publication is expanding.

The Indian edition of Architectural Digest is a newcomer to its parent publisher Conde Nast, but it’s already proving to be a success!

Claiming to feature “the best Indian and international architecture and design,” the magazine features exclusive design and décor ideas, as well as architectural ideas you could use during a remodel.

Inside, you’ll find a selection of traditional and modern Indian trends to create the perfect ensemble that’s reflective of your culture and style.

Good Homes Magazine India

Good Homes magazine prides itself on an innovative and eclectic approach, bringing together a healthy mixture of décor ideas, DIY advice and more.

The worldwide magazine’s Indian edition describes itself as ‘the ultimate guide to a well-designed home’, aiming to inspire readers with the latest trends and products, unique styles and photography from homes all around the world. The result is a mix that’s focused on Indian design, as well as trending styles from the rest of the world too.

Good Homes also includes lifestyle décor tips, such as how to decorate for the holidays, so it’s worth a read even when you’re not looking to decorate!

Inside Outside

Inside Outside was the first monthly magazine in India to focus on interiors design, décor and architecture.

Covering both residential and commercial interiors, the magazine aims to bring a true variety to those seeking inspiration.

It also strives to appeal to all audiences, no matter what their styles and budgets may be – offering an insight into “the exclusive and luxurious to the modest and space conscious.”

As with other varied publications, this means almost anyone can find something they like, whether they’re working on a tight budget or are able to splash out and live lavishly.

Pool Magazine

Pool Magazine claims to be ‘India’s first international design magazine’ and offers a strong insight into the country’s world of design.

While not entirely focused on interior design specifically, Pool Magazine features design as a whole.

This is still helpful when looking to decorate your home, as you’re likely to find some beautiful yet surprised ideas of colour themes, materials, patterns and more – all of which you can recreate and use as part of your interior setting.

Where can you purchase these publications in India?

All of the above publications are available throughout India, so you should have no problem finding them at your local store or news stand. Alternatively, consider subscribing online to have each new issue delivered to your home.

By subscribing, you’ll always have the latest, most up to date information, tips and more right through your mailbox every month – which could be especially helpful if you’re working on a long term home redesign, remodel or renovation, or even just like to switch things up on a regular basis.

Plus, you can check out their websites for even more information and ideas that may not have been featured in the paper edition. Finally, follow each one on social media to get the latest updates, exclusive content and sneak peeks.

Whichever you pick, we hope you find some great inspiration to inspire your next project!

Do you enjoy reading interior design magazines? If so, what’s your favourite? If we haven’t listed it here, don’t hesitate to list it in the comments section below!

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