15 Easy to Follow Pet-Friendly Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Tips for Pets

Interior design with pets in mind doesn’t have to mean chaos and clutter. Indians are famous for enjoying pets’ company, and we’re now spending more time with our feathered, furry and fishy friends than ever before. But, for as much fun as living with four-legged furry family members can be, designing a stylish, pet-friendly home is tricky. Not only can pets wreak havoc on upholstery and furniture, certain pet essentials, like litter boxes and dog crates, are often significant eyesores.

With some planning and the right items, you can design a pet-proof space without sacrificing any style. Let us, at Floma, show you how interior design for pets can be bold, sleek, and in keeping with your style aesthetic. From designated drawers for food bowls to doggy-wash stations, here’s how the professionals design their houses with pets in mind:

1. Make use of corners

The bottom part of cabinets, dining tables, and corners are often overlooked in urban settings. However, these spaces make for ideal dog homes. A doggo can snuggle inside these corners anywhere in the house – the bedroom, the living room, or even the study! Using storage spaces in the form of cut-outs is a great way to ensure your pets have enough cosy corners in the house.

2. Go for built-in feeding drawers

If you have more than one pet, you’re dealing with lots of food and water bowls. To prevent chaos and clutter up the space with pet dishes, we at Floma suggest integrating the bowls into the design of the house with custom built-ins. What is great about this design idea is that it can quickly be followed in the kitchen and only has to affect a cabinet or two. So, even if you’re not remodelling an entire room or house, you can probably hire out a small job like this for a cost-effective price and minor inconvenience. Won’t it be ideal to have food bowls in the bottom drawer that you can pull out when it’s feeding time? These features are beautiful and helpful!

3. Set up safe areas for your pets to explore

All pets are curious little creatures and have the instinct to explore when you bring them home. Instead of being strict with them while they poke around every nook and cranny, make it fun and safe for them by setting up many pet-friendly spaces that work well with your décor. This could mean low shelves without anything too expensive, durable baskets for throw pillows and toys, and large floor pillows. These are especially vital if you know your pet loves to cause mischief. Always keep the breakables away until your pet is fully trained.


4. Invest in Fur Resistant Furniture

When you live with pets, it is a definite fact that you will have to deal with fur – there is no way around it. Most pets will want to be up on the couch with you or even without you. They are going to shed, and to avoid lint rolling every five minutes; you’re going to want to invest well for fur resistant furniture, which should also be touched against nails when they jump up.

5. Go for Savvy Window Treatments

All pets love to see out of the window to watch their owners come home and bask in the sunshine on sunny days. It is best to avoid thick fabric curtains so that you don’t deprive them of their joy. Instead, go for lightweight, sheer fabric curtains that will allow them to enjoy their view. If you have blinds around the house, make sure you pull them up.

6. Purchase pet beds with washable covers

While many purchase cosy dog and cat beds to keep their furry friends off the furniture, they can get covered in allergy-inducing pet hair quickly. That is why we at Floma recommend buying pet beds with removable covers that can be cleaned daily.

7. Go for a Wall-Mounted Cat Bed

Avoid the bulky cat trees and mount a comfy perch directly to the wall. Go for a stable basket and screw it onto the wall using extra-large washers, which help distribute the weight and limit wear on the basket’s fibres. Line the interiors with a soft blanket to create a cosy spot for your cat to survey the room.

8. Search for furniture that plays multiple roles

When you don’t have the option of hiding a vital piece of pet furniture, we at Floma recommend finding a way to make it more multi-functional and part of the fabric of a room. For instance, one can create a custom crate that fits perfectly in the entrance, and that can double as an organized resting area on top for bags and keys.

9. Go for Performance Fabrics

Initially, pets take some time to properly house-train; for such a reason, it’s vital to go for washable, performance fabrics and outdoor/indoor rugs to help with pet accidents. Additionally, washable and performance materials hold up well over time, proving to be worth the investment. Best to get upholstered furniture in a washable performance fabric for stains and durability.

10. A Throne for a Queen/King

A vital part of the pet-friendly interior design must surely be the addition of their very own comfy pet bed. Try not to mismatch their bed with the rest of the room’s décor; instead, choose a more straightforward, more contemporary design that will enhance the rest of the interiors. Go for a pet bed made out of high-quality materials, creating an appealing space for them to relax, unwind, and recharge after a busy day of play.

11. Pay close attention to flooring and walls

Just like fabric, patterned rugs help, especially on easy-to-clean wooden or tiled floors, which can be wiped dry. A rug is also a lot less expensive than an entire carpet if it needs to be discarded due to overzealous soiling.
When it comes to the walls, cats like rubbing against something lumpy or scratchy, so it is best to avoid textured walls or embossed wallpaper. If you’re painting them, go for satin or glass paint, as fur won’t stick to it as quickly as matter.

12. Invest ineffective lighting systems

Indeed, a brilliant option when it comes to pet-friendly decor. A well-lit house with LED lights can be innovative, trendy, and convenient for pets. In addition, suspended lighting will leave your pets happier for long as it makes them look up and fills the natural void created by a step.

13. Keep small treats close-by

All pets love indulging in a bit of playtime. And when they tire of running and jumping around the apartment, they usually start chewing the tablecloth, shoes, rugs, books and other items lying around the house. Therefore, keeping small treats like knot ropes, dog bones, and chewing toys around the house is crucial. This way, they will have plenty of other items to chew on.

14. The Ultimate Playzone

An all-vital part of a pet’s day is the need for space in the house to play. Make sure not to let your excited little friend run riot around the entire house. We understand they are uncontrollable, but there are some spaces in the home in which this is less desirable. We at Floma recommend creating a designated play space that your pet knows is suitable for play and where they can enjoy some quality me-time.

15. Place pet-friendly plants around the house

Like us, you might have never considered that some plants can be toxic for pets when ingested. But plant toxicity results in about 10,000 cases of illness in a year. In addition, House plants account for nearly 5% of all pet poisonings. Therefore, it is ideal for placing unsafe plants on tabletops or shelves out of reach for the pets.


The key with any interior design with pets in mind is to blend function with style. Go for items that blend in with the existing color palette and layout, without taking away from its core purpose – making your pet happy and comfortable.
Before selecting what décor items, you will be using at your pet-friendly house, make sure that it is within your budget and meets the usage requirements. Get your pet-friendly décor interiors only at Floma! You can check out the portfolio photos of multiple interior designers and then choose those who suit your needs the best.

Our style selector lets you select your favourite pet-friendly designs from the website and share them with the expert team. A designer can then call you to discuss the residence project and begin developing the perfect decor for your house, all based on your taste. Floma is a one-stop platform that caters to all your home décor requirements. Inspired only by the best of ideas, we offer contemporary, modern, minimalistic designs and much more at affordable prices just for you!

Are you searching to revamp your house to be more pet-friendly? Need a second opinion? Contact our expert team today to discuss your pet-friendly project. Create a comfortable space for your pets and make them happy for you!

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