How to Make a Gallery Wall in Your Flat?

How to Make a Gallery Wall in Your Flat?

Do you wish to introduce an art display into your space? It does not have to be stress-inducing. You can effectively use artwork to include abundant life in any room with the help of a few simple steps!

Gallery walls featuring bespoke paintings and artwork are among the easiest ways to bring into effect a dash of personality to your home. Gallery walls have become increasingly popular in the modern era as they are cheery and eye-catching at the same time. With some planning, you can design the perfect gallery wall in your living room or any other corner of your apartment.

Adding a Gallery Wall to Boost Interior Décor

A gallery wall is regarded as a curated display of posters, prints, or photographs arranged creatively on a wall with the help of photo frames.

Gallery walls or photograph walls have become quite famous over the last few years. The artwork helps in providing a simpler way to update the interiors while transforming bland walls and creating a focal point in your apartment. It also helps in bringing some personality and character to the living space.

Rather than adding using wallpaper or paint for your feature wall, you can achieve great artwork with a beautiful gallery wall. The best part is that it can be placed anywhere in your flat. Some of the popular areas are the living room, the hallway, or up the staircase.

If creating a designer gallery wall within your apartment is a job you have been putting off for quite a while, now is your opportunity to get it done. Creating a dedicated art wall or gallery wall is not a complicated process. It is only about bringing together your favorite pieces to showcase your personality. You can experiment with attractive types and styles of wall art -whether it is a combination of bold colors or prints, quirky patterns, your favorite family photographs, or typography images.

Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall to Accentuate Any Space

When it comes to designing your apartment beautifully with an attractive gallery wall, you are provided with two standard options:

  • You can think of creating a gallery wall with the help of your own photographs along with art while purchasing suitably-sized photograph frames to hang on the wall.
  • You can think of buying a curated set of beautifully-framed designer wall art prints (usually available in the form of landscape or botanical prints) that can be simply hung on the wall.

Wish to display the most treasured pieces of favorite prints, art, or unforgettable family moments – from weddings to birthdays to new arrivals? Get yourself a gallery wall or an art wall to add a great deal of life and vibe to your apartment.

Before jumping into the essential aspects of creating an attractive gallery wall, let us help you understand the know-how of the procedure in detail. You should prepare the desired section of your house before installing the desired gallery art or photographs.

  • Measure the total amount of space that you wish to fill in with the gallery wall
  • Tape off a separate box of the given size on your floor
  • Lay out all the art pieces within the given area. Then, you can go ahead with playing around with all the pieces in creative ways. The best part is that, in this case, there is no fear of damaging your wall, and you can ensure that all your artwork appears great upon completion.

As per the expert recommendation, you should try to keep the overall space between each art piece at least 3 inches apart. In this way, the pieces will not appear crowded.

Ways to Design Your Gallery Wall Beautifully

1. Select the Desired Wall

Firstly, you should choose the desired wall to design the bespoke gallery wall in your apartment. You can choose a wall that you will have no other ideas with. Your personalized gallery wall can also be positioned right above any piece of furniture to accentuate the existing space. Alternatively, you can also go ahead with creating a smaller gallery space as a way to enhance an otherwise oddly-designed wall space.

The wall you choose will also help in dictating the direction of the designer gallery wall. When you are in doubt, you can opt for going minimal. The less you will put on the gallery wall, the more you can get it right.

2. Decide on a Particular Theme

Before you settle down on the final strategy for your gallery wall, you can ask a few questions that are relevant to the project. What do you want out of the gallery wall? Are you in search of a pleasing wall to complement the existing décor of your apartment? Do you want the gallery wall to highlight any aspect of your preference or interest?

Unless you want to go for something eclectic, you should ensure that you select something that coordinates well with any room. For instance, when you make use of colorful art, ensure that the design will work effectively with the colors of other walls and existing décor in the given space. Definitely, you are not required to stick with the concept of ‘flat’ images on the gallery wall. You can think of using much more than framed art. Plan to include flat baskets, shelves, mirrors, lights, and so more.

3. Select the Images

The fun part begins here! If you wish to design a gallery wall featuring a fun-filled collage of family photographs, you can think of ordering photo prints online. On the other hand, if you wish to have a gallery wall with framed artwork, you can opt for picking up designer or simple artwork as per your preference or design theme.

While selecting the images or artwork for your gallery wall, you should keep the size of the wall in mind. You can also go for a combination of small and large art pieces. However, ensure that you dedicate space for the bigger images before you purchase them. If you are opting for a combination of sizes, it is recommended to have a majority of pieces to be close in size to each other.

4. Select the Right Frames

When you are looking for the right frames, decide how you wish them to work with the images. You can think of either getting a collection of the same color to create a highly unified look, or you can consider mixing and matching them for a diverse appearance.

5. Lay Out the Frames and Start Hanging

There are several ways you can try to hang the gallery wall. Lay out everything on the surface in a single way while snapping a photo. Mix up all the frames and keep snapping other photographs. Look at all the photographs on your phone. Make a decision on the best one and start hanging them one by one.

You can consider keeping the bigger pieces as ‘anchor’ items towards the middle of the wall while balancing out the same with medium and smaller pieces towards the edges. However, there is no right or wrong way to arrange the frames. Some homeowners even think of keeping them in a uniform size or pattern. It is indeed an easier layout to choose.

When you are hanging the walls, make use of hammer and nails. You can also make use of additional tools to make the overall area highly professional and polished.

6. Fill Significant Gaps

If you feel that a wall appears quite sparse, you can leverage the benefit of online resources to print beautiful pieces at home. Alternatively, you can also go through your cabinets or drawers to source photographs, postcards, playbills, and other attractive pieces deserving some extra attention. Pop them in a proper frame.

7. Switch Things As Needed

Indeed, your taste in artwork and decorating style might change over time. You should know that gallery walls in your apartment are super simple to upgrade – as per your preference or requirement. You can consider simply popping out a piece of art that no longer appears attractive as per your viewpoint while replacing the same with a new piece of artwork.

Creating a Designer Gallery Wall with Something Personal

Art can be expensive. Therefore, digital prints are completely fair game as they deliver an affordable and efficient way to infuse a sense of art while supporting independent artists at the same time. However, only including digitally-printed art on the wall can make it appear over-dramatic. Therefore, you can consider including some personal touches as well.

An old photograph of you or a special drawing from an old friend and so more -a polaroid printer can be a great way to ensure a personal photograph off your phone and onto the gallery wall in a designer fashion.

A gallery wall is a great way to spruce up your living space in an effortless manner. Just by choosing the right artwork, photographs, and frames, you can design an attractive gallery wall in no time. Have fun!

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