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Saffron: The Colour Of Strength And Courage In India

The Indian flag consists of three colours – white, green and deep saffron yellow, also known in India as Kesari.
This shade is featured at the top of the Indian tricolour flag and is said to represent the strength and courage of India as a country – something everyone in India can be proud of.
However, that’s not all – Saffron has even deeper meanings in the Indian culture!
Considering almost 85% of the total population in India are of the Hindu faith, it’s important to consider how saffron is associated with Hinduism and religious culture in India.
Saffron/Kerasi is the most sacred colour in Hinduism. Firstly, it represents fire – by which impurities are burnt. Subsequently, the colour also represents purity in Hindu beliefs.
Due to its rich meaning, saffron is often worn by holy men of Hinduism and symbolises the ‘quest for light’.
With traits that resemble such important and meaningful qualities – both religious and in terms of the country itself, it’s always a good choice for your interior décor!

Further Connotations of Yellow and Orange

While the saffron blend of yellow and orange in the context of the Indian flag has its own connotations specifically, the colours alone are also known for a variety of different connotations.

These includes:

  • Nature: Yellow is frequently seen in nature. Just think of sunflowers, daffodils, canaries, lemons and, of course, the sunshine!
  • Happiness: Yellow often associated with feelings of happiness and optimism, promoting a more upbeat approach to life.
  • Religion: In many cultures, including Hinduism in India, yellow is associated with deities.
  • Creativity: Yellow is often used to reflect creativity and original thought.
  • Enlightenment: Similarly to how it is associated with happiness, yellow is often used to represent enlightenment.
  • Warmth: Orange represents warmth, creating an inviting aura.
  • Freedom: Orange promotes the idea of free thinking and being yourself!

All of these are positive traits, so it’s no wonder yellow and orange are seen all over the world as happy, welcoming colours that everyone can enjoy!

In addition to its connotations, yellow in particular has also been proven to stimulate the mental process, encourage communication and boost your memory too!

By adding yellow to your Indian interior design, you’ll be able to make the most of the fun, bright aspect of the colour while celebrating the true saffron yellow of the Indian flag.

Adding Saffron to Your Home

Adding saffron to your home is easy. You could choose to feature it on an accent wall, a rug or carpet, textiles such as cushions or bedding, or even a brightly coloured chair or sofa! There are no limits, so don’t be afraid to get creative with one of India’s most meaningful shades.

We’re always hoping to hear from people who have put our ideas into action. Let us know if you decide to use yellow in your home – we’d love to hear how it turns out!

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