Story Of A Creative And Thoughtful Interior Designer, Prashant Biswas From Pune

This Floma Story takes you into the world of a creative and thoughtful interior designer, Prashant Biswas from Pune.


Interior designing is expanding its horizons in the country like never before. More and more Indians are opting for an urbane, and trendy lifestyle and they dream of a chic home or office. This is where an interior designer becomes a helping hand and helps the property owners shape their dreams into reality.

Given to the ever-expanding nature of this field, interior designing is one of the most sought-after professions in India.In our country alone, there is a need of about 1,00,000 interior designers with various specialisations. Looking at this broader prospect, a number of enthusiastic design aspirants have opted for this field as a full-time career.

The reasons interior design is so attractive are twofold. Firstly, this field gives enormous opportunities for creative expansion, and secondly, it is a much celebrated and has a unique glamour. After education, designers often have two choices; firstly, to work with an expert and secondly to opt for their own businesses.

The decision is tough, and we see many creative and vivacious designers decide to establish their private firm and undertake freelance interior designing as a full-time career.

At Floma, we highly appreciate the efforts of creative, and talented professionals to step into the market by themselves.

Here is a story of one such talented designer who established his interior design brand and is working hard to make it a huge success. This is a journey of Prashant Biswas from Pune, the founder of PBA Interiors and a person with creative mind and thoughtfulness.

About Prashant Biswas

Prashant, whose mother is an artist, had grown up seeing her artworks. Getting inspired by a close friend who was an architect, he decided to choose interior design as his full-time vocation.

While sharing his views about this with Floma, he said, “I used to watch my friend indulged in his designs and plans so much so that I got attracted to this field. Precisely I derive my inspiration from him. This field has enormous creative freedom, job satisfaction and substantial compensation for the hard work.“

Further adding to his choice of picking freelance, he shared, “I had worked with experienced professionals before and was not a complete fresher when I started freelancing. While working with a firm, I got an opportunity to design a project independently, and that was the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey.”

As a young designer, setting an independent design firm was not a piece of cake! He had to deal with multiple challenges at the same time and yet deliver satisfying results as per the needs of the clients. Sometimes, he also landed up in problems due to elusive concepts in the client’s mind. But he found his way through it just by being himself and presenting his skills as a unique designer.

As a professional working in this field, he has a word of advice for the homeowners too. According to him, “Homeowners should think of their home separately and realistically, keeping in mind their actual necessities. Without being driven by internet images, homeowners should concentrate on the type of space they own and what will be realistic, ideal and suitable for their spaces in both financial and aesthetic terms.”

What is Prashant’s Uniqueness as an Interior Designer?

While being asked about his exclusivity as a designer, he stated, “I consider myself as a good visualiser. As soon as I see a space, I can come up with 2-3 different ideas which can be utilised to make it fully functional, beautiful, comfortable and suitable for the purpose. I am also careful at maintaining the aura of the design; that is, a home should carry a homely vibe, and an office should have a professional feel.

He also added, “I mainly believe in blending aesthetics with practicality. I present realistically beautiful designs in front of my clients, and every design of mine is exclusively designed according to their space and needs.”

Take a Glimpse at Prashant’s Work

To get a clearer idea of Prashant’s work, we have displayed a few pictures of his previous residential project here. In this home design, Prashant has added charm through patterns, colours, and lights. He has designed this home for a client having a joint family, and like every other Indian joint family, everyone had their wishes.

While sharing more about this project, he added, “The ladies wanted the kitchen to be bright and vibrant; the little ones wanted the kid’s room to be colourful while the living room was kept in a neutral shade.”

Prashant inculcated everyone’s wishes and designed this home following a simple yet contemporary style and made sure that everyone in the family loved it.

Which Styles are Prashant’s Personal Favourites?

Furthermore, Prashant also shared some of his favourite styles in interior design. He is quite inclined towards minimalism, simplicity, contemporary looks and decency in design. The same reflects in his work. He also follows a concise yet definitive method of presenting his work to the prospect clients. He uses modern technology like Floma and presents 3D designs to the clients so that they get an overall idea of how their space will look after being transformed. He keenly studies the customer needs and gives them solutions which are best fitted, aesthetic pleasing and affordable.

What has Prashant Planned for the Future?

In the future, Prashant is looking forward to expanding the realm of PBA interiors and taking it to the next step of exclusivity. He wants to approach enthusiastic clients who wish to bring innovative ideas in their homes and work on exclusive projects to create classy designs. Also, while following the trends of the day, he also wishes to establish some of his signature styles and designs as a benchmark of innovation in the interior design industry.

Floma is proud to have Prashant Biswas as a part of our Floma community and highly appreciate his zeal and creativity! If you wish to contact Prashant, you can freely do so from his Floma profile or share your thoughts in the comments below!

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