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Let our designers call you and discuss ideas for your project.
Our team will first call you or chat with you to understand your requirements.
We’ll then either invite you to visit our interior studio or we can visit your site as well.
Finally, we’ll share an estimate for your project and once you approve it, start the execution!
Chinmay Koli
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Floma has very professional and experienced work team from designing to planning to execution, every thing is perfectly planned and done with perfection.With their wide broad variety and details all your interior needs with your home are well satisfied
Sheetal Pimparkar
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Truly amazing experience... Please visit atleast once before you would go to other options...
Akshata Dahanukar
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Consulted Floma Homes for 2BHK for home interiors. Extremely happy with the finished work. The project was completed on time and was well within the budget.

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Get an Interior Design Quote with These Benefits

All the materials and products we use are branded and high quality.

All our Professional workers are background checked & verified.

We guarantee a possession date for all projects.

We do not have any hidden charges.

All our work comes with minimum 5 years of conditional warranty.

We can handle almost any interior design project!

Payments Made Easy - EMI Avaliable

Pay 10% of your estimated bill at the start of the project

Pay 40% before the furniture installation starts

Pay 75% of your estimated bill before the final finishing work

Pay remaining bill before the final delivery of your project

Floma's Interior Design Quote Benefits

Trusted Professionals

Every professional you’ll work with has
been verified by Floma. Expect only
the best interior design service this
industry has to offer!

Verified Experts

No amateur carpenters here. Only professional interior designers and
workers with years of experience.

Affordable & Fast

Be assured that you’ll get the best price for the quality we provide. Plus, all interior design projects will be completed within the timeframe.

Our Interior Design Quote Includes




Kitchen Platform

False ceiling

Modular Kitchen

Electrical wiring






Online Interior Design Cost Packages

2 BHK Interiors

Starting ₹7.5 Lacs*

Second Bedroom
Queen Size Bed
Computer tables
False Ceiling
Other Feature
Luster Paint
Terrace Table Set
Safety Door
Decorative & Panel Light
Add-ons Available
Extra Coffee Table
Home Temple
Pest Control
Cushions & More!
Second Bedroom
Queen Size Bed
Computer tables
False Ceiling
Other Feature
Luster Paint
Terrace Table Set
Safety Door
Decorative & Panel Light
Add-ons Available
Extra Coffee Table
Home Temple
Pest Control
Cushions & More!
Third Bedroom
single Bed
False Ceiling
Dressing Table

3 BHK Interiors

Starting ₹12 Lacs*

Past Interior Design Projects

Interior Design Quote FAQ

You need not pay anything extra other than your final estimated bill, which includes the cost for consultations, site visit.
Absolutely. Our service is totally hands-off service and you won’t have to worry about anything. All costs and work associated with the features of your package are already covered in your price.


We can also work with that, but that’ll require a custom quote. Please call our team to discuss your project.
Yes, we can. But please inform our team about the same during the initial consultation. We may be able to reduce your package cost if you have existing furniture that can be used.
Yes. You’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager who will oversee the complete project. He/she will be your point of contact throughout the project duration and will make sure that everything goes fine.


The final 3D design of your interior will be prepared as per your inputs and requirements only. Generally, no changes will be accepted after the 3D is finalised, but you can always check with your project manager if changes can be made.


You can make payments via credit or debit cards, bank transfer or cheques. Sorry, but no cash payments can be accepted.


Yes, you can. Please talk to your project manager about the available options.


Due to the ‘custom’ nature of the service, no returns or refunds can be accepted for your paid amount. If you choose to leave the project in between, the bill for the work completed till the date of cancellation must be paid.


If it’s something about the quality or transit damage, be assured that the concerned products will be replaced.

Yes, all the furniture products from Floma have a 3 year warranty from the date of installation.

How Much Will Interior Design Cost You?

Many people generally find themselves troubled with this question. They are not carefully able to understand how much interior design will cost them. And if you take a look at the market, you will find different interior design companies charging differently. It fully depends on the quality of the services provided, as well as the reputation of the company. Interior designers can charge for the entire project or maybe charge on an hourly basis. It all depends on theterms of the interior designing companies. Some consider the project size. While some consider the entire project cost and cut some amount of percentage for their fees, and that’s why you should be informed about what to expect. You will think that you can easily figure out the interior design cost. However, if you check it behind the scenes, the price of the design depends on many factors. You can take a look at the interior design cost guide here, which will help you understand the price that you are going to invest for interior design.

We work with the best

Average Interior Design Cost

On an average basis, you can expect an interior designer to charge you between Rs. 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs for 1 BHK interior design. This price is considering a top class work. Online interior design services like Floma can you ultimately save you money and provide a lower interior design cost. If you decide to choose a Floma interior designer for yourproject, then it can be quite easy as well as accessible to you. Interior design is much more than choosing the right colousr for your wall. It encompasses many more elements. Normally, the role of interior designers is:

  • Design 3D computer renderings of your home in order to allow you to visualise better
  • Prepare a plan for the implementation of the interior design project
  • Find, purchase as well as arrange the product instalment from different stores, like furniture, tiles, etc.
  • Manage electricians, contractors as well as painters

You will be able to witness a lot of benefits when it comes to hiring an interior designer from Floma.

Some Basic Questions Regarding Your Interior Design Cost

What’s The Scope Of Your Project?

Do you want to totally turn your normal home into your dream home where everything has been designed according to your personal choices? Or do you simply want to change the furniture? You need to be clear on everything. Your interior design cost will depend on the scope of the project as per your requirements.

What’s The Sq. Ft. Area Of Your Property?

The area matters a lot. If you take into consideration the price depending on the square foot of the place, then you will be able to understand what to expect. Depending on the size of your property, Floma’s interior designers will give you the interior design cost as per your requirements.

What’s Your Budget For It?

The success of your interior design project depends on your budget. Budget can make or break the entire project. You need to come up with a list of requirements for your interior design. This will help you understand what budget you need to have for this task.

What’s Your Preferred Interior Design Cost Method?

Flat Package Cost:

It all depends on your project size and your requirements. This method involves Floma’s interior designers quoting the final fee for the entire project upfront. It will clearly list all the features that will be involved in the fee. Plus, you will also be subject to know how many revisions are available, and when will the project work be completed. It’s more of an easier method for all the stakeholders involved in the project. This helps you understand how much you need to pay and when.

Per Square Foot Cost:

Under this method, the project cost can be estimated on the basis on the square feet area of the house. Some interior designers charge about Rs. 400 for per square foot. So, on an average, a 1,000 square feet exterior space will cost Rs. 4,00,000.

Percentage Based Cost:

A few interior designing firms prefer the comission based cost. In this method, they will tell you the overall budget of the project as per your requirements and a percentage they will charge on the project cost as their fee. For example, for a project costing Rs. 4,00,000, they may charge 20% i.e. Rs. 80,000.

Plan Your Interior Design Project Ahead

What Are Your Interior Design Needs?

First of all, you should make a list of the items you already have that you want to be involved in the new design. This will help you as well as your interior designer perfectly understand what to include. This will help you keep your budget under the limit. And if you have a low budget, Floma even has some budget interior designers for your needs as well!

What’s Your Style?

You may find both rustic and modern rooms attractive. That’s common. However, you should carefully understand yourself what kind of style you want for your home. You can check out Floma’s thousands of interior design ideas and make a list of the different styles you like. This will help you to choose a perfect interior design for your needs.

Pick The Right Designer
Research! That will help you a lot to choose the perfect interior design suitable for your requirements. You should consider the following factors:
  • Years Of Experience
  • Certifications and training
  • Portfolio
  • Customer Reviews
This will help you choose the right interior designer for your project. Or you can simply leave everything to us! Floma’s interior designers understand what you exactly want and that’s why we work on providing you with the best. All our interior designers are fully verified on the basis of their design skills as well as their years of experience.

So go on, submit your requirements on Floma to get your interior design cost right away!

Online Interior Design Quote In India

Interior designers are professionals who design your home for you, with you. They are specialized professionals trained to design an entire space according to the themes and patterns requested by the customer. This not only includes color but also accessories along with lighting and furniture placement. The overall purpose of interior design is to create a perfect atmosphere and an ambiance inside your house. Ensure that you go through India’s online interior design quote to know exactly how much you will be paying.

What to expect when hiring an interior designer?

Since interior designers cater to a specific niche and industries are extremely skill-based, interior designers usually have an hourly rate chart. This varies from designer to designer depending on the varied expertise, skills, and track record that they bring to the table. Some designers only plan out the space for you, but others take the hassle of building the entire ambiance and help you with several accessories and other equipment that makes your home or space complete.

It is essential to understand that interior designers are very different. To understand the pricing, it is best to connect with the designing company to understand their rates as they vary vastly. This is why it is essential to evaluate interior designers worth the money.

You need to remember that they are trained to provide an end-to-end experience, and since it is your home, they will spend specialized hours along with you to design the perfect house for you. This specialized service comes at a cost, and that is why interior designers can quote anywhere starting from Rs 5,000 and go up depending on the size of the firm per consultation session. This involves discussions and 3D modeling, and access to several designs, textures, and materials to give you a comprehensive and holistic idea of what to expect.

Why Interior Designers Come At A Specific Cost!

When thinking of an interior designer, you need to understand the skills and expertise they bring to the table. Here are some of the responsibilities and roles that most interior designers cater to give the perfect customer experience.

Outlining Design Objectives

To design objectives, one needs to understand and know what the customer is looking for. Since this is such a personalized effort, it involves a lot of consultation and discussions, and brainstorming sessions to conclude. This is why interior designers need to quote the price they deserve for their expertise. When starting a project, it is essential to define an outline to deliver work within a given time. This is also a massive sign of credibility and professionalism.

Conceptualize and Sketch Out Plans of Design

Conceptualizing and sketching design plans is a challenging job. It requires a lot of technical skills to build a 3D model. Most interior designers invest a lot of money in getting the courses from which they learn their skills. This is why professional interior design comes at a cost. To conceptualize and sketch out designs, an interior designer has to spend hours on the computer to help bring out the perfect model for their customers. This is a very time-consuming job and highly tedious, and not everyone can pull off such strenuous hours coupled with efficiency.

Determine The Timeline Of A Project

Several aspects come into play in determining the project’s timeline, such as cost factors and several other requirements that can affect the overall timeline of a project. This also includes the availability of raw materials and sourcing from several suppliers from all over the country and maybe the world to give the best experience and customize it truly. In almost every phase of the interior design project, the designer has to think of several budgets and prepare the best possible cost structure to reduce the costs of the customer and give a reasonable estimate. This involves a lot of research and brainstorming, and again this justifies the price at which interior designers come.

Sampling Designs and Approval

Every interior designing professional or company specializing in their work follows a motto of involving the customer at almost every step. This is why every design needs to be sampled and approved by the customer to proceed, and this also requires changes and alterations at almost every point in time to solve these problems in real-time. There’s a lot of work that goes behind the scenes. This involves the cost of labor and electricity costs and several other technical costs to bring out that kind of professionalism.

Computer Applications and Software

More often than not, a professional interior design company will use computer applications and software to model out the structure and plan of the interior design project. They need to invest in several software that comes at enormous costs to do this. This is one of the very reasons that interior designing is an expensive profession, and to hire an interior designer who is professional enough to invest in these technicalities, one needs to pay the price. In context with the outcome, it is highly justified.

Determining Client Goals

Client goals and satisfaction are at the heart of every interior design company and professional. To do this, it is essential to first determine client goals, also cater to them at specific timelines, and involve the customer’s insights. This is why an interior designer has to spend hours customizing the project according to the customer’s needs. Every customer is different and comes on board with several perspectives that are very different from one another.

Inspecting and Validating Designs

Every ethical professional in the world always follows several parameters to satisfy quality checks to build credibility and give the perfect experience to their customers. This is a great way to build trust and truly build sustainability in any given industry. To do this, interior designs have to invest in several licensing procedures and warranty certificates by tie-up with certain manufacturers and providers to bring that sort of credibility with every project.

With so many parameters that an interior designer has to follow, the costs at build-up are genuinely justified. A good interior designer is always a good listener and invests a lot of time to build the project and an experience for the customer that is sure to stay for as long as possible.

Benefits of An Interior Design Quote

Getting an online interior design quote in India will help you gain certain benefits. Here they are-

  • Guarantee of quality and branded products.
  • · No hidden charges as a timeline and schedule of payment are provided according to the rates.
  • Professional designers are background checked, and credentials are verified. They are always well-equipped and well-read to tailor the services.
  • Delivery of project by a specific date and timeline.
  • Conditional Warranty on equipment and furniture that is supplied.
  • Professional Expertise and Customization Opportunities.

Interior Design Quote At Floma

At Floma, we have easy repayment schedules in the form of EMIs, and it is broken up as follows:

  1. The first payment to be made is only 10 percent on the bill at the start of the project. This helps us start working on the project and bear the initial costs that need to be taken care of.
  2. Before the furniture installation is started, one needs to pay 40 percent of the total bill value.
  3. After that, when the final finishing work is in progress, customers need to pay a full 75 percent of the estimated bill.
  4. Before the final delivery of the project, customers need to clear the remaining bill and close the project.

Benefits Of Interior Design Quotes At Floma

  1. We are a team of trusted verified professionals and industry experts who are the best.
  2. Verified experts are always there to assist and guide customers throughout the project.
  3. Affordable and fast services are guaranteed, along with fantastic quality.

Our design quote includes everything starting from flooring, plumbing, framing, kitchen platforms, false ceiling, modular kitchen design services, electrical wiring, fabrication, painting, furniture, and wallpapers.

Online Design Packages Cost at Floma

  1. 2 BHK Interior Design – This package starts from Rs. 7.5 lacs and includes designing modular kitchen, bedrooms, living room, other features, and add ons.
  2. 3 BHK Interior Design – Since this includes design for three bedrooms and all other spaces, it starts at a price upwards of Rs. 12 Lacs.

At Floma, we include our consultations in the design packages. So, after the project is done, you don’t need to pay anything extra other than the generated bill at the point of completion.


At Floma, we try to bring the best service at an affordable cost, and we can assure our customers of genuine quality of products and services that you just won’t regret investing in. We provide a cost-to-cost breakdown of the bill to provide authenticity and transparency to our customers.