Interviewing A Composed Architect And Interior Designer, Rakesh Pate From Pune

This Floma Story gets you face to face with a composed architected and interior designer, Rakesh Pate from Pune.


Architecture and interior design are getting a new face in this era of modernisation. Property owners are getting more and more enthusiastic about experimenting with various styles, trends and designing their spaces keenly. The professionals working in this industry are thus getting newer and better opportunities for work and enhancement.

At Floma, we highly appreciate such creative, and talented professionals who are coming up with fabulous ideas and innovations to make a difference to this field.

Here is a story of one such talented architect and interior designer who has established his firm in Pune, Maharashtra and is working hard to make it a huge success. This is a journey of Rakesh Pate, founder of RPTecture Architects and a person with a composed and creative mind.

About Rakesh Pate

Rakesh, whose family was indulged in a construction business; was always fond of arts and designing. He was not interested in limiting his creativity to the paper and wanted to expand it to the practical realm.

While sharing his views about this with Floma, he said, “I have always had a keen inclination towards designing and creating different things. And not just that; I wanted to get my creativity to the realms of reality without keeping it restricted on paper. This is why I opted for a vocation in architecture and interior design; as these are the fields which give me scope to execute my creativity and excellence.“

Further adding to his choice of picking freelance, he shared, “Initially I worked with experienced professionals after studying at Allana College Of Architecture. However, after that, I felt the need for more creative freedom and scope of innovation; which is why I decided to kickstart my venture- RPTecture Architects.”

After starting his venture as an independent architect and designer, Rakesh had to deal with multiple challenges and still keep delivering the best he could. Sometimes, he also landed up in challenging and ambiguous situations. However; he found out his way through by being composed and maintaining his uniqueness as a designer.

What is Rakesh’s Uniqueness as an Architect and Interior Designer?

While being asked about his exclusivity as a designer, he stated, “I consider myself to be an out-of-the-box designer. I can go out of the conventional frame and come up with unique designs which suit the nature, needs and wishes of the clients. I also believe in making use of some reusable elements in my designs and also bring the beauty of nature to them.”

He also added, “I try to synchronise nature in the aesthetics of my designs. Be it in the light-system or anything else; I bring in the beauty of nature as much as possible.”

Take a Glimpse at Rakesh’s Work

To get a clearer idea of Rakesh’s work, we have displayed here a few pictures from his projects. In this home design, Rakesh has maintained a minimalistic, calm and subtle look. He has used the phenomenal combination of cream, brown and paired it up with the daylight and warm white lights. Also, to make more magic with the lights, he has added LED strips, and profile lights for highlighting.

While sharing insights about this project, he added, “The client for whom I had designed this space is a very calm and subtle personality, so my design has reflected the same nature. I have used unique elements like bamboo shoots to make a semi-open partition between the personal and common lobby. Also, I have used flowy curtains, huge and personalised wardrobes to suit the needs of everyone in the family.”

Which Styles are Rakesh’s Personal Favourites?

Furthermore, Rakesh also shared some of his favourite styles in interior designHe is quite fond of contemporary, minimalistic, and decent styles in design. This choice also reflects in most of his works. He also follows a precise method of presenting his work to the clients. He uses his previous project portfolio on Floma, his website, his 3D image presentations to give them a holistic idea of how their space will look after being worked on.

What has Rakesh Planned for the Future?

In the future, Rakesh is looking forward to expanding his firm RPTecture and work on one of a kind projects. He wishes to try and innovate new designs which will be milestones in interior designing and architecture and would set the trend. As a part of his innovation, he also dreams to popularise ‘Green Architecture’ and create more spaces with the cohesion of nature and aesthetics.

In his words, “I want to build spaces which would bring people close to nature and close to one anotherMay it is public spaces or residential spaces, my designs will encourage cohesiveness and bring people together rather than drifting apart.”

This will undoubtedly prove to be Rakesh’s signature style and a benchmark of innovation in the interior design industry.

At Floma, we are extremely proud of having a talented mind like Rakesh Pate as a part of the Floma community, and highly appreciate his innovation and creativity. We wish him all the best for his future endavours and as always, aim to be his trusted partner in marketing!

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