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What is Modular Furniture? Where to Buy, What to Know & How to Select

What is Modular Furniture? Where to Buy, What to Know & How to Select

Modular furniture is a set of various furniture items that are primarily tailored in a way so that they fit snugly within your space. It is fast becoming a rage right now, although the issue remains that not everyone understands its benefits.

Modular furniture is intelligently designed to maintain and enhance the aesthetics of the space where it is placed while also being functional and comfortable. Made mostly from modern ‘man-made’ materials, like MDF or commercial ply, modular furnitures are typically cheaper. The biggest reason behind Modular furniture’s popularity in India is its flexibility. This fluidity itself makes modular furniture so popular today.

Here is all that you need to know about modular furniture. 


How to select the right modular furniture for your space?

How to choose the right modular furniture?

Here are a few aspects to consider to help you choose the right modular furniture for your space.


Theme & Style

Always make sure that you choose your modular furniture to suit your particular style, be it at home or in the office. Modular furniture has various shapes, sizes, and designs to suit almost every need and taste of users. You can choose between multiple options like comfortability, productivity, style, etc.


Basic needs

Beautiful modular furniture provides a lot more benefits and facilities than traditional furniture. However, when choosing modular furniture, the basic requirements will remain the same as conventional furniture. The drawers and storage spaces in your modular furniture must be ample so that there is no problem for you to install or store particular items, equipment, appliances, gadgets, etc., at any point in time at all.


The space itself

Always check the available space and its layout, be it your home or your office. Although modular furniture can be rearranged, the size of your space will determine whether or not you will have enough space in the future for any expansion at all. Therefore, while choosing modular furniture, make sure that the design comes backed with immense flexibility to integrate this unit with the new ones you will install within the same space.



What should you keep in mind when selecting Modular Furniture?

What should you keep in mind when selecting Modular Furniture?

Selecting modular furniture can be a challenging task as there are so many products that you can choose from, and in the process of selecting modular furniture, you ought to get confused. Therefore, before you consider buying modular furniture, you should consider the following points.

  • Always consider talking directly to the modular furniture manufacturer. Check out both online and offline stores.
  • Gain as much insight as you can about the company from whom you wish to buy your modular furniture.
  • Always get to know the warranty. The longer the warranty period, the safer the bet is.
  • You must understand what material you need your modular furniture to be made of.
  • Try to locate and check with other customers to understand how satisfied they are after buying from the company you are thinking of buying your modular furniture from.
  • Make sure to check whether the module or unit has an ample number of drawers and storage spaces to cater to all your storage and work needs.
  • Choose your material options very well. Understand exactly what kind of material you want your modular furniture to be made of, like lightweight or heavyweight.
  • Always ensure that you check to understand how comfortable the modular furniture unit you’re choosing truly is. After all, you will be using these units for hours at this stretch.
  • You must consult with your modular furniture manufacturer to understand precisely what sizes are available and whether or not the sizes can be customized to suit your needs.
  • Also, consult with your modular furniture manufacturer about the various fabric and furnishing materials that may be required to go with your modular furniture. Always choose the one that requires less maintenance.
  • Always keep in mind the area of the facilities or rooms where you wish to install your new modular furniture. There must be enough functional area left within the room for movement and communication while also ensuring that the modular furniture fits in snugly within your room.

Why is Modular Furniture so popular today?

Millennials always prefer functionality and comfort over anything else, which is why modular furniture has become extremely popular over the years. Let us now look at some significant reasons for choosing modular furniture.


Increased productivity

One of the most important reasons for modular furniture’s popularity is that it genuinely increases productivity. It provides and allows an optimal allocation of space based on a particular function, something that traditional furniture could not have done. At the office, this one factor has proven, as the research has shown, to help improve the productivity of both the individual and the teams while also assisting in the retention of employees.


Pleasing workspace

Modular furniture is designed to add a tremendous amount of finesse to the looks of any space. The sharp and chic looks of modular furniture make a workspace pleasing to be in and enhance the superior feel of that space.


Optimal privacy

One of the best and most important reasons to choose modular furniture is that it can provide you with the best possible privacy options. A single module or unit can provide you with your own space without even the need for a wall. Modular furniture can create that much difference in maintaining your office and home privacy.


Highly adjustable

While modular furniture enhances the aesthetics of the interiors of your space, it can also be replaced or readjusted easily so that newer designs can be accommodated. The ever-changing dynamics of our wants and needs make modular furniture flexible and adjustable.


Convenience and sustainability

Modular furniture designs are environmentally beneficial, especially since the material used to make them is dust free and reusable in most cases. Modular furniture also offers excellent sustainability. When you choose modular furniture, you create positive energy for work and relaxation.


Huge range of choices

There is a massive range of choices of modular furniture for you to select from today. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to colors, designs, patterns, materials, etc. The flexibility to place modular furniture across various areas of your home or office can create a multipurpose environment.


Maximizing open spaces

When you choose to install modular furniture in your home or office, you’ll be fascinated by the ability of these modules and units to maximize both the work area and open spaces. Modular units allow you to place them by the walls when not in use. These modules can also be mobilized to ensure that you get a maximized open space everywhere in your facilities.


Where should you buy Modular Furniture?

While it may seem to be an arduous task when you wish to buy modular furniture, it is not that hard.

  • There are a myriad of online stores to buy great modular furniture from.
  • You can always visit various offline modular furniture stores to choose what is best for your space.
  • Online eCommerce stores are good options to source for your modular furniture if you know exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Always shop for your modular furniture at the right time. Choose the various seasons and occasions when you will get radius discounts.
  • Always think simple and choose more oversized modular furniture since their costs are lower. Additionally, they add up the aesthetics of the room.
  • To spice up your modular furniture, choose additional accessories to go with them.
  • Even if you’re buying from a yard sale, a bargain, etc., never buy without haggling at least a little.
  • Look for various office and home sales. There will always be a lot of modular furniture in such sales.
  • By far, the best point from where you can buy modular furniture without any worry at all is directly from a modular furniture manufacturer.


How much does Modular Furniture cost?

Interior designers and businesses selling modular furniture follow two types of pricing. One is on a square feet basis, and the other is product-wise. Usually, you should calculate each item’s material cost and include variables like labor charges to give a final estimate.

Homeowners usually need to know the rates at which they can get the modular furniture to budget their whole interior design project. There’s a difference in finishing and material used in modular furniture and carpenters. Modular furniture is usually machine-made and can be easily installed. This makes it very convenient for the homeowners to install them at any time possible and allows easy shifting. This typically works for people who do not stay at one place for a very long period.

More often than not, the cost or rates of modular furniture are incredibly variable and depend on the type of materials used and the theme and style of the entire project. Several materials and laminations of the same quality might cost differently as the age of the design also plays a significant role in the entire process. The industries are dynamic, new designs and themes are coming into the market, and there is always demand for new designs and improvisation. Modular furniture is a very diverse and vast product market, and several factors contribute to the overall cost. 

Modular furniture is very niche, and the more premium you pay, the better quality you can expect. It is usually very vague and difficult to mention the exact rate of modular furniture as they are very fluctuating and case-dependent. The cost of modular furniture is very dependent on several parameters such as aesthetics, material, theme, design, etc.  

To give you a brief idea of modular furniture rates square feet-wise, here are some essential and average quotations that you will find in metro cities. The location also plays a significant role in deciding the cost factor as the availability of material and the brand name can also play an essential role in the cost structure. 

Most modular wardrobes will cost anywhere between Rs 1600 to 2000 per square foot in any tier 1 metro city. Modular Beds usually range anywhere, starting from Rs 1500 per square foot. Material rates usually include commercial ply, laminate, and other fittings. Work conditions and location always play a significant role in deciding the cost of modular furniture. 


The Versatility of Modular Furniture

There are no two ways about the fact that modular furniture is versatile. If you wish to get modular furniture for your office or home space, understanding the versatility of the area is significant. So let us discuss the versatility of modular furniture.


Easy movement

Shifting your modular furniture equipment and unit within your premises is a pretty convenient process. Since modular furniture is easy to disassemble and assemble, and it is equally easy to move and transport, it is a pretty convenient option that provides excellent versatility.


Avoid mismatches

With modular furniture, whenever you wish to expand your work area, you can always get more items and units of the already existing ones in your facilities instead of acquiring the furniture that may be a mismatch. All you need to do is inform your supplier, get these new units installed, and pay them.


Enough choices and options

Opting for modular furniture allows you a lot of room for choice. You can have various features, furniture types, and material types to be combined into the furniture that is being designed. The number of modules, units, etc., can also be adjusted accordingly. You can even choose what color and design, or pattern, you want. The fact that you will have more than one choice leaves you open to customizing your favorite corners just the way you love!



Manufacturing modular furniture is quicker than the traditional counterparts. Assembling and disassembling modular furniture is also fast and convenient. Movement, transportation, installation, etc., are all equally quick and easy. Naturally, modular furniture is versatile as far as your budget is concerned. It is highly cost-effective and helps to act as one of the best solutions as your furniture requirements are concerned.


Convenient and quick

Modular furniture can be assembled and disassembled quite quickly and easily. Not only can you install your new modular furniture easily, but you can also even disassemble them and reassemble them as and when required. Even replacing various modular furniture parts can be done conveniently and quickly.


Complement the theme and décor

You can choose your modular furniture to complement your home’s theme, design, and décor. You can always avoid choosing any furniture that will spoil the look of your space. Rather, modular furniture enhances the aesthetics of your interiors, giving them the perfect celebrity room feels!


Customized functionality

It is easy to customize modular furniture to align with your desired aesthetics and technological and functional requisites. For example, you may want the wires and cables not to show up on your desk. Modular furniture allows to not only take care of this, but it also ensures that these wires and cables are also optimally managed. You can also choose what material you wish to have your modular furniture made out of.


Modular Furniture Services By Floma

Modular Furniture Services By Floma

If you are looking for budget-friendly modular furniture in Pune, Floma is the best place to shop. We have a team of excellent interior designers who are experienced enough to give you 2000 plus design ideas for your home. We partner with several modular furniture makers and provide you with an excellent value for money experience. We also offer a warranty on our products so that you can rest assured and excellent after-sales support. We are always there for all your interior design needs.

We use furniture and fittings that are aesthetically pleasing and focus on the overall functionality of the interior design project. This helps our customers live as they want and make the best of their residential or commercial spaces. Optimizing every area of your space is what we target. 

We believe in 100% customer satisfaction. To achieve that, we always have customers approve everything we do and advise them about the best possible alternatives for their preferences. This is what distinguishes our service, and we also have 3D modeling services to give our customers a real-time simulation of their future space after completion. 

We also offer flexible payments for customers by providing easy monthly installments where customers can pay in parts according to the project’s timeline. Packages are always inclusive of service charges. Modular furniture is preferred by almost everyone now, particularly because they are easy to assemble, and also, it can completely alter the looks of a room. 


Choosing modular furniture can be confusing as so many manufacturers and designers offer the same. Still, to choose the best furniture according to your budget, you will have to invest time and money to find the best fit for your project. This is why it is always advisable to check out several brands and designers and give them a rough idea of what you are looking for and the kind of appearance that you want to go for. They can then advise you of the best packages!

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