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I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and the details of the design I received. It was exactly what I wanted and made me confident when hiring a contractor.

– Rajeev Bhatwal, 1 BHK Homeowner

Floma’s designers were very user-friendly and co-operative even when I was not sure what I wanted. I highly recommend the service!

– Vaidehi Patil, 2 BHK Homeowner

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3D Interior Design Service FAQ

Our team will work on your design only after confirming the requirements with you, but still, 2 rounds of revisions are included in our price. 🙂

Yes, absolutely. Our designs are prepared using the standard industry practices and are really easy to understand. Any independent contractor will be able to use our design.

We do not a specific ‘style of design’. Our designers can work with any style you are looking for, but yes, we love modern contemporary and minimalistic designs!

After your confirmation and payment, your first design will be delivered within 10 days.

Currently we work in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. But other cities can also be serviced. Just call us to confirm!

Oh yes, we can! Simply submit your requirements using this form and we’ll get in touch with you!

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3D Interior Design Services: Let’s Talk About The Benefits

You have bought your new house and want it to design the absolute best. However, you just have one shot at it. You can’t just afford to ruin your only shot. You can’t just use some useless design elements and then simply redo it later. It costs a whole lot of time and money. And by simply taking a look at the 2D pictures, you won’t be able to carefully understand how’s it going to look when it’s done. So what’s the solution? The solution is to get a 3D interior design of your home done. And that’s why here we are explaining the benefits of Floma’s 3D interior design services.

We work with the best

What Makes a Great 3D Interior Design?

In order to come up with a great 3D interior design, the interior designer, as well as the clients, need to work together in coordination. The interior designer needs to be in contact with the client in order to properly understand what the client is looking for. Clients need to keep in check all of the requirements that they want to be designed. This will lead to the clients properly understanding what to expect as well as what to drop after having a thorough look at the 3D interior design. Plus, the interior designer can add up some suggestions that would add the glamorous touch to the design.
After this process carefully begins, the benefits of the 3D interior design begin to kick in. You will be able to check the proposed design of your home come into effect. With the proper visualization, you will be able to understand what to expect when your home design project is completed. After the client and the interior designer carefully analyse the 3D interior design and approve it, the implementation process can begin.

3D Interior Design Features

Delivery Within 10 Days

Just let us know what your requirements are and we’ll get your design ready in just 10 days!

2 Revisions Included

Your suggestions and comments are always welcome. Our dear clients are given two rounds of revisions.

In-House Designers

We do not outsource your designs! All the work is done 100% in house by our expert 3D designers.

Latest Trends & Ideas

We are a team of dynamic individuals that are constantly following the new trends, so you don’t have to!

Serving Entire India

Based in Pune, we serve the 3D designing requirements of customers from all over India!

Bill of Materials Included

Along with your designs, we can also provide BoM that can be used to execute the project easily.

3D Interior Design Disruptive Capabilities

The 3D interior design concept has totally revolutionised the interior design industry. It has turned the whole interior design industry to the head. The entire wheel has been handed to the client. With 3D interior design services, the total design can be taken a look at and approved by the client as well as the interior designer. The interior designer can make some additional changes and involve them in the proposed design according to the client’s requirements. 3D interior design services have made it entirely possible for the clients to experience the final design first-hand. An interior design firm will be providing you with the right canvas- isn’t it cool? The entire process is considered to be extremely participative as well as creative.

Speak to an independent 3D Interior Designer about your dream project!


What Are The Benefits Of 3D Interior Design Services?

Let’s talk about the different benefits of Floma’s 3D interior design services!

Common Ground

You will have better clarity of the things to expect. And this way, both the interior designer as well as the client, will be able to stay on the same page. And this will lead to fewer misunderstandings, which will ultimately save money. Before the implementation, you will be able to check out all the differences and make the required changes beforehand.

Easy Visualisation

Imagine being able to visualise your home in front of your eyes. It obvious that 3D interior design services are more effective than 2D interior design. You will be able to check how your home will look in the future. It will help you understand that depth as well as the reach of the design.


What if you just want to check out how your home will look in different colours? That’s what 3D interior design services can help you experience. You can check out the different colours on the walls in a flash. You can check out the textures, colours, finish as well as different design elements. You can just check everything in a few minutes. And this will lead to the overall project being finalised sooner!

Cost Optimisation

You can take a look and analyse different combinations with 3D interior design services. You can check them out on a computer beforehand. And that won’t require you to spend much money. The other ways lead to a lot of money being wasted when you could make changes only after the project is implemented. The concept of 3D interior design has rightly revolutionized the industry. You will be provided with flexibility and go with all the possible design combinations at little cost!

Technical Clarity

Many people only take a look at the 3D interior design’s aesthetic benefits. However, you need to consider the technical benefits as well. It’s not compulsory! However, with some basic knowledge of interior design, you are able to get the insights about the design of your home.

Legal Compliance

Every city has its own regulatory guidelines. And if you are an interior design firm and want to create a good 3D interior design package, then you need to incorporate such guidelines in the package. This will make sure that the design is compliant.

Holistic View

If you are the buyer, then you will be able to visualise your new home perfectly with 3D interior design services. You will have a complete picture of everything. This even includes the design as well as structural elements. You can clear all the queries that you have, instantly. So isn’t that enough to already book your 3d interior design?

With Floma’s affordable 3D interior design services, you can get a 3D interior design for your home anywhere in India. Simply submit your requirements and we’ll take care of the rest!

3D Design Service Highlights

2D Layout

Let us know the floor space and what you have in mind and we can for sure provide you with suitable 2D designs.

Laminate Code and Color Details

Along with our designs, we provide the exact laminate and color codes for execution.

3D Views

We provide 3D views of every room from multiple angles so you get a clear picture of your interior design.

Bill of Materials

Along with your designs, we can also provide BoM that can be used to execute the project easily.

Online 3D Interior Design Services & Quote

3D interior design is all about rendering and representing exactly how a particular room or space will look from a 3D perspective. 3D modeling today can be of two types. The manual method involves drawing 3D room perspectives on paper or creating physical 3D models. The automated process involves using 3D interior design software that helps portray the 3D concert on screen. The outcome is known as 3D visualization or 3D Rendering in either case.

3D designs have a far-reaching effect on showing exactly how a designer has envisioned the space, the object, or the room. This helps the client better understand and see for themselves exactly what to expect when such a model is made real.

Creation of 3D Renders

To help you understand more about how 3d interior design services create 3D visualizations and images in India, let’s go through the elements that form a 3D design.

Creating 3D models: At first, based on the scale and the measurements that have been provided, it is essential to create the objects and the space itself. Some various programs and tools help in developing these 3D models.

Adding various qualities: After the 3D models have been created, it is equally essential that different specifics like materials, textures, physical attributes, etc., are properly represented. These multiple variations of objects need to be represented from a 3D perspective so that they blend into your initial 3D model of this space realistically.

Adding light sources: After all the above have been appropriately done, you definitely will not want the balance to be disrupted. But naturally, it is equally important to show the effect of light on the 3D space and the objects. Hence, light sources must also be added to the entire 3D representation. This will also help the client better understand what each spot, space, and object will look like from different angles.

Positioning cameras: The next most important thing needed to create a 3D render is the positioning of cameras. Cameras must be positioned perfectly across various angles of the space so that the final output is a truthful representation of what to expect in reality. Not only does this help the client himself, but also the architect and engineer who will be working on the actual project.

Rendering: Once all of the above is completed, the rendering process begins. Rendering represents all the above 3D images and models onto a 2D perspective. What happens here is that the entire 3D model is converted so that we still get the effect of the 3D modeling onto our 2D screens, like computer monitors and our mobile screens.

Essential 3D Interior Design Principles

Here are some essential principles of 3D interior designs without which a realistic 3D rendering of a concept and its visualization is impossible.

Scale and proportion: Scale and proportion are two different principles of 3D interior design. However, since they both deal with size and shape, they are clubbed together as one principle. While proportion focuses on the relative aspects of two elements or objects, scale deals with how things compare based on their dimensions. Both scale and proportion also help measure these objects about the dimensions of the space itself.

Repetition: Repetition is one of the simplest yet most effective principles used in 3D interior design. It requires that the same element is used multiple times within the same space, but perhaps in different spots of that same space. Repetition helps to equip and balance elements in the symmetry. Not only is repetition used for objects, but also patterns, textures, colors, etc.

Transition: Transition is quite a difficult principle to explain. It deals with the ability to notice differences clearly within a space visually. What transition does is that it creates official smoothness that allows the viewer’s eyes to flow smoothly throughout the whole space and not be jolted by any sudden difference.

Color: Color is one principle in 3D interior design that makes the most impact. The principle of color can act to define a particular room or space. It creates an atmosphere for the space. Without involving the effect of colors, 3D interior designing will not be effective.

Progression: 3D interior design takes the concept of progression as a principle from music. Here, an element is taken, and its qualities gradually increase or decrease while not hurting its base foundation. It involves gradation, like gradually increasing or decreasing the sizes of some aspects within this space.

Contrast: When we put two different elements as opposites, we try to bring out the contrast in the most straightforward way possible. Creating such opposites is truly simple, primarily when we use different structures like squares and circles against each other or black and white contrasts. Contrast is one of the essential principles of 3D interior design.

Services You Can Expect When You Hire a 3D Interior Design Service Company

When you hire a 3D interior design service company, you can expect several services. Let us list a few.

3D product/object rendering: This is a process of creating images with 3D models using specialized 3D rendering software. It helps to visualize the product or the object itself from every angle so that the client can understand how it looks in the space that he wishes to have this in.

3D Architectural Rendering: A 3D architectural rendering creates an architectural design exactly how it will look in reality. This helps visualize and experience a life-like building or space before it has even been built.

3D floor plan rendering: When a 2D floor plan has been converted into a 3D render, it helps to represent all the elements of a space or floor, including the rooms, furniture, doors and windows, walls, and everything else included within this space. 3D floor plan rendering truly helps visualize and understand exactly what a complete floor may look like in reality.

Photoshop rendering: Photoshop rendering deals with converting a 2D image of a 3D space in the most realistic way possible. Photoshop rendering also involves adding textures to the various surfaces within an image or photo of space.

3D walkthrough animations: Today, 3D walkthrough animations have become extremely popular. It is a kind of video story where the user can traverse between the various virtual spaces displayed on a 2D screen. 3D cameras that render the animation help the viewer get an almost realistic feeling of the space or building and allow one to travel virtually.

VR & 360 panorama: Although VR and 360 panoramas are slightly different, they can be clumped together for our understanding. Both of these help the viewer view and understand all the surrounding spaces from the point from which the shots were taken. The photographer takes multiple pictures of his entire surrounding space. These photos are then uploaded to a software application that converts them into a 360 panorama photo. Multiple panoramic images clubbed together as sequences to form a VR document. This VR document acts as a video of the space, with the distinction that the viewer can decide where to go from the current spot or space.

3D Interior Design Services provided by Floma

At Floma, we provide the best package that money can buy. To do that, we have a team that customizes and personalizes every part of the process to give the best customer experience. After completing the design, we provide the customer with a 3D model of the space and clarify the potential result that the customer will see in real-time.

Under this service, a lot of benefits are available to the customer. Customers can have clarity about what we are designing and allow easy visualization of the space that we are building. It is also a great way to save costs as digital models are not made with real-life materials.

It is a great way to save time as you can have the liberty of testing out several color schemes and understanding what will look good. Everything can be seen in a matter of minutes, which helps get the project completed in a lesser period. It also helps with technical clarity by understanding the aesthetics correctly.

With the array of styles and themes that we have in store and the expertise we have built over the years, we can give you a perfect understanding of what you can expect with our 3D design services. You are sure to find both modern, contemporary and minimalistic designs. We work at all metro cities in India, and hence you can always think of Floma when thinking of excellent 3D interior design services in India!