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includes 2D Furniture Layout 3D Interior Design Visualization Selecting & Appointing Contractors Bill of Quantity or BoQ Weekly Site Quality  Inspections Elevation & Interior Drawings Shops Visits for Material Selections  Project Execution Plan Project Cost Sheet Electrical & Plumbing Drawings Ceiling Drawings Maintaining Bills & Records

We don’t have any commissions in materials or labour charges.

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Floma's Project Unmatched Planning

2D Furniture Layouts

A 2D furniture layout is a visual representation of how furniture and other elements are positioned within a room or space when viewed from a top-down perspective. This will ensure accuracy when executing space planning.

3D Interior Design Visualization

A 3D interior design concept is a visual representation of an interior space that provides a three-dimensional view of how the room will look once it’s designed and furnished. This will ensure that the interior turns out exactly how you expect.

Bill of Quantity with Material Specifications

A Bill of Quantity (BOQ) with Material Specification is a document used in project planning and project management. It provides the quantities, types, and specifications of materials required for the completion of a interior project. This document serves as a tool for approx cost estimation, procurement planning, and project execution.

Elevation & Interior Drawings

Interior elevation drawings are detailed visual representations of the vertical surfaces within an interior space. These drawings provide a scaled view of walls, cabinets, fixtures, and other elements from a specific vantage point, showing how they will appear when viewed head-on.

Project Execution Plans

Our project execution plan includes everything from obtaining necessary permissions, compiling a list of vendors, setting key dates for the completion of each task, and establishing a well-organized payment structure. This plan ensures the project progresses smoothly and leads to successful outcomes.

Project Cost Sheet

An ideal cost sheet is the planned cost of your interior project. It provides an approximate idea of the costs involved while the detailed planning and budgeting takes place.

Electrical & Plumbing Drawings

These drawings provide detailed information about the layout, installation, and connections of electrical and plumbing systems within a structure. This makes sure the project is executed as planned.

Ceiling Drawings

Ceiling drawings offer a top-down view of the ceiling layout, design elements, materials, and other relevant features. Ceiling drawings guides construction, renovation, and interior design projects, ensuring that the ceiling design aligns with the overall aesthetic and functional goals of the space.

What Makes Us Different?

Go for the planning & management approach of Floma! Here’s why.


Floma has no commissions in Materials or Labour

3 Weeks of Extensive Planning Before Execution Starts

Floma Provides all Bills & Direct Warranties from Vendors

Interior Designers

Heavy Commissions in materials & Labour, Leading to Unfair Pricing

Only 3D Designs, no detailed planning, leading to Issues

Bills & Direct Warranties Not Provided, Leading to Headaches Later

Floma's Project Management

With a team of experts like Floma on your side, you get multiple benefits, including:

How does Floma stand out?

Swift project execution at a fair price

Personalized design concepts

Turnkey project management experts

We have 0% Commission in Materials/Labour

Floma’s isn’t like the most interior designers. As we don’t have commissions in materials or labour, we’re able to provide a 100% transparent, ideal interior design advice.

Floma’s packages come with detailed estimates and design ideas for you to take home, study, and then decide how exactly you want to design the interior of your room or living space. We also create a 3D space design to help you understand what your living spaces and rooms will finally look like!



75-90 Days


6-8 Lacs



90-100 Days


7-10 Lacs



100-120 Days


12-15 Lacs

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At Floma, quality is job one. Being the professional team managing residential and commercial interior design projects, it’s imperative that we be strict about quality. If we’re not, the agencies we’re managing and the materials we’re using won’t be of the best quality. That’s why it’s our mission to be transparent about our processes and ensure that we use the best quality materials and labour to provide you the best in class service!

Why choose Floma's packages?

– Easy payments in installments
– Dedicated designer for designing, selections and purchases
– Expert team for complete project implementation
– Visits to warehouse & shop for complete transparency
– ISI-certified raw materials and hardware

Floma's Superior Approach

Our packages are ideal for:

Top features of our packages:

What Makes Floma Better

End-to-End Consultancy

From the day you start your project to the day the project is handed over – our team provides 100% end-to-end consultancy to ensure effective execution.

Branded Materials

We only choose top-quality, branded materials for all projects! Based on your package, we’ll recommend top brands to choose from.

Regular Quality Checks

We hold detailed quality checks at every stage to ensure everything is top-notch and as per your expectations. You’ll also get to inspect yourself.

Well-Trained Staff

One of the biggest issues in any interior project is untrained staff. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in providing all the required training to our staff.

Proven Service record

We’ve been in business for many, many years and our reviews and examples of work speak for themselves! Experience our 5-star service yourself!

Top Quality Support

From start to finish and even 5 years after the project completion – you can always count on our friendly and reliable support to answer your questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Floma Homes is an interior design and home decor company. Floma Homes was created to exclusively focus on specialty design i.e. not your regular interior design. Floma Homes focuses on highly creative projects which are generally not taken independently by any designer.

Yes, we do! After your initial call with our team, we plan a visit to your location according to your convenience. We take measurements and discuss specific requirements. Then we provide an approximate yet detailed quote for your project and then the project planning work starts once you approve the quote.

No! Every design we work on is unique. But yes, you can see and choose certain design elements from our past work section. Then we’ll integrate those ideas into your final design.

We have always only provided quality materials and services through Floma Homes. We believe in reasonable costs that won’t burn your pocket but provide your space with the value that it deserves.

Not at all. After our initial call, we visit your location which doesn’t cost you anything. Once you approve the quote from the Floma Homes team, you need to pay the project planning cost only.

Our core in-house team has a cumulative experience of 10+ years. As we are a young team, but we have a lot of experienced designers, contractors, and craftsmen who have more than 10 years of experience in this field. Don’t worry, your project is in good hands.

We only use quality stuff for your project. With branded materials, we discuss and choose your preferred brands or suggest with a variety. If no branded materials are available, in the case of some custom artwork, we choose the best quality material available.
It’s a mix. All the design and billing is strictly in-house. But we have third party contractors who work on the production and execution. But rest assured that they will be managed by our team of experts.
We confirm the full design with you before we get started so generally, there are no changes afterwards. But if there are any, they may be chargeable to the extent of the extra work required.

Refunds are subject to the amount of work done. If a substantial amount of work is not complete, a refund can be provided after deducting the cost of the work already complete.

We offer the facility to defer the execution of the project, so you may want to consider that first. But yes, you can cancel the project anytime, but the cost of the work completed must be paid for.

We only accept online payments. Payment can be done via debit/credit cards, net banking, or UPI. Payments to contractors can be made in cash.