Interviewing An Instinctive And Passionate Interior Designer, Sayali Belsare From Pune

This Floma Story introduces you to a super-talented, passionate and an instinctive interior designer, Sayali Belsare from Pune.


The interior design industry is an industry which demands constant creativity, innovation, hard work and relentless endurance. Designers who work in this field are not just creative with their ideas but are similarly skilled with technical knowledge and details. With one foot in the office and the other one on the site, these brilliant designers bring people’s dreams into reality.

While working on multiple fronts, interior designers need to synchronise and create a beautiful and functional design out of empty space. Be it a residential apartment, a lavish bungalow, or a commercial space; the interior designer needs to bring out the best from every space.

At Floma, we intend to bring the stories of such gifted professionals in front of you who have explored the field of interior design and made a difference through their creativity and innovation.

So here is a story of one such passionate interior designer; Sayali Belsare, who has founded Orchid Interiors and has vowed to spread her wings in the field of interior design and decoration.

About Sayali Belsare

Sayali is a young, enthusiastic and an instinctive interior designer who had her goals very clear at an early age. Right when she was studying in standard 8, she had made up her mind to make a career in art and design. As a young girl then, she was fond of rearranging and decorating the furniture and artefacts in her own home and later, this hobby became her full-time vocation. Adding to this, she said, “I think I am a born designer! Having a strong sense of design, and visualising, I can promptly come up with a two to three designs for a specific space.”

After choosing Interior design as a career, Sayali attended a course in the Academy of Applied Arts (Dadar, Mumbai). After passing out, she worked with a couple of studios as an assistant. Studio 5 is one such famous Mumbai-based studio which gave Sayali an opportunity to work extensively, travel to different parts of India and get hands-on experience of the work in an office as well as on the field.

During these days, she got to work on huge projects and clients. Sayali has worked for designing projects for Pune Circuit House, Lokmangal Office, etc. Moreover, she was also involved in designing the residence of famous singer and music directors Ajay-Atul. After that, on the basis of such a rich experience, she decided to kickstart her venture; Olive Interiors.

What are Sayali’s Unique Qualities as an Interior Designer?

During her journey, she maintained some unique qualities as a designer which helped her get ahead successfully. According to Sayali, “I always knew that am very good at planning, managing, and arranging. Also, I can quickly understand the needs of clients and reflect them in my designs. In short, the client’s needs, wishes and their nature are the cornerstones of my designs. My designs give them exactly what they want and need. This approach helps me a lot while designing and working in this field.”

Moreover, Sayali does not believe in asserting her style and choice on the clients. She thinks that space should look the way the owners want it to be. This is her unique quality through which, the owners get satisfying results through her designs, every single time.

Also, she approaches her clients in a very informal and friendly manner to make them accustomed. She shares her previous work images from Floma and also, new concepts and ideas and tries to involve the client’s ideas as much as possible.

Take a Glimpse at Sayali’s Work!

To give you a clearer idea of Sayali’s work, we have displayed a few pictures from some of her best projects here. In this resort designed by Sayali, she has added some vibrant and rustic elements to bring out the beauty of the space. The resort is located in Devrukh, Maharashtra, and sees tourists from different places coming for a stay there. This is why this resort needed to be designed with precision.

While sharing her experiences about this resort, Sayali shared, “In this resort design, I had to take care of many things. I have designed it in such a way that it appears to be vibrant, bright, interesting and at the same time, it has a lot of rustic elements which reflect the local culture and ethnicity of the region.” Moreover, she added, “For this, I had to think very instinctively, promptly and creatively. I envisioned the entire space and blended my aesthetic sense with practical technicalities to come up with this amazing design.“

As a result of her tireless efforts, the resort has become an attractive spot for the visitors. Especially the rustic wooden house, off-beat restaurant and the lovely garden area steal all the attention.

What are Sayali’s Favourite Styles in Interior Design?

While excitedly sharing about her favourite styles in interior design; Sayali said, “Mediterranean style happens to be my most favourite style, and I enjoy working with that style the most. However, I am very flexible in my work and can efficiently handle a variety of styles for coming up with a good design. “

Also, she loves to beautify any space with a variety of distinct artefacts and beautiful objects. She believes that using those little decorative pieces accent the beauty of every design.

What has Sayali Planned for the Future?

Sayali still has a long way to go with a bunch of huge plans to come. She looks forward to work with huge projects which would give her more space for using her creativity and design a few masterpieces. She also wishes to do more theme-based work and make an imprint in this industry. The second more extensive plan which she has planned for the future is; opening a grand home decor store which will be a one-stroke solution for all the beautification needs. Unlike some stores which have limited variety and unreasonable costs for products, that store will have a vast range of products and affordable prices.

We are proud to have such a talented, high-spirited and creative designer as a part of the Floma Community, and wish to cherish this bond for long!

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