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Story Of A Persistent Interior Designer, Ravi Prakash From Jaipur

Ravi Prakash

This Floma story introduces you to a super-talented, and a determined interior designer, Ravi Prakash from Jaipur. Read on to explore his story!



The interior designing industry is a demanding industry and one has to be constantly creative, innovative and relentless in work for achieving success. Interior designer and architects are not just creative in their ideas but are also equipped with technical knowledge and detailing. With all the multitasking and hard work, these amazingly creative minds make dreams become reality.

They also blend aesthetics and functionality of the design to make the empty space look as good as possible. Be it a small residential apartment, a lavish villa, or a commercial office; the interior designer has to work equally hard to fulfill the client’s needs.

At Floma, we intend to highlight the stories of such talented professionals who have explored the field of interior design and made a difference through their creativity and innovation.

So here is a story of one such hard-working interior designer, Ravi Prakash, who has vowed to spread his wings in the field of architecture & design and intends to take it to the next level of excellence.

About Ravi Prakash

Ravi is a young, enthusiastic architect and interior designer who had his goals very clear at an early age. He was interested in making things useful in different ways and create a good atmosphere in the given space. He stated that, “people tend to be more creative, happy and productive in the space where they feel good. This is why I love to add the ‘feel good’ factor in every space which I design.”

After choosing Interior design as a career, Ravi worked with renowned architects and gathered a lot of valuable knowledge, as well as practical know-how about interior design. This paved way to his freelance work and since then he has decided to never look back and do the best he can in this challenging field.

During these days of work with renowned architects, he gained a lot of on-field and market insights which went a long way with him. Indeed these years marked the foundation of his career.

What are Ravi’s Unique Qualities as an Interior Designer?

What are Ravi's Unique Qualities as an Interior Designer?
During this journey, Ravi has developed some unique qualities as a designer which help him stay and succeed in his business. According to Ravi, “I am very good at designing the space with appropriate colours, textures, and motifs. Also, I properly understand the needs of clients and execute them in my designs. Apart from this, I tend to offer something which is not typical. I go beyond the conventional design styles and come up with something which suites the world-class architecture and design.”
Moreover, Ravi tries his level best to make the clients comfortable and give them satisfying results through his designs. Also, he approaches them in a very informal and friendly manner to establish an emotional connect, know about their likes & dislikes so that he can deliver desired results to them.

Take a Glimpse at Ravi’s Work

Take a Glimpse at Ravi's Work

To give you a clearer idea of Ravi’s work, here we have some pictures of one of his best projects. In this home designed by Ravi, he has used a lot of colourful and sophisticated elements to bring out the beauty of the space. The client expected the home to be a sophisticated space which was not at all dull. So to fill up the space with a vivacious feel, he added a splash of colours.

However, he did not use loud colours; instead, he chose pastel shades which were fresh and equally sophisticated. The choice of colours here depicts Ravi’s thoughtfulness regarding colour schemes and his sense of various textures.

In this design, he has made sure that the lifestyle, perspectives, choices, likes, and dislikes of the clients are efficiently depicted.

Which are Ravi’s Favourite Styles in Interior Design?

Which are Ravi's Favourite Styles in Interior Design?

While sharing about his favourite styles in interior design; Ravi said, “I am more inclined to the international style of interior designing. I do not want to stay confined to merely the local style of interior design and wish to go beyond the borders to bring in a new culture to this field.”

What has Ravi Prakash Planned for the Future?

Ravi still has a long way to go with huge plans for the future. He looks ahead to work on international projects which would give him a lot of freedom to use his creativity and let him design some of the masterpieces. He also wishes to make his clients feel very comfortable and confident while approaching a designer. He wants to create a culture wherein the clients will be able to freely interact with the designer or architect to communicate their needs and desires which fit their budget. For this, he focuses on establishing a friendly rapport with each and every client whom he meets and strike a one to one interaction and maintain a long-term bond.

At Floma, we are proud to be connected with such a talented, spirited and passionate designer, and wish to cherish this bond for a long. We wish him all the best for his journey on Floma as a pro!

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