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Over the years, with the changing lifestyle and the changes in the needs and requirements of homeowners, interior design has gained a lot of momentum. Naturally, especially with the developments that even cities like Pune have undergone, there’s been a rising demand for full interior design services from NRIs.

About Interior Design Services for NRIs in Pune

Non-resident Indians, or NRIs as we call them, usually seek professional interior design services to update and upgrade their homes and living spaces here in India. Naturally, NRI interior design services in Pune have become quite important today. Here are two reasons why:

  • Interior design services for NRIs in Pune have become truly professional and practically cater to NRI homeowners’ needs and desires.
  • Usually, the interior design services for NRIs in Pune take care of all three aspects of construction, interior designing, and interior decoration of the entire home and living space.

Your home can look like this!

Why should you avail interior design services for NRIs in Pune?

Most of the interior designers in Pune proved to be an important choice for NRIs because of the importance that follows. Here is why interior design services for NRIs Pune are important.

Optimal Usage of Space: These interior design services companies ensure that every space in your home is used optimally, has the best possible functionality, and exuberates appealing aesthetics.

Worry-free service: An interior design services company in Pune is a great choice, especially since they’ll take care of every aspect of the interior design and help you remain worry free.

Luxurious Living: In most cases, interior designers in Pune always strive to transform your home into a luxurious retreat for you to unwind in.

Functionality: Since you are an NRI and will not be around most of the year, these interior designers in Pune arrange to see that the space that they’re designing is optimally used while also ensuring that the other members of your family, like the aged, the children, the sick, and the challenged, have a safe and enjoyable environment within the home.

Priority: Almost every interior design service company for any budget in Pune prioritizes the home and the family.

Impression: The interior designers in Pune also ensure that your home creates a massive first impression on whoever visits your home.

Value Addition: To make your home remain well aligned with your lifestyle as an NRI, most interior designers in Pune implement a lot of value additions within your living spaces.

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nri services

What to keep in mind when opting for Pune NRI interior design services?

NRIs need to consider the following things when opting for interior design services for NRIs Pune:

  • The interior design company that you wish to hire must provide you with a solution that is in keeping with your tastes and personality.
  • The interior design company must have a proven track record of utilizing space optimally, creating functional designs, and highlighting truly appealing aesthetics to the living area.
  • As an NRI, ensure a contract is in place before you hire the interior design services company in Pune.
  • Does the interior design services company in Pune entertain ample, open, and transparent communication? This is one of the most important factors to consider.
  • Please be careful not to overspend at all. Being an NRI, currency conversion may make you feel like you have a lot in hand to spend in Indian rupees. Create a budget, and make sure to stick with it only.
  • When talking to an NRI interior design services company in Pune, make sure that you are clear about the style that you wish to implement or the interior design of your home in Pune. Have a few brainstorming sessions with your interior designer to choose the best possible style options.
  • You should also consider having detailed discussions with various interior designers, define not only exactly what each one is offering, but also what each is going to include within the contract. It is a good idea to even talk to a few of their previous clients. It is wise to check out several interior designers before deciding one to be the best for you.

NRI Interior Design Features

Professional, Well-Trained & Local Team

We are a team of young dynamic individuals that are pakka puneri but top-notch professionals in their field.

Video Updates &
Remote Communication

If you are unable to visit your project, worry not as Floma Team will keep you updated via videos.

Free Site Visit in
Pune or PCMC

First greeting is always a gesture and not a transaction and so, our first site visit is free, anywhere in Pune or PCMC.

Approval at Every Stage of the Process

No matter how small, we are constantly in touch with the client to get their approval on the selected designs.

End-to-End Project Management

Straight from designing the 3D views to finalizing the project, we do it 100% without any hassle to you!

Customer Support Available 7 Days a Week

We have our team available 7 days a week to cater to your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Benefits of Interior Design Services for NRIs Pune

The right interior design services for NRIs in Pune come with a plethora of benefits. You will get the following benefits as an NRI in Pune looking for interior design services.


At first, hiring an interior design company may seem expensive. It isn’t so. When you hire interior design services in Pune, you will save a lot of money in the long run. The interior designer services company will effectively help save you a lot of money, which will pay for hiring them.

Optimal Space Management

Apart from the designing, aesthetics, functionality, and optimal space management, an interior designer primarily focuses on a long-lasting solution that is easy to maintain so that it also increases the value of your property. This will ensure a better salability of your property for a long time.


When you hire an interior design services company in Pune, you can be sure that a lot of your time will be saved by such a decision. As an NRI, you must be in a tough job abroad. Therefore, you know what saving time does.


Most of the interior design services in Pune know the contractors, sellers, and other tradesmen related to interior designing and construction. This is one factor that will prove beneficial for you as an NRI, especially since it is only plausible that you don’t know so many people in Pune. Naturally, the interior design services company will negotiate better with these contractors, tradesmen, etc. They are more adept at sourcing the materials required for your project.


Since the interior design services in Pune are usually quite in line with the various advancements, technological developments, industry standards, designs, trends, and a myriad of other related things, it is far easier for them to also understand what you, as an NRI, are looking for. They will effectively provide the exact customizations that will suit both your liking and requirements.

These benefits will make your life easier for interior designing, especially if you are an NRI.

We work with the best

NRI Interior Design Packages

Full Interior Design Package

Theme-based or custom-made, that is your choice. Getting those interior designs to come to life is what we guarantee you!

Modular Kitchen Package

A modular kitchen with functional cabinets and trolleys to have systematic storage for your every need!

Essential Furniture Package

If you’re looking to quickly get the essential furniture ready to move in or rent out, this package is perfect for you.

Customized Furniture Package

Furniture pieces such as kids’ bed-cum-study can only be custom-made. And if that is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place.

Factors to Help You Select Ideal Interior Design Services for NRIs in Pune

When hiring an interior designer, certain things have to be considered. Here are some factors that make certain companies better than the competition.

Focus on Functionality

Almost all the outstanding interior design services found in Pune, which cater to NRIs, have a crystal clear notion of how functional a living space should be. They also give ample priority to the aesthetics of the living area.

Assurance of Quality

What truly makes an interior design service company in Pune stand out from the rest in the market is not only that they cater projects from NRIs, but more so because they do not compromise on quality. To maintain the quality of all the materials and the workmanship, the interior designer in Pune will go to almost any length to ensure that the NRI is completely satisfied.


What makes an interior designer in Pune outstanding is that when he undertakes a project on behalf of an NRI, he will ensure that his work is authentic. His work will never reproduce any job that he has done previously.

Outstanding Research

Impeccable research, planning, designing, implementation, etc., are truly the major factors that make an interior design service company in Pune outstanding and perfect for NRIs.

After-sales Service

Any outstanding design company in Pune will always follow up and stay in touch with the NRI client even after the project is over. This is exactly why certain interior design companies are outstanding in the first place.

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Verified Experts

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Affordable & Fast

Be assured that you’ll get the best price for the quality we provide. Plus, all interior design projects will be completed within the timeframe.

NRI Interior Design Packages by Floma in Pune

Being an NRI, there are maximum chances that you will not be able to stay active and involved at every step in the process, but having an interior designer who would actively seek inputs from you is always a plus point. This is why you should try Floma and choose the professionals here. We at Floma are based out of Pune in India. We offer several interior design packages and have very skilled designers who will guide you at every step in the process.

We also have flexible payment systems that will help customers make payments in easy monthly installments as and when the project’s timeline moves forward. We offer several packages to suit your needs, and customer satisfaction is at the heart of our company’s policies. We offer full home interior design, modular furniture, modular kitchen designing, and a lot more. 

As an NRI, you need to be cautious of the investment you will make for a long-term purpose. You need to evaluate several designers and check out which ones are worth your money for that very reason. It is always advisable to seek references to make an informed decision.