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While designing the home, how do you find the right ideas for a perfect space? The secret lies in creating the right look by using the perfect colours, materials, and design. At Floma Homes, we leave no space less fashionable at your homes. Get a perfect design statement for every room whether it’s a modular kitchen or a cozy bedroom. With interior design trends changing every year, it’s important to understand the latest materials, colours, and styles for beautifying these rooms. No matter the size or the layout of the rooms, we have numerous ideas that can be adapted to almost any home. Whether you have a classy bungalow or an ultra-modern apartment in Pune or a modern day flat in the Pune suburb, you’re sure to find unlimited design ideas from Floma Homes.

Your home can look like this!

What to consider before designing the entire home?

Your entire home should look well put together with a beautiful mix of elements. Moreover, every room should be harmonious with the complete design style of the house. Your entire home doesn’t need to have all of your favourite furniture and accessories in the room, it’s necessary to design the layout of the space to enable every space to serve the purpose, beauty, or functionality. A professional team at Floma Homes can help you create a well-designed room with every detail looking like it has been carefully thought about.


How do I share my ideas for a room with Floma?

Decorating your home can be one of life’s great joys, but it can be daunting and full of uncertainty, particularly if it’s about beautifying. How can you share your ideas with anyone if you are not sure? Are you looking for a comfortable and happy home? You need to share your ideas with a designer who can understand you. At Floma Homes, we have eyes and ears for your taste and needs when it comes to home improvements and decor. Even if you have a slight idea of how your home needs to look, just share your ideas in a one-to-one discussion with our team and we will provide you with a design. It’s that simple. Our design strategy includes everything pictured for you such as furniture, fabrics, and paint colours that almost exactly look like in your newly designed home. With a few steps used by professional interior designers, your home will be as new as from your imagination.

Customised Home Interiors

We don’t just design, manufacture, and install, we offer customised home interiors as per whatever our clients need. With an experience of creating extraordinary home interiors in Pune since 2014, we know it’s not just about good looks. Our dedicated team of designers understands the need for space and practicality, and we can offer you what you need. We offer end-to-end furnishing for beautiful home interiors with modular kitchen furnishing, living and dining, and bedroom interiors bringing your dream to life. If you want to find out more about the interior solutions Floma Homes offers, just contact us, and our designers will be in touch.


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Affordable Packages Starting @ ₹ 5 Lacs

We’re here to cater to your every need right from getting the furniture to your wallpapers!

7+ Years of Experience in Pune

With seven years of experience under our belt, we can say that we have been there and done that. 

Free Site Visit in Pune or PCMC

First greeting is always a gesture and not a transaction and so, our first site visit is free, anywhere in Pune or PCMC.

Easy EMIs & Flexible Payments Avaliable

Why stress and stick to the basics when you can go with easy EMI options or flexible payments!

End-to-End Project Management

Straight from designing the 3D views to finalizing the project, we do it 100% without any hassle to you!

Top-Quality Brands & Materials

Quality first, quality always. We do not settle for anything less than the best in the market!

Understanding Your Vision

Every homeowner has a very particular idea of how they want their homes to look and feel. This is why our interior designers in Pune sit down with you to discuss your vision of the designs and how you want to make that happen. We want to make sure that the final design is exactly what you wanted and more. So, we offer you various samples to get exactly what you have in your vision. Everything in your budget and according to your preferences!

Total makeover?
We can help with every step.

Working with Floma Homes

Interior designing was once a tedious process. At Floma Homes, we care for your entire design and build process, end-to-end, making the process fun and stress-free. Interior design is an art incomplete without every individual’s involvement which eventually makes it a great success. The same goes for our team at Floma Homes. Floma Homes has been the center of making your vision a success. Everyone at Floma Homes goes out of their way to ensure that our clients are happy with our work.

We work with the best

Get the best prices according to your budget

One big reason why the interior design process with Floma Homes is flawless is the transparency in budget and expenses. We have a high referral rate with our budget-friendly prices with high-quality designs. We provide design solutions where great ideas get to work! We have our own product designs, handpicked raw materials, and expert labour which means we can offer the best quality home decor at the speed of your imagination.

Full Interior Design Features

Living Room

Let your living room be the perfect example of both traditional and modern functionality with designs by Floma Homes!

Modular Kitchen

Why live with the traditional kitchen layout when you can cook with ease with a modular kitchen!


Floma Homes has the capability to work with your requirements and come up with new and better designs to improve your home with.


Let Floma Homes give you the ultimate designs for functional outdoor decor that matches with serenity and pure relaxation.

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Interior Design Services In Pune

Interior design services involve diverse activities, including site inspections, planning, budgeting, project implementation, space management in planning, conceptual development, programming, and even communicating with the client. Most importantly, interior design services also undertake construction management and the execution of the design.

Interiors had always been taken care of during the process of building. As time went on, people realized that building construction, interior designing, and interior decoration are three different aspects or fields in the construction process. Although the interior designing field is still unregulated, in recent times, it has begun to gain momentum in the modern world, especially with the advancements in both Internet technologies and communication devices.

Today, we find specialized software that helps interior design studios in Pune conceptualize their planning into wireframes, skeletons, and blueprints for clients to study, discuss, and approve. In addition, there have been various courses that many institutes and universities have introduced, which have proved to be extremely valuable in training students to become able and skilled professionals in this industry.

Interior designing has now become an industry to reckon with, and various companies and professional service organizations have gone into providing full-time services and solutions to clients and prospects alike.

Why is hiring interior design services a good idea?

You probably already know what interior design services are all about and how professional interior designers are helpful. Let us now understand the importance of interior design services.

Best option

Hiring professional interior design services can be one of the best options for you, especially if you’re busy with other work. Not only will you be able to save a lot of money, but you will also be able to save a lot of time and do away with any tedious task while also ensuring that you remain worry-free.

Combine styles

An interior design service company will be able to make use of various styles and blend them into a harmonious fusion that stands out and brings out the best possible aesthetics of your home and space.

Transform your home into a retreat

While you desire your home to be truly functional, it should also act as a retreat for you to relax in. Interior design services help you achieve exactly that. Because of this single importance, you will never yearn to go out to take long vacations. They truly transform your home into a space for relaxation and absolute comfort.

Accessibility is essential

Floma’s interior design services in Pune take into account the composition of your family. Not only will they give importance to you and your immediate family but also those of other ages, children, and maybe your sick and challenged family members as well. An interior design service company will ensure that such people and your family members can easily access various parts of your home.

First impression

A professional interior design services company will not only be able to design the interiors of your house to suit your taste and personality, but it will also harmonize various other designing factors so that visitors to your home will also be impressed.

Prioritizing the home and the family

A truly able and skilled interior design service company will always be able to design the interiors of your home in such a way so that your home radiates a special mood. In addition, they will also ensure that your interiors affect the mood of your family members in the most positive of ways possible.

Value addition

Floma’s interior design services in Pune can help add value to your property. Not only does it add value aesthetically but also to the resale value of your property as well. So naturally, your property will be easily sellable in the market, especially since your house and property are well designed.

Maintenance, space, and safety

An interior design services company will always ensure that your property and the interiors of your house are well designed so that there is ample space while also ensuring that space has been used optimally. This very same company will also ensure that your property doesn’t lose its luster and beauty soon. Naturally, this company will also ensure that your property is easy to maintain over a longer time, and damages are very rare. Safety is one of the priorities that any professional interior design services company will ensure. A well-designed home will have minimal problems as far as safety is concerned.

Aesthetics and functionality

Not only does an interior design services company ensure that your interiors are optimally used and are practically functional, but it also designs your interiors to exuberant the best possible aesthetics. The combination of functionality and aesthetics is something that every interior design services company prioritizes.

What to Keep in Mind When Opting for Interior Design Services

Here are some things you should keep in mind when you’re out selecting an interior design services company to take care of the interior design of your home.

Happy home

Ensure that you truly believe that the interior design services company you’re going to choose can exhibit the exact aesthetic value of your home that goes with your tastes and personality. Along with the brilliant aesthetics, you should also ensure that the designing company will provide efficient solutions to use your interior space optimally while not compromising, but rather enhancing, the functionality of your home as well.


When you are opting for interior design services in Pune, and have found one such company, make sure that you have a legal contract signed with them before you make any kind of advanced payment to them at all. Also, make it a point to note that certain essential points are mentioned clearly in the contract. These could be the responsibilities of both parties, the timelines and deadlines to complete various phases of the project, the budget, and more such points.


When opting for an interior design service company, make sure you have multiple settings to discuss various aspects of the responsibilities and duties they are willing to undertake. Make sure you clearly understand exactly what kind of work schedules, duration, project management style, etc. Of all these, the most important point to be clear on, and to include in your contract, is the mood and the frequency of communication that the interior design services company will entertain.

Be wise

Once you’ve had detailed discussions with various interior design services companies, the time would be right to choose one among all of them. However, please do not blindly choose the ones that come cheap. They may not provide you with quality in any way at all. Rather, opt for the company that has been open, crystal clear on every point, has mentioned its shortcomings as well, and is ready and willing at all times to attend to you and entertain your queries.


Although it may seem quite impossible to set or fix a budget for your home interior designing needs, a truly able and professional interior design services company will always mention an all-inclusive budget, and the flexibility of the budget is the most important point such a company can come up with. They will always suggest the lowest possible budget and yet recommend a healthy margin to keep to the project so that you are not burdened suddenly halfway through the project.


Be clear about the style you wish to have for your interior design. Do not entertain an interior design services company that says they can adapt to your style. Rather, go for a company that brainstorms with you, session after session at the very outset, until they arrive at the style that not only you prefer but one that they are also happy to implement.

Benefits of Hiring Reliable Interior Design Services

Let us now understand some of the benefits of hiring reliable interior design services in Pune.

Better home value

You can expect your home to get a far better value when an interior design services company is involved in designing the interiors of your home. The value we’re talking about here is not just the aesthetic value but also the monetary value of your home.

Good contacts and resources

Since a good interior design services company builds great relationships with various branches of the industry over time, it is only natural that they can use these contacts to supply the best possible raw materials, services, fabrics, and other supplies.

Time saver

Interior design services in Pune can help save you a lot of time by taking care of various tedious tasks for you and keeping you worry-free. The vast expertise, skills, and professionalism that these companies have gained over time help them work faster and more skillful than you would have actually.


It is only natural to expect an interior design services company to be abreast of the latest industry standards and trends, designs, and new and upcoming things in the industry and the market. Such deep insight and knowledge make an interior design services company conceptualize designs customized exclusively for you, your tastes, and your personality.

Long-lasting solutions

Interior design services go beyond just designing and aesthetics. An interior design services company implements various constructs and designs that are long-lasting, easy to maintain, add value to your property, and ensure better sellability and market value for your property.

Money saver

It may seem that hiring an interior design services company is expensive. Please believe it when we say that such thought is merely a misconception and a fallacy. The savings that an interior design services company can effectively garner out of your budget is pretty mind-boggling. And it is exactly from these savings that you would be paying out to your interior design services company. You may be saving there as well.

What makes Floma’s interior design services stand apart?

Let us now discuss what makes Floma’s interior design services in Pune outstanding.


An outstanding interior design services company will know exactly what to add to or take away from space to achieve a particular effect easily. They will not only utilize your space optimally but will also come up with the best and strongest possible presentation of your space.


An outstanding interior design services company will always personalize and customize every project to suit every client’s personality, taste, desires, and other such factors and family. This enables the company to achieve originality and create each project to be as authentic to the client as possible.


Juxtaposing different elements in a way where such an action will bring out and enhance the inert properties of these elements is something that any outstanding interior design services company will specialize in.


Any outstanding interior design services company will have a clear idea of how a particular space should function and maintain the desired aesthetics. They will visualize and create a definite concept to ensure that this space is implemented.


Rather than create focal points (something that run-of-the-mill interior design services companies), outstanding interior design services companies will always focus on creating a balance. The doors and windows, lightwaves, dimensions of the room, and floor to ceiling height, along with the elements present within the room, are all taken into account, repositioned, or edited as required to bring out various effective vantage points that will highlight and enhance this balance. This makes the room more appealing.


Any outstanding interior design services company knows the importance of the supporting details and elements that can highlight and enhance the desired effect of particular positions within a room. The overall vision of the room is a priority, something that an outstanding designer will understand and emphasize on the orientation of such details.


Only an outstanding interior design services company will never compromise on quality, even if that means they will have to incur a loss from a project. That is exactly why such a company will always come up with a budget that covers every aspect of what they have visualized. Furthermore, they will never come with substandard materials and involve highly skilled and professional workers and appropriate tools and equipment.


Space planning is always treated with utmost priority by any outstanding interior design services company. Not only will this company have plans for the layout and placement of various appliances and equipment, but will also plan to make optimal usage of the space, maintaining the aesthetics while also making this space fully functional.

Interior Design Services Provided By Floma

When thinking of interior design in Pune, we at Floma can tailor the best services for our customers. Here are the services we offer.

1. Full Interior Design: Under this package, we offer holistic end-to-end interior design services for homes blending in several materials, textures, etc.

2. Modular Kitchen Models: Kitchens are unique places in every home, and a well-equipped kitchen that is modern and modular is an asset and a sense of pride. It is one space that makes your home complete and gives it that truly modern feel.

3. Creative Corner Designing: Here we offer a space that is designed to perfection and resonates with the owner’s personality. It is simply a space where you can enjoy your time alone.

4. Outdoor Design: Some parts like the garden and balcony are often overlooked when designing a home. We have the expertise to bring them in synergy with the entire theme of the home.

With Floma, customers can get fantastic interior design services at affordable costs. Our team is always abreast with the latest trends in the design industry, and we involve our customers at every step of the design process. Hence, we truly provide a customized and personalized process. When thinking of interior design, think of Floma!