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Point Of Attraction

Attraction is an interesting thing. It’s like attention. Every moment you are attracted to someone or something. Who doesn’t like to be attractive, right? When your personality attracts someone, that feeling cannot be put into words. We all will agree with this! Have you ever been attracted by your friend’s or family member’s home? You certainly have been. Our homes can be one of the biggest points of attractions we can have in our lives.

What is Interior Designing?

Interior designing is the process of making your home more beautiful as per your needs and budget. It is an art of adding to or changing the design of your home to make it attractive and comfortable. In simple words, it makes your home ‘camera ready!’.

What is Aspirational Designing?

It simply stands for an interior design which truly reflects your aspirations. It incorporates your passion, dreams, ambitions, your way of living, the places you want to visit and the things you want to do. With aspirational designing, your home will feature your:

  • Ambitions
  • Passion
  • Lifestyle
  • Places you wish to visit
  • Things that you want to achieve in life

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Benefits of Aspirational Designing

One of the finest benefits of having an aspirational design in your home is that it becomes a point of attraction for many.

How Does Aspirational Designing Become a Point of Attraction?

Attraction is something you can’t measure but when you like something the first time you see it, you can certainly say that you’re attracted to it! What if, like youself, your home becomes a point of attraction for many? We know it would be one of the happiest and proudest moments for you for sure. When others talk positively about your home, you automatically feel happier!

The secret to making your a point of attraction is creativity. People like creative things and when they see one somewhere, they get attracted to it right away. If you can incorporate a ‘never seen before’ design in your home, your home is bound to be a point of attraction!

Aspirational designing itself is an attractive form of designing. It is unique and very personal to you, yet its subtle art and creativity attracts the viewers by default. It makes your home shine and unfolds your aspirations into a tangible format. And people quickly get attracted towards such things.

A point of attraction in your aspirational design consists:

  • Your personal touch to the design – maybe your religion, your idol, your hobby, your profession
  • Creative aspects – how about a ‘man cave’ or a full pooja room?
  • Off beat ideas – something nobody has ever seen!
  • Incorporating your local area – how about a Puneri pati?
  • Engaging elements – a gaming room or gazebo?

Floma Homes' Aspirational Interior Design Services

Floma Homes is probably the first company to work on aspirational interior design. We have been working in the interior design industry for more than 6 years now. Creative Corners and Outdoor Decor are our two new initiatives focused to provide modern homeowners (like you!) great service. Floma Homes’ young, dynamic, creative and expert interior designing team is committed to make your dreams come true.

We at Floma Homes staunchly believe in making your home a true reflection of your aspirations and a unique space which becomes a point of attraction for many.

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