Not Allowed To Decorate? Here’s How To Make Your Space Your Own

There are a number of reasons you may not be able to decorate certain parts of your home. Maybe you live in rented accommodation, share with roommates, or perhaps live with your family who aren’t as open to your ideas as you’d like.

But not being able to decorate shouldn’t dampen your spirit. There’s plenty you can still do to make your space your own – you just have to get creative!

Brighten up your room with textiles

Updating your textiles is probably the easiest way to change the way a space looks without actually making any changes to the room itself. Take a bedroom for example – the bed takes up a fairly large space, so by using bright and colourful bedding, you’re adding a fun focal point to the room by simply changing your sheets! The same can be said for chairs, rugs, pillows, cushions, laundry hampers, storage boxes and more!

Switch out your lighting for something new.

If making your space feel like your own involves making it feel cosy, lighting is something to consider. By adding warmer bulbs to your existing lights, your space will instantly feel more happy, vibrant and welcoming – without any decorating at all!

Decorate the walls – without paint!

Taking a quick look online or even in your local art and hobby stores, you’ll find a vast range of things you could display on your walls, ranging from artwork to photography to posters. All of these can be easily put up and taken down again at your leisure without leaving any permanent marks on your walls.

Use wallpaper as art.

Who said you have to put wallpaper on the wall? If you’ve found a design you love but can’t put it up for real, consider using it to cover canvases as art, or place a cutout square in a photo frame as a stylish display.

Look into decals in unique styles.

Decals allow you to add fun graphics and patterns to your walls without the permanent nature of paint or wallpaper. Think of them as a little like stickers for your home – they simply peel off when you’re ready to remove them! Whether you’ve chosen a ‘traditional Indian home’ style or something more contemporary, you’re bound to find a variety of decals to choose from.

Move around your furniture.

If your home came furnished, you may not have moved anything around since you moved in. Take the opportunity to move things around. It may end up looking like a whole new home!

However you choose to style your home without resorting to decorating, you’re sure to find ways that will help you reflect your style and aesthetic – without upsetting the people who make the rules!

What are your top tips for making your space your own? We’d love to hear about the ways you’ve created a home that reflects your personality without taking any permanent measures. Share your creativity in the comments section below!

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