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10 Smart Spots to Place Your Washing Machine

10 Smart Spots to Place Your Washing Machine

Washing machines are both a huge convenience and a minor inconvenience. Even though they are a necessity, they aren’t particularly attractive. Putting these large appliances strategically and attractively in compact living spaces can be challenging.

The washing machine, for example, needs to have its own dedicated space. They simply cannot be moved from one location to another since doing so is impractical. There are many widely accepted suggestions for where to put the washing machine and how to incorporate it into the overall design.

The obvious solution would be placing it in the laundry room, which is not feasible in every household. Keeping that in mind, Floma Homes has come up with numerous other places where you can place the washing machine without it coming your way or making unnecessary changes to your home layout.

1. Under the bathroom sink

The obvious location for the washing machine is the bathroom because there are already electrical and plumbing connections there. Put the washer under the bathroom sink counter on one side. If you just have a washer, drawer space will still be available.

When not in use, the single swing door, whose front matches the drawers on the left, conceals it and opens up against the wall so that it doesn’t take up any additional space.

2. Besides the shower stall space

By building a waterproof divider, you may take advantage of the shower cubicle’s extra room to stack the machines. This helps you optimize your shower space to the fullest, and because there are a good amount of plumbing and water outlets, it is easy to set up.

You can also get them covered with a cupboard or get them covered by a shower curtain. To increase storage, build a cupboard on top where you may keep your washing materials.

3. Below the kitchen counters

A great selection for people who live in apartments with compact bathrooms. You can decide on the placing depending on what cabinets you are planning and also based on the type of machine you have. If you have a front-load washing machine, any placement below your traditional kitchen katta will do.

Although if you have a top load, you can place it at the ends of your kitchen cabinet and have a foldable shelf or a mini table for optimal space usage. Choose a freestanding or built-in appliance; in either case, start the laundry while the coffee is brewing.

Choose a machine that mixes in with the surroundings if you plan to leave it out in the open.

4. Placing it in the pantry

Make a little pantry opening, so the washing machine may fit. You can also place it in one corner and get open shelves above the machine to stack washing supplies and such.

A swing or sliding door would not have been practical in this small space; a hinged folding panel that pulls out to cover the appliances when not in use fits into the gap between them and the refrigerator cabinet. This creates a continuous façade.

5. In your hallways

Long hallways are a common feature of city flats, which may always be considered a terrible waste of space. You can also have shelves above them and place tiny churros or beautiful family pictures to create cute and simple aesthetics in a space where you have placed your washing machine.

Although one wouldn’t often think to put the washing machine there, why not? Barn-style doors that swing out from the wall to conceal the washing and dryer are ideal for the long corridor.

6. Placing it in your dressing room

While designing or getting yourself a dressing room can be exciting, you can also plan a separate space for your washing room. You can place it either in one of the corners of your dressing area or use its placement as a division between two different dressers.

You can get a hanging rod placed above the machine to hand your bags, ties, or other smaller clothing items for fuller space utilization.

7. In an enclosed terrace/ dry balcony

This is a really creative method to store a washing machine. This strategy can be used to store the washing machine in an enclosed terrace, balcony, or garden shed when living space is severely limited.

Many of the upcoming flats now have the option of a dry balcony for washing dishes and such. You can use that space to store your washing machine and other cleaning appliances, such as dishwashers and dryers.

8. Creating a bespoke shelf

Making a custom shelf and placing the washing machine below it is another excellent technique to conceal the appliance. Either two or three layers might be present on the shelves. Techs of different sizes and shapes can usually fit in the space reserved for the machine.

One can place a fold-out hamper above the machine to store the partially dry garments once they are removed from the washer. Detergents and other cleaning products are stored on the top shelf of this cabinet.

The custom shelf is ideal for bathrooms with limited space. You can choose the same color as your washer if you intend to put doors to the custom shelf. It will not appear out of sync if done in this manner.

9. Under the staircase

If you don’t have a separate laundry room, building appliances into the wall is a great way to subtly incorporate a washing machine and dryer into an empty space. The appliances practically vanish against the white built-out wall.

10. Below the common washbasin

Many Indian households have a common washbasin that is not specifically inside a certain bathroom but is placed in the open space of the flat. In these cases, many flat owners tend to spend on creating cabinets below these washbasins to create more storage options and give a better look to the open basic model.

So, if you plan for the same or already have an open basin layout, instead of having cabinets, you can plan to have a combination of both, a cabinet on one side and a washing machine on one. This might not give you a lot of space in terms of storage, but might just be the perfect place to place the machine, as you will have easy plumbing options.

Use one of these suggestions, or come up with another that complements your home’s interiors to place your washing machine. Before transforming any space into a small utility room, ensure you provide for plumbing, electrical wiring, and drainage.

By employing these clever tricks, you may regulate your home’s interiors and raise its design factor. If you want to consult with someone to get a more professional approach, get in touch with Floma Homes. Our young team of designers surely do have many ideas from which you will be able to choose according to your suitability! 

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