Make The Most Of Your Hall: Here’s How

Whether it’s large or small, it’s easy for your hall to get a little neglected. After all, it’s not considered a real ‘room’ within the home, it’s more of a practical passageway to get to your more lived-in living spaces. But aside from adding a door mat and a coat stand, what else can you really do with your hall? Don’t let the space go to waste – follow these tips and ideas instead!

Keep colours light and bright.

It’s a classic tip for a reason – it works! By choosing light colours such as white, cream or pastel tones, you’ll be keeping your space bright and appearing spacious – no matter how small it actually is.

Consider a built in bookshelf, cabinet or shelving unit.

If you happen to have the space along a wall of your hallway – or even against the side of your stairs – you may wish to introduce a shelving or storage unit. This provides your home with a go-to storage solution that can prevent clutter from building up around the rest of the home. The hall can also be a great spot for a bookshelf, or even a place for the whole family to keep their shoes to put on at the door! The choice is yours.

Fit stairs that make a statement.

Who says your stairs can’t stand out? Whether you choose a fun, colourful carpet or some unique wooden or metallic bannisters, there are a whole variety of ways to make a statement between the levels of your home.

Place a large, decorative mirror on the wall.

In addition to being able to quickly look in the mirror before leaving the house, a mirror will also make a small hall look larger! As the hallway is reflected, it will give the illusion of double the space.

Create illusions with darker hues.

If you’re looking for an alternative to a light décor, consider the opposite to switch things up. When you’re using darker tones in your hall, they can often create a welcoming atmosphere due to their cosiness – especially when well lit with lamps and warm bulbs. Another plus when you’re considering a darker hall is that the rooms that lead on from it will always appear lighter and larger after passing through a darker space.

Bring a little of the outside inside!

Decorating a hall that perfectly transitions from outside to inside is a great idea for nature lovers or anyone with an appreciation of the outdoors.  Chose nature based colours like green, brown, beige and white, or go bold with a wallpaper that features birds, flowers, trees or whichever aspect of nature you like the most.

Whether you take one of these approaches or try a new idea all of your own, you’ll still be adding something special to your hall that helps you make the most of it.

What are your top tips for hallways? Do you prefer the idea of simple and practical or a fun entryway to the rest of the home? Share your ideas in the comments!

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