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Are you ignoring your balcony, terrace or garden?

We all love interior design. So much so, that we spend lacs of rupees into designing our living room, kitchen and bedrooms. But have you given enough attention to your balcony, terrace or garden? Well, they are equally important! Imagine this- you have guests coming at your home. What will they see first – your garden or your living room? Or ok, you might be living in a flat where there’s no garden. But then, wouldn’t you like to have a cup of tea with them in your open balcony than just a small, closed living room? And further, wouldn’t you like to host your dinner parties at your terrace instead of a congested kitchen? Your balcony, terrace and garden can really add so much value to your home if designed well. We understand that these areas of your home might not be well-designed at the moment and hence you’re unable to make use of them. But don’t worry, we’re here to take care of that for you now. With our specialty outdoor decor services, we’ll make your outdoor design as beautiful as your interior design!

We work with the best

What is Outdoor Decor?

The term outdoor simply means a place or an area outside your rooms, i.e. home interior. It may consist of your home balcony, terrace, backyard, porch, etc. So outdoor decor simply means decorating these places as per your needs.

Outdoor Decor interior
Outdoor Decor At Your Home

Why Do You Need To Have Outdoor Decor At Your Home?

Outdoor decor has become an essential part for modern homeowners today. People are so busy in their life that they don’t even have enough time to be with themselves. Work-life balance is important if you wish to live a happy and healthy life. And that’s where outdoor decor can help. It gives you a dedicated space to relax and be with yourself!

Also, for the majority of people, spending time in nature or at a soothing place is also hard as they are so busy in everyday life. So, your outdoor can provide you that mini escape where you can create a mini oasis in your home itself! If you have any of the following mentioned reasons, then you should and must have an outdoor decor.

Your home can look like this!

Get your dream ME-space! Design your outdoors today with Floma.


Why you SHOULD have
a beautifully designed outdoor space:

  • It can give you a dedicated open space to relax
  • It can help you nurture your hobby
  • It can help you spend quality time with your loved ones
  • It’s a great place to have breakfast or snacks together!
  • It’s a great place to host your guests
  • It can be your mini ‘resort’ at home 🙂
  • It can help you improve the value of your home for selling
  • It can be a sign of your prosperous life
  • It can give you more storage space for your home
  • It can actually help you be healthier!

Which part of your outdoor can be decorated?

At Floma, we primarily specialize in decorating balconies, terraces and gardens. But we’re happy to explore other options for you too!

Is outdoor decor right for you?

First of all it depends on your liking. But generally, outdoor decor is ideal for you if you are:

  • A 2 BHK+ flat owner having a balcony
  •  A bungalow owner having garden and/or terrace space
  •  A high-end flat owner with terrace space
  •  A ‘wada’ owner in Pune with lots of outdoor space
Outdoor Decor At Your Home

Outdoor Decor Services Features

Affordable Packages Starting @ ₹ 0.9 Lacs

Outdoor decor need not be expensive. Our affordable packages are suitable for any household!

100+ Designs to
Choose From

Get the right fit for your space with our wide range of options for specific spaces.

Hassle-Free Installation

All you have to do is choose the designs and leave the hassle of execution & installation to us. 

Free Site Visit in
Pune or PCMC

First greeting is always a gesture and not a transaction and so, our first site visit is free, anywhere in Pune or PCMC.

End-to-End Project Management

Straight from designing the 3D views to finalizing the project, we do it 100% without any hassle to you!

7+ Years of Experience

With seven years of experience under our belt, we can say that we have been there and done that. 

Is outdoor decor only for the elderly?​

Is outdoor decor only for the elderly?

Absolutely not! Actually, we highly recommend outdoor decor to newly married couples and new homeowners. It’s for everyone who has a flair for luxury.
It is important to note that life is too short to postpone your plans and dreams. Who knows what the future may hold! Giving enough time to your own happiness is undoubtedly important. And outdoor decor help you do just that.

What is a life without exploring and experiencing yourself, after all? It is the tiny, but truly engaging, enlightened and joyous moments that make your life worth living.

Let your outdoor become your space to find the new you!

Outdoor Decor Highlights

Balcony Decor

Want something really nice for a small balcony? Floma Homes can get you a creative solution that not only fits your space but also your budget!

Terrace Design

Let us take care of the renovation of your terrace with the right amount of openness and required furniture set up.

Yard Decoration

Why let that beautiful yard go to waste when you can design it with technology and home automation? Just get in touch with us!


Get your garden in line with the right level of grass and those certain creepers and plants that you always wanted to gaze at!

Overall price range for outdoor decor projects is ₹ 0.9-2 Lacs.

All you need to do is take the decision and we’ll walk you through the entire process! Floma has been in the home decor industry for nearly 6 years now. It has always been our goal to help every Indian live in a home they will love. Our outdoor decor service is handled by our young and expert interior designing team based in Pune. Floma’s outdoor decor team is dedicated and committed to make your outdoor space look stunning, vibrant, modern and a reflection of your imagination. Start your outdoor decor project in these 4 easy steps:
  1. Scroll through our tens of outdoor decor ideas first
  2. Capture & share pictures of your outdoors with us
  3. Visit the Floma Experience Centre for a consultation
  4. Approve the project design and have us handle the rest!

Our outdoor decor services are full of creativity, and we do not have the same design for any two projects! So, your outdoor space will essentially be one of a kind. 🙂