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Interior designing has become a pretty prevalent and active field over the last half-century or more.

Interior design packages have been around for some time now but gained massive momentum during the pandemic and the world’s lockdowns. Interior design packages are consolidated packages that deal primarily to suit the homeowner’s specific needs. They include various pieces, appliances, equipment, flooring, tiling, beans, fixtures, and so forth.

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About Interior Design Packages

Interior design packages are a set of interior design services clubbed together to fit a particular budget.

Interior design packages are all about surveying, analyzing, planning, sourcing, etc., to help design the room or the living space appropriately. So naturally, such a package will include a whole plethora of paint colors, window treatments, art, floor plans, furniture, fixtures, furnishings, lighting, wall decor, and so much more.

Interior design packages will come with a full presentation and samples for you to take home, study, and then decide how exactly you want to design the interior of your room or living space. A professional interior design company can even create a 3D space simulation to understand what your living spaces and rooms will finally look like.

Online Interior Design Cost Packages

2 BHK Interiors

Starting ₹7.5 Lacs*

Second Bedroom
Queen Size Bed
Computer tables
False Ceiling
Other Feature
Luster Paint
Terrace Table Set
Safety Door
Decorative & Panel Light
Add-ons Available
Extra Coffee Table
Home Temple
Pest Control
Cushions & More!
Second Bedroom
Queen Size Bed
Computer Table
False Ceiling
Third Bedroom
Single Bed
False Ceiling
Dressing Table
Other Features
Luster Paint
Terrace Table Set
Safety Door
Decorative & Panel Lights
Add-ons Available
Extra Coffee Table
Home Temple
Pest Control
Cushions & More!

3 BHK Interiors

Starting ₹12 Lacs*

What do interior design packages in Pune include?

Every interior design package must include the following:

Collaboration: The ability for the client to collaborate with a professional from the interior design company.

Design samples: 3D designs of your living spaces and rooms should be included in the package itself.

Design revisions: The interior design company will entertain multiple design revisions and carry them out.

Discounts: The interior design company will mention any discount, waiver, extra facilities, etc., for you to understand the best possible deal they’re getting you.

Here, we provide a list of items that any interior design company can provide. However, it is solely at the company’s discretion to club a few of these points under a particular package and decide which will be included in their packages.

Visualizations: Providing visualizations of various flooring, finishes, planned updates, etc., is to be included within the scope of the contract.

Design untapped areas: Spaces that have not yet been built up need to be designed from the available blueprints.

Communication and support: Attention, support, and communication of the highest standards must be implemented.

Personal attention: The design company will provide their top-notch designers to help you focus on the best possible design plans for your living space.

Exclusive discounts: The design company will offer additional deals on various appliances, equipment, furniture, furnishings, etc.

Communication and support: The design company will allocate one of their best designers and a support staff, whom you can call and talk to at any time.

Once you understand what an interior design package comprises of, what factors are common to any package, and what your budget is, along with the specific requirements for designing your interior, it will give both you and the interior design company a clear idea as to what needs to be done, and which package will be appropriate for your needs.

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What to check for when choosing an Interior design package?

Several packages might be available, but you need to choose one that suits all your needs and expectations. When it’s time for you to choose an interior design package, consider the following things before actually choosing a particular package:

Time included:

The package must mention specifically how much time it will take the interior design company to complete the project.


The interior design company must mention exactly what is included within the package and what kind of discounts or waivers can be expected. The package must also be flexible so that other deliverables may be added to the package.

Mode of delivery:

Exactly how the entire design package will be delivered at each step, especially about the work in progress, must be mentioned. This could be a direct phone call from the interior design company, a digital document or presentation, or even an in-person update.

Handling purchases:

The package itself should mention how the purchase will be handled, some contractors and sellers from whom the materials will be bought, the exact manufacturers whose items will be used. Along with that, the interior design company must mention exactly how they propose to handle the purchases as well.

The number of choices:

A package must allow you to change your preferences enough times. The interior design company must also allow you to deselect and reselect particular designs or factors for your interior design project.

Follow up:

A package from a professional interior design company will always state whether or not there is a follow-up. How frequently the company carries out such follow-ups will make the difference. With more follow-ups, you will remain better satisfied.

Knowing exactly what is included in the package and how it will be delivered will let you know what to expect. When you get to know all these things at the very outset, there will be no room for any kind of misunderstandings, misconceptions, misgivings, or confusions. The interior design company knows exactly what it has to deliver, and you know exactly what to expect from them.

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Benefits of Interior Design Packages in Pune:

Any interior design package has to feel like a lean and mean machine. A package that has been streamlined to suit the specific needs of the client, and the efficiency that will be required to get the appropriate result, will be beneficial for both the interior design company itself and you, the client. Here are certain benefits you can expect when you select particular interior design packages:

  • Rooms:

It is essential to know exactly how many rooms there are. Even your bathroom and kitchen are usually counted as rooms. You get to know how many rooms your abode has and how much more space can be provided to perhaps create another room from such extra space.

  • Consultations:

Consultations always lead to a better understanding for the client and the interior design company. A package well mentions how frequently the company provides consultations.

  • Single-day design:

Some interior design packages can provide a design within a single day. This holds principally for projects that include only one or two rooms or small areas. The more complex the project is, the more time it takes to create an appropriate and effective design.

  • Color schemes:

Exactly which color schemes will be more effective in which rooms, which angles, to enhance the aesthetics of the living space, and area, or even a room can be determined from various interior design packages. This can also give your room in the living space a bigger and more spacious feel.

  • Hour blocks:

That is, how long the duration of each working day will be – five hours, 10 hours, or up to 15 hours. Hence, you get to know exactly how long the workers will continue with the job during the day. Then, you can easily plan out the remaining time to suit your family.

  • Decorating:

How much exactly your room or living space needs to be decorated can be decided by an interior design package. Based on the area in question, the idea that will be generated can help you understand what is required to decorate the area precisely.

  • Sales consulting:

If you’re opting for interior designing for your home because you want to sell it, an interior design company can also have a package for sales consulting. They can help you and advise you on the best methods and real estate agents to contact. However, in most

cases and home sale packages, the interior design company connects with real estate agents to ensure that your home gets the best possible price.

  • Brainstorm a designer:

Nowadays, many interior design packages include brainstorming sessions for you and the designer allocated for your project. These are the sessions where you can pick a designer’s brain. You’ll be spellbound by the options and alternatives that the designer will put up for you.

  • Staging:

Staging is another benefit that you get from an interior design package. Many interior design companies offer to temporarily do up your living space for you to run a trial. If you and the interior designer are successful and accepted, it remains. Otherwise, the whole place is redone for final approval again.

  • E-design:

One great benefit of opting for an interior design package is that you will be provided with an E-design like a 3D visual model or even a live-space 3D walkthrough.

  • Accessorizing:

Accessorizing is one great benefit that you can avail from an interior design package that you choose to design your living space. You will be satisfied with how the interior design company will add various accessories and small decorative items to your living space. This will not only enhance the aesthetics and appeal of your rooms, but in most cases, it will also enhance the functionality of that area.

There are specialty signature services that your interior design company will provide within the interior design package that you choose. An interior design company will always provide you with two or three beneficial factors within their package. Otherwise, you will be spoilt for choice and may not be able to make the right decision.

A good and professional interior design company will make things as easy as possible for you to select particular packages which are focused and targeted at your particular needs. At first, you will be the one who will be able to choose the package. After that, the interior design company will help you customize the package with additional inputs and factors to ensure that the entire project is a complete success.

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Factors to Help You Select an Outstanding
Interior Design Package

Several factors must be considered when choosing your interior design packages. Here are some factors that will enable you to understand whether an interior design package is genuinely outstanding, mainly if it includes:

● Accessorizing and decoration of various living spaces

● Sourcing all the furnishings, accessories, etc., for each of your rooms

● Sourcing all the décor, lighting, furniture for your home

● Negotiating and sourcing all the building materials that may be needed

● Carrying out all the communication necessary with the builders and other tradesmen

● Carrying out regular site visits to ensure that work progresses as planned and in the correct direction

● Complete consultation and scheduling of the colors and paints

● Planning, forecasting, creating, managing the budget, and sticking to it

● Creating a complete design, including a 3D design, quickly brings out the feel and look of every nook and corner of the living space as realistically as possible

● Working in tandem with the architect and builders to ensure that there is no mismatch in the form and the function of the entire home

Apart from the above, an interior design company will have multiple specialized packages to cater to your particular rooms like your kitchen, bathroom, etc. They will also have distinct on-call packages and renovation, redesigning, and remodeling packages.

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Steps to Choose the Best Interior Design Package

Here are some steps to help you choose the best interior design packages. These considerations will give you thorough insight and a systematic way to select the best possible interior package for your interior design project:

● Always take advantage of working with an interior designer when choosing an interior design package.

● Make sure to compare the ideas and services offered in a particular interior design package. Compare these not only with other packages in this specific company but also to those packages provided by other interior design companies as well.

● Always remain prepared to make adjustments to your style, and ensure that the interior design package is flexible enough to allow such adjustments.

● Be prudent and realistic when determining your budget for your interior design package. Go for a low-budget package that is enough for your interior design requirements. You can always add more deliverables to the package you’re choosing.

● At the very outset, make sure that you understand what you need. Determine your exact requirements, and you will choose an interior design package appropriately.

● Always make sure that you have carried out ample research on various interior design companies and their packages before you choose a package. After all, it is your living space where you want to carry out the project. And it’s your money too.

● Contact all your shortlisted designers and consult with each of them. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to get deeper insights into their MOs and the salient points and deliverables in each of their packages.

● Make sure that your interior design company and you speak the same language and understand each other clearly. Both of you must have the ability to express what you need and what you can provide clearly.

● Once you’ve chosen a package, read the offer document and the agreement so that you understand every term and condition specified therein. You can always discuss and modify particular points with your interior designer.

● Make sure that you choose an interior design package that specifically mentions that you will be updated constantly on the project’s progress.

All these things combined will help you to choose the best possible interior designer and a great interior design package from them. You need not get lured by whatever catches your eye, but you need to be specific while choosing stuff. An interior design project is generally a one-time, long-term investment to which you cannot make immediate and sudden changes.

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Modular Kitchen Package

A modular kitchen with functional cabinets and trolleys to have systematic storage for your every need!

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Focus on just the essentials to move in with our Essential Furniture Package.

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Want to turn your outdoors into a beautiful sit-out with an open bar? Floma Homes has got you covered.

Average Interior Designing Cost for Pune

For the carpet area of 800-1000 sq. ft and 2 BHK, the approximate cost is 7 Lacs. This can go up to 12 Lacs if customers choose the premium or luxury options. Choosing suitable interior design packages is a must to ensure you get your dream home for the money you decide to part with!

While there may be several packages offering fantastic stuff, you need to realize that to choose the best one for you; you need to have specific goals and set realistic expectations for the entire project. Always keep the budget in your head and don’t overspend, which might cause you a burn in the pocket.

It is also advisable to evaluate several interior designers before choosing one and going ahead with that particular designer. This will give you many options and help you assess the market rates and make the best decision. Feel free to ask your friends and family for their reference as well!