10 Affordable Ways to Refresh Your Living Room!

Does anyone like to see those same old looks for the rooms in their homes for ages? No, right? It’s a human tendency to want variety in things, whether our fashion, hairstyle, or rooms in our homes. In order to provide a new look to ourselves or our rooms, we refresh or replace things and make necessary changes in them.
Talking of rooms in our homes, it can be the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or any other room. This article focuses on refreshing your living room and provides you with 10 affordable ways to give it a new look.

Before directly moving to these ways, let’s understand the scope to make changes or refresh things in the living room.

Usually, the living room comprises certain pieces of furniture, a TV, windows, curtains, pillows, and many other things depending on the choice of the person living. You can also consider the walls and their paint in the above list, as they significantly contribute to the living room’s look.

When it comes to refreshing the living room, you can simply replace some of these old things with new trendy ones. Or even changing the positions of these things can bring a new look to the living room. Although some options are a bit expensive, the ways listed below won’t blow your budget that much.

10 Pocket-Friendly Ways You Can Refresh Your Living Room

The primary focus here is to provide your living room with a fresh new look without spending too much of your savings. Go through the following options and choose those that suit your design and lifestyle preferences.

1. Change the Color!

A coat of paint is one of the primary things contributing to the room’s look. So you can try a new shade of color to refresh your living room. While selecting the shade, don’t forget to consider the color combination of other significant things present in your living room. If you are getting confused with the choice of color, try fresh white walls for a new look. You can also combine two colors to create a different stylish look for your living room. It won’t cost you much.

2. Adding a Statement Wall by Using a Wallpaper


Let it be any room in your house; adding a statement wall can help create a seemingly significant change in its look without much effort. You may create a fun gallery wall or think of a color that complements the rest of your décor. Trying wallpaper for your statement wall is also a good option; however, it may cost you a bit more. Instead, you can prefer patterned wallpaper for a feature area with color matching the wall color. This stylish trick is recommended by many designers and creates a complementary tonal scheme. Do give it a try.

3. New Furniture can be a Good Thought

New Furniture

Another significant factor that contributes to the look of your living room is your furniture. If you are bearing the cost of maintaining an old furniture set, it’s definitely time to switch to a new set of furniture. Although it’s a costly affair, you have to go for it someday. If your furniture is not that old to replace, try replacing small items such as side tables, coffee tables, and other items you have. Being expensive, you can’t frequently replace furniture; instead, you may keep rearranging the positions of these pieces to refresh the look of the room.

4. Adding a Statement Piece or a DIY Art


Have you ever thought of an oversized artwork or a mirror on the wall of your living room? It definitely adds to the look while also making your living room look bigger than it is. Another excellent option for those who like DIY things or are artists themselves is DIY art for your living room. It reflects your personality while also refreshing the living room at a minimal cost. Creating a cost-effective gallery is another wonderful idea you can prefer while refreshing your living room in affordable ways. Bring out the artist in you!

5. Trying a New Rug or Layering Them

Zoning a space with the help of rugs to create a different perspective is a great idea to refresh your living room affordably. You can find several inexpensive rug designs that can add to the look. You can ‘anchor’ the space between sofas by placing the rug and adding accent shade cushions to refresh your living room in a budget-friendly way. Defining conversational groupings or activity areas by layering small rugs is another way of restoring your living room. Several stores and shops offer discounts, and seasonal sales offer rugs where you can get what you want.

6. Employing Natural Elements or Adding Some Greenery

Home Plants

Bring a little extra life to your living room by adding some plants and natural elements. You can look for colorful foliage or exciting leaf shapes that add to the look. There are low-maintenance varieties available at reasonably affordable prices. Plants don’t just refresh your living room but also improve our mental health and well-being as well. Try arranging them in the corners, on shelves, beside the sofa, or on the sideboard. Adding some greenery to your living room makes it fresher and more inviting. Some indoor plant species that are available don’t even require much care.

7. Personalizing Living Room Décor

You can make your living room feel extra special by incorporating items that remind you of your travels, hobbies, and cherished memories. Some of the ideas can be – displaying ancestral portraits, framing genealogical charts and maps that represent your favourite places, and photo collages featuring your family and friends. Another affordable living room decor idea can be hanging letters or signage that highlight your initials or a familial surname. You can decorate your living room on a budget with family heirlooms, hand-me-downs, or thrifted items. These items also add to the love and bonding between family members while refreshing your living room.

8. Jazzing Up Your Lighting

Light is a prime factor in the look and ambiance of your living room. Dated lighting lets your living room down, so look for the latest styles and find inexpensive alternatives. If you already have an old floor lamp, changing the shade can also bring a new fresh look. You can also make your shade in a funky fabric using a lampshade-making kit from Amazon. Even if you change light bulbs from warm white to cool white, it’ll create a significant impact by making everything look brighter. You can switch it around to have a cozy feel.

9. Covering Up Your Sofa with Faux Furs

Nobody likes a shabby or tired-looking sofa as it can ruin the vibe in their living room. However, there are easy remedies available that are pretty affordable as well. You can invest in a few new sofa throws instead of replacing a sofa or buying new loose covers. Try layering up your couch with a combination of throws and cushions in toning colors that complement your sofa’s color to have a more polished look. Start with positioning your main throw centrally or just off-center, fold it into a neat size, and tuck it behind the sofa to secure it. Then try layering on cushions and some extra throws over the arms or the back cushion.

10. Introducing Warm Wood

Wood furniture

Wooden wall panels are trending right now and will add to the style and character of your living room. The real FSC Certified wood self-adhesive panels are really inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to fit. Your walls are the key feature of any room; refresh these to impact the look and feel immediately. You can breathe new life into your living room with accent walls, which are great for emphasizing the atmosphere. Try using them to zone space or create contrast.

Bonus Ideas That Are (Almost) Free!

Are you looking to refresh your living room but not able to bear the expenses? Don’t worry. Here are some basic ways you may try that are (almost) free.

  • Clearing excess clutter is the simplest way you can make your living room look better.
  • Have you tried rearranging your living room furniture? Not yet? Give it a try.
  • Temporarily exchanging accessories with your friend can also help you refresh your living room.
  • You can also attempt to swap items from room to room for a refreshing, new look.
  • If you are a nature lover, try collecting free décor from nature.
  • Using items you already have for different purposes can also help refresh your living room.

Some of the changes in the living room might have already crossed your mind. But, if you haven’t yet given it serious thought, please consider these options and choose the one that’s best for your living room.

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