7 Reasons Soft Closing Hinges are a Better Choice!

Soft Closing Hinges for Your Home

When it comes to the finer details of interior design and functionality, soft closing hinges might not be the first thing that comes to mind.

However, hinges play a significant role in the overall experience of using cabinets, doors, and furniture in our homes.

In recent years, soft closing hinges have gained popularity over regular hinges due to their added convenience and durability.

In this blog post, we will delve into the differences between soft closing hinges and regular hinges, and explain why soft closing hinges are the superior choice for your home.

What are Hinges?

Hinges are mechanical devices that allow two objects to pivot or rotate around a fixed point, known as the hinge axis.

They are commonly used to connect doors, gates, cabinets, lids, and other objects that require movement, typically opening and closing.

Hinges come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, and they play a crucial role in facilitating movement while providing stability and support.

Hinges come in various shapes, sizes, and designs

Understanding the Difference Between Regular & Soft Closing Hinges

Before we dive into the advantages of soft closing hinges, let’s clarify the difference between the two types of hinges.

Regular Hinges

Regular hinges, also known as standard or traditional hinges, are designed to simply pivot and hold doors or lids in place.

They lack the innovative features of soft closing hinges and often result in doors or cabinets slamming shut if not handled with care.

Soft Closing Hinges

Soft closing hinges, on the other hand, are equipped with a built-in mechanism that slows down the closing motion of doors, lids, or cabinets.

As the name suggests, these hinges ensure a smooth and controlled closing action, preventing abrupt slamming.

Soft closing hinges use hydraulic or spring mechanisms that absorb the force of closing and gently guide the door to a quiet and secure closure.

Soft Closing Hinges

Advantages of Soft Closing Hinges 

1. Noise Reduction

One of the most noticeable advantages of soft closing hinges is their noise-reducing capability.

Slamming doors and cabinets can create disruptive sounds that disturb the peace of your home.

Soft closing hinges eliminate this annoyance by softly guiding the door to its closed position, reducing noise and creating a more tranquil environment.

2. Enhanced Safety

Soft closing hinges provide an extra layer of safety, especially in households with children.

Regular hinges can pose a risk of pinching fingers or causing accidents due to fast-closing doors.

Soft closing hinges eliminate this danger by preventing doors from slamming shut suddenly.

Enhanced Safety with Soft closing hinges

3. Longevity of Furniture

The gentle closing action of soft closing hinges minimizes wear and tear on furniture.

Regular hinges, when subjected to frequent slamming, can cause cabinets and doors to deteriorate over time.

Soft closing hinges help preserve the quality of your furniture, leading to longer-lasting and well-maintained pieces.

4. Minimal Maintenance

Soft closing hinges require less maintenance compared to their regular counterparts.

Regular hinges might need adjustments or replacements due to wear and tear, whereas soft closing hinges are designed for durability and continued smooth operation.

Sophisticated Aesthetics with Soft closing hinges

5. Sophisticated Aesthetics

Soft closing hinges contribute to a more sophisticated and upscale appearance in your living spaces.

The controlled and deliberate closing motion adds a touch of elegance to your cabinets and doors, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.

6. Convenience

Soft closing hinges provide an added layer of convenience. You won’t have to worry about gently closing doors or cabinets to avoid noise or potential damage.

The hinges do the work for you, making daily activities smoother and more hassle-free.

7. Resale Value

Investing in soft closing hinges can also positively impact the resale value of your home.

Potential buyers are likely to appreciate the modern convenience and durability offered by these hinges, which could make your property more attractive in the real estate market.


When it comes to the functionality, safety, and aesthetics of your home, the choice between soft closing hinges and regular hinges becomes an important consideration.

While regular hinges might have been the norm for decades, the advantages of soft closing hinges are hard to ignore.

From noise reduction and enhanced safety to prolonged furniture lifespan and sophisticated aesthetics, soft closing hinges offer a range of benefits that significantly improve the quality of your living spaces.

 Soft closing hinges provide long-term comfort and appeal of your home

As you plan your home renovations or updates, keep in mind that the small details, such as hinges, can make a significant difference.

By opting for soft closing hinges, you’re not only embracing modern design and convenience, but you’re also investing in the long-term comfort and appeal of your home.

So, whether you’re revamping your kitchen cabinets or updating your bedroom doors, consider the many reasons why soft-closing hinges are the better choice for a more functional and enjoyable living environment.

Written by Pranjali Gaikwad from Floma. Images have the copyrights of the respective sources.

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