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Story Of A New Age Interior Designer And Architect, Harshal Patel From Vadodara

Harshal patel

This Floma Story introduces you a creative and new age interior designer and architect, Harshal Patel from Vadodara. Read on to explore who he is, what he does and what his future plans are!



Architecture and interior design are growing in India like never before. More and more Indians are upgrading their homes to live a more urbane, and trendy lifestyle. This is where an interior designer becomes a helping hand for the property owners to shape their dreams into reality.

Due to this ever-expanding nature of the field, interior designing and architecture are one of the most sought-after careers in India.There are two reasons behind this. Firstly, this field gives numerous opportunities for creative expansion and secondly that it has a lot of glamour and uniqueness. After completing their education, the designers often have two choices: either to work with an established designer, or to startestablish their own businesses.

At Floma, we highly appreciate this zest and efforts of creative, and dedicated professionals who have stepped into the market by themselves and are trying to spread their wings in the industrial domain.

Here is a story of one such new age interior designer and architect who is working hard to achieve big success in the field of architecture and interior design. This is the journey of Harshal Patel from Vadodara!

About Harshal Patel

Harshal had a strong inclination towards designing and creativity. He was always interested in architecture and wished to expand his expertise in this field. While sharing his views about this with Floma, he said, “right from my childhood, I had a keen interest in various unique designs and firms. I loved to observe the little details, which paved way to my choice of architecture as a full-time vocation.” Further adding to his choice of picking freelance, he shared, “I did not immediately start freelancing. Firstly I worked with a reputed architectural firm and followingly, I plunged into freelancing and now I am trying to spread my wings into the industry.” However, as a young designer, working in this field was not an easy task. He had to deal with a lot of challenges like client’s ambiguities about the design elements. He had to handle multiple tasks at the same time and yet deliver satisfying results according to the client’s needs. However, he managed to find a way through this and proved his skills as a new age designer.

What Are Harshals Unique Qualities As A Designer?

What are Harshal’s Unique Qualities as a Designer?

While being asked about his exclusivity as a designer, he stated, ”I consider myself as a good visualiser and a planner. I can come up with quick ideas which can be utilised to make the space look fully functional, beautiful, comfortable and suitable according to the client’s needs. I am also careful at staying within the budget while making the best use of the current features of the property.” He also added that, “I provide an entire layout of my work to the clients so that they have a correct idea of how their home will be designed. Also, I eliminate all the unnecessary elements from that space so that it appears to be fresh and new.“

Take A Glimpse At Harshal’s Work!

To help you get a clearer idea of Harshal’s work, here we have displayed some pictures of his recent projects. In these designs, Harshal has added a fabulous appeal and sophistication through various techniques and patterns. The main element in the featured commercial space was circulation which needed a lot of attention. He was asked to keep the director’s room in such a position that every work desk can be seen from that location. While sharing more about this project, he added, “we worked on the place and got the room in the perfect position so that the person sitting there can look at all the surrounding work desks and understand everything that is happening in those rooms.”

Which Styles Are Harshal’s Personal Favourites?

Which Styles are Harshal’s Personal Favourites?

While talking about his favourite styles, he mentioned, “I like everything that has a pattern. I do not like randomness in a design. Each and every element should be in a pattern and well defined.” He also follows a much definitive method of presenting his work to the prospective clients. He uses the space layout to let the clients know how their place is going to look after the project has been executed. He keenly studies the customer needs and gives them solutions which are best suited, yet aesthetic and affordable.

What Has Harshal Planned For The Future?

What has Harshal Planned for the Future?

In the future, Harshal Patel is looking forward to expanding the realm of his architectural work and try to bring innovative ideas by working on exclusive projects to create classy designs. Also, rather than working into a single city market, he plans to expand his work to other cities and even countries.

Floma is proud to be associated with talented interior designers like Harshal Patel and highly appreciate their zeal and creativity. We wish to cherish this bond for long and wish him all the best for the future!

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