10 Easy Tips to Maintain Your Light Color Sofa

11 Easy Tips to Maintain Your Light Color Sofa

A sofa in a light color is a lovely complement to the design of any room. It’s also a fantastic choice if you want to add serene neutral tones to lighten your room. However, purchasing light-colored furniture might be intimidating if you don’t know how to care for it properly.

Even though certain sofa sets may have their own cleaning guidelines, being proactive is always a good idea. You’ve come to the right site if you’re wondering how to care for light-colored sofas.

As you will see, maintaining a light-colored sofa is not as difficult as many people would have you believe. Instead, your light-colored sofa can last you a long time and serve you well with a bit of restraint and mindfulness. With that said, Floma Homes has brought you the top ten tips to keep your light-colored sofa in perfect condition for a longer time.

1. Beware of stains

Prevention is always preferable to treatment. When it comes to your light-colored sofa, this is especially true. Try to avoid eating or drinking close to the couch to save money on an expensive professional cleaning price. Avoiding anything that can stain light-colored sofas is the greatest maintenance strategy. This includes beverages and cosmetics like nail polish that contain artificial coloring. Use your vanity to do makeup instead, and save the couch for relaxing!

2. Maintaining the sofa with baking soda

Do you have pets or reside in an area where the air is frequently humid? The odor might cling to your light-colored sofas far more quickly. Fortunately, there is a simple method for maintaining light-colored sofas even under these circumstances.

To remove any lingering odor, sprinkle some baking soda on your couch. Then, softly vacuum the couch to remove any accumulated loose powder. To remove any stains it might have, you can even use a solution of baking soda and water.

Try the wet method only if your sofa’s cleaning instructions permit it. Before attempting these cleaning techniques, be sure to perform a tiny patch test.

3. Using a slipcover

The easiest approach to guard the original fabric beneath your living room sofa from spills and stains is to use slipcovers. You can choose from various textures and fabrics that might suit your sofa without changing it’s look. Many of these slipcovers are also washable and can be reused easily.

4. Changing your sitting positions often

Don’t sit in the same spot all the time. Maintain movement to prevent your favorite place from sagging and drawing more dirt than others. Since light-colored couches show wrinkles and indents more than dark or boldly patterned sofas, fluff the cushions frequently. This is an easy yet efficient method for keeping your light-colored sofas clean at home. This technique will not only help you in keeping the look of your sofa fresh but also increases the life cycle of the sofa.

5. Cleaning regularly with a vacuum cleaner

Do you often find yourself wondering how to clean a fabric couch? If so, vacuuming should be your first line of defense. Vacuum frequently to keep dust and filth from collecting on your couches and other furnishings. If you don’t have a vacuum, you can choose to dry-brush your sofa set. Additionally, by doing this, you can stop allergens from adhering to the surface of your furniture.

6. Placing it away from direct sunlight

Many of us look forward to having large windows with natural light streaming in when we plan for a new flat. But figuring out how to clean a cream-colored couch in a space with large windows can sometimes be a hassle. Keeping it out of direct sunlight is the best option to stop fading. Your sofa may become duller the longer one side is exposed to the sun. Move your sofa around so that the sun is not always shining in one place. This will prevent one section from fading more quickly than the others.

7. Hot water trick

Most of the time, if action is taken right once, stains can be removed using hot water and a little liquid soap. The trick is to choose a white or neutral cloth to avoid having to deal with color leakage from the duster itself. A vinegar and baking soda combination can be used to remove more difficult stains.

These are some basic tips that you can follow. Although do check with the manual of your sofa. Certain fabrics or materials might not be suitable with the hot water trick.

8. Party proofing during get-togethers

The most difficult situation is maintaining the original color and condition while you are hosting a party or a get-together. As a host, all you can do is ask your guests to be careful and hope that nothing is spilled or damages your couch. Think about whether temporarily moving your light-colored sofa into a different room is possible if you are hosting a party with stains-causing beverages and food. Considering purchasing some coverings is also a good idea because this approach could not always work.

9. Using suitable sofa wax

Certain fabrics used for couches also have specific sofa wax to not only clean it but also to help maintain the shine and quality of the sofa in the long run. You can check up with the company you bought your couch from and ask them which would be the most suitable wax or cleaner that is suitable for your sofa. Also, make sure to ask them how to use the product and after how many intervals should you use it in order to not overuse or underuse the product.

10. Hiring a professional team once in a while

You can maintain your sofa by hiring a professional cleaning team once in a while, as they are skilled with the right cleaning agents and supplies. This might charge you more than your planned budget, but having it done once in a while by professionals surely will be worth the spend.

If these tips seem overwhelming right now, trust us when we say that you will become used to being slightly mindful around your favorite light-colored sofa, and it will feel normal. If you have any other tips up your sleeves that you feel should be on this list, make sure to mention them in the comments section below. We would love to hear from our dear readers!

If  you are looking for a professional team to help you through this, our dynamic interior design team is here to help you by connecting you to the right people at the right time for the right cost. Schedule a call with us today and keep your home all spick and span!

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