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At Floma Homes in Pune, we understand your needs with a detailed site visit. Our kitchen decor experts will take measurements, snap kitchen photos, finalise the plan & materials, all with you. We understand that each home is different, so we create a unique design for each project. Our quality goal is to give a great modular kitchen at a reasonable cost to homeowners. Our modular kitchen designers in Pune make every single design of the kitchen after thorough consultation on each factor of all things. We have heavily invested in great designs and plans which are needed for your home kitchen design which stand very useful to our customers. Our modular kitchen design services in Pune are meant to provide high-quality at an affordable cost.

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Practical Kitchen Designs

Looking for the best modular kitchen designs in Pune? Book a visit at Floma Experience Center and explore our most effective module kitchen designs! A beautiful kitchen with a unique design offers your kitchen a sleek and modern look. Get more personalized 3D modular kitchen designs with the best colour combos you like. Highest quality with durable warranty design under our 100% expert modular kitchen in-house interior team. Make Floma Homes’ modular kitchens inspire the chef in you. We are the modular kitchen designers in Pune truly engraving your dream home at your place.


Quick & Easy Installation

Our kitchen designs are highly customisable and can be installed easily. We cover all your modular kitchen design and installation needs. You are at the right place where you find the top-quality interior designers, professional installers that offer you a hassle-free experience with your modular kitchen. Floma Homes helps you improve the beauty of your kitchen intrinsically by enhancing the overall look with quality of furniture material, stainless steel weight, standardization & excellent finish of the outer look. We have expert installers that handle your kitchen improvements easily.

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Find yourself a new kitchen from your imagination with Floma Homes. Easily try new textures, colours, and patterns of your choice. At Floma Homes, your wish is our command, your dream is our destination. Allow us to help you get the right look, suited to your needs and desires.Explore our custom designs with the colours and textures of your choice for a sneak peek!

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Modular Kitchens Vs. Carpenter Made Kitchens

  • Perfect and accurate dimensions with smooth edges
  • Factory manufactured highest quality products
  • Technologically advanced machinery
  • We deliver “Custom” products, ensuring no clutter and is all set for use
  • Easily movable installations
  • Rough corners and imperfect dimensions
  • Carpenter manufactured products
  • Local processes with imperfect human skills
  • Work done on-site creating a mess during the project

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At Floma Homes, we go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver a superior quality. Our initial consultations with you to understand your requirements are an important part of what we do. The inputs you share during the initial consultations serve all the minutest questions that we may have. Also, it moves you to think deeper and decide on what exactly you want from us.

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With more than 3/4th of materials made under our observations, our superior and skilled workers keep up with your timelines. Our products from the designs are created with a full quality check before they are delivered to your home and fitted. Our satisfaction is in living up to your expectations while delivering in time on time.

Modular Kitchen Services Features

Stainless Steel, Tandem & Baskets Available

We can source any type of trolleys that you are looking for that would suit your modular kitchen!

Installation in
Under 30 Days

Fast and hassle-free. We complete your modular kitchen installation within 30 days of your order.

Free Site Visit in
Pune or PCMC

First greeting is always a gesture and not a transaction and so, our first site visit is free, anywhere in Pune or PCMC.

Minimum 5 Years Warranty

Floma Homes has high regard when it comes to quality. We offer a minimum of 5 years of warranty.

Well Planned Placement & Features

We provide well-planned placement to ensure that all your kitchen needs are taken care of.

Top-Quality Brands & Materials

Quality first, quality always. We do not settle for anything less than the best in the market!

Modular Kitchen Design & Installation Services in Pune

To counter the challenges that traditional kitchens have always had, an innovative and relatively new concept has been introduced to the market. Known popularly as a modular kitchen, it is a perfect solution to all the challenges traditional kitchens have always faced. Here is all you need to know about modular kitchen services in Pune.

About Modular Kitchens:

A modular kitchen is a modern layout that is more organized, functional, and deeply aesthetic. The design consists primarily of various module-based (or modular) cabinets and units to contain, hold, and store a multitude of your kitchen accessories, utensils, equipment, appliances, etc. The well-designed modular units, drawers, cabinets, and shelves use your kitchen space optimally and help save a lot of space in the kitchen.

With the nuclear family concept in play today, homes have also become smaller compared to the traditional larger homes. Naturally, the kitchen has also reduced in size. Modular kitchens are modern, convenient, and provide maximum functionality while maintaining a definite personality and aesthetics.

Importance of Modular kitchens:

Let us now understand why modular kitchens are becoming more critical by the day. This will help you choose the right modular kitchen services in Pune.

Maximum satisfaction: When you install a modular kitchen, you maximize the functionality of the kitchen and ensure that the kitchen becomes more attractive and aesthetically more appealing. Along with all the other points listed below, a modular kitchen will give you maximum satisfaction.

Easy repair: Not only are modular kitchens easy to maintain, but they’re also equally easy to repair. Only the affected or damaged part of the modular kitchen needs to be replaced or repaired. This allows you to cut your costs as well.

Easy remodeling: Modular kitchens allow you to easily resurface and remodel your kitchen just by changing your coverings, shutters, and outer layers only, thereby giving your modular kitchen a new and fresh look altogether.

Easy fit: Since various kitchen appliances today are manufactured to be easily fitted in modular kitchens when you choose to have a modular kitchen, you can get these upgraded appliances, making this whole design fit as a single unit.

Perfect and smart: Modular kitchens are designed to work effectively and smartly. Not only can you store different items in different convenient locations, but you can also distinguish between cooking and cleaning concurrently along with cutting, chopping, and preparing. This smart and perfect ergonomic design of the kitchen enhances and assists you to be functionally more effective. So naturally, you will be able to save a lot of time when you can work smart within a modular kitchen.

Great appearance: Since modular kitchens come in a variety of designs and styles, you can easily choose contemporary and elegant designs available for you to choose from, alongside other slick, chic, and modern designs as well. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that your kitchen will exaggerate the best possible aesthetics that are appealing and soothing.

Well customized: Since a modular kitchen is designed primarily based on your needs, it is only natural that the kitchen is designed and customized to your particular preference and taste. All this is within the space available in your kitchen.

Smooth maintenance: A modular kitchen comes with the added benefit of allowing you to easily reach every nook and corner of your kitchen to clean and maintain it easily. Removing certain accessories to clean those parts is also a straightforward process.

Flexible cost: There is simply such a large variety and wide range of components, colors, designs, etc., that it is you who needs to decide exactly how much money you wish to spend on your modular kitchen.

Easy transport and installation: Since modular kitchens are not built on-site, it is easier to transport all the components to your kitchen, install them quickly, and assemble and disassemble the modular units as and when required.

Wide range: Nowadays, we find several companies offering modular kitchen designs. It is easier for you to choose a design that suits you in every way. A wide range of colors, designs, and features is available to customize your modular kitchen.

Optimal space utilization: Your modular design utilizes your kitchen space optimally. Not only does your kitchen feel more spacious, but the aesthetics are far more appealing as well. In effect, your storage space is also increased substantially.

Functional and stylish: A modular kitchen helps to make this part of your home more stylish and functionally advanced. There is a huge and wide variety of combinations, materials, and designs to choose from.

What to Keep in Mind When Opting for a Modular Kitchen?

Always keep the following points to ensure an efficient, functional, and comfortable kitchen.

The kitchen appliances: You must choose your kitchen appliances during the design phase itself. This will help to integrate these appliances within the layout based on the sizes and that of your kitchen.

The kitchen accessories: Once you’ve chosen your appliances, you must choose a range of accessories like cutlery organizers, corner units, pull-outs, etc. If you can select the accessories during the planning phase, they can be easily integrated into your kitchen design.

The materials: You must choose the right materials. Rather than choosing the less durable materials and particle boards, it is far better that you choose boiling-water-resistant plywood instead. What paint finish you wish for your kitchen is another important factor to consider. Quartz and granite countertops are the most suitable materials.

The storage: You must always assess the storage requirements of your kitchen. Utensils, cutlery, appliances, pots, etc., need to be stored in drawers of different and varied sizes. Try to include a pantry area for your dry spices.

The lighting: While ceiling lights provide for the kitchen’s general lighting, you must choose under cabinet lighting so that shadows and dark areas are avoided altogether. And having lighting from various angles illuminates every nook and corner of your kitchen and makes it more appealing to the eye.

The colors: Choosing the colors for your kitchen may seem easy at first but pretty confusing later. Hence, you should choose the color combination at the very outset. You may opt for a monochrome scheme, a single color, or even a 2-tone scheme. In the case of a 2-tone scheme, try to have contrasting colors. Also, ensure that your cabinets have a matte finish rather than a glossy finish so that you can avoid any smudges or scratches on them.

The layout: There are different layouts to choose from based on the shape and size of your kitchen. Planning the format will depend on what kind of workflow, aesthetics, and open space you wish to have in your kitchen. Always try to maintain a distance between 4 to 9 feet between any two of the three primary focal points, the refrigerator, the sink, and the hub.

Benefits of a Modular kitchen:

Some benefits of a modular kitchen are as follows:

● A modular kitchen is always stylish and sleek

● Almost all modular kitchens are ergonomically designed

● Every modular kitchen will have highly functional storage units

● The finish of a modular kitchen is almost perfect

● Modular kitchens help save space on the one hand and use space optimally on the other

● Modular kitchens are more durable and long-lasting

● It is quicker and easier to complete a modular kitchen project

Need to Hire Professionals for Modular Kitchen Design & Installation in Pune?

Some of the reasons for recommending that you hire professionals to design your modular kitchen are listed below.

Resources: Apart from the wealth of information that a professional modular kitchen designer can provide you with, they will also be able to effectively utilize every information, resource, tool, equipment, cost, and many other things and factors.

Remain worry-free: When you hire a professional modular kitchen designer, you can assure that you sleep well at night, especially since they will take care of all the aspects to ensure that you get the perfect modular kitchen.

Expertise and experience: A modular kitchen designer who gains years of expertise and experience over time can help you design your modular kitchen in the best possible way and at reasonable prices.

Customer service: A professional modular kitchen design service in Pune will give you a satisfactory customer service experience from the inception of the project to the point of completion. A professional modular kitchen designer will take care of everything, beginning with the planning phase, right up to the handover phase. And all along the way, the designer will keep you involved, updated, and informed at every step of the way. After completing the project, a designer will follow up with you on various aspects of your modular kitchen.

Modular Kitchen Service By Floma:

At Floma, we believe in a truly fulfilling customer experience. Our kitchen décor experts create unique designs for each of the projects. We have a track record of building kitchens that have been very reasonable to homeowners, and most importantly, we build every kitchen with the objective of functionality in mind.

We have practical kitchen designs that are aesthetically pleasing and effective when working or serving food. We provide quality materials and a warranty to ensure an end-to-end cover for a great experience. In addition, we have an array of personalized 3D modular kitchen designs that are contemporary and sleek.

Also added to that is a quick and easy installation with customizable space. We have the best interior designers who are professional and build a hassle-free experience for our customers. We use quality furniture and have several quality check mechanisms for an excellent overall service.

You can choose from a wide variety of looks. With our 3D models, you can easily test out several themes and make your home your dream home. You can also have a glance at our work on our website.

We ensure that we provide a very satisfying customer experience for our clients. We always believe in having the customer at every step of the process. It is a truly customized customer experience where we strive to provide everything that a customer dreams of. We at Floma will always be there for all your interior design needs!

Modular Kitchen Highlights

L-Shape Kitchen

This design works well in homes with a square kitchen layout. Small kitchen corners are successfully utilized with this modular kitchen arrangement, which also provides many storage possibilities.

Modular Trolleys

Why chase for food containers after chasing targets at the office? With Floma Homes, get yourself modular trolleys that are easy to navigate, and use and help maintain cleanliness.

Island Kitchen

Including an additional island counter, you can enhance the aesthetic of a single-wall kitchen, as well as L-shaped and U-shaped kitchen designs. The standalone unit can be customized with a sink or used as an eating place with beautiful pendant lighting.

U-Shape Kitchen

Aside from the ample storage provided by the kitchen cabinet design, and the abundance of higher, lower, and tall units, this kitchen arrangement is ideal for cooking when there are numerous people in the kitchen at the same time.