How To Landscape Your Exterior In Traditional Indian Style

The way your home’s exterior looks can be just as important as the way you’ve styled it inside. This is the ‘first impression’ people will get when they visit your home and of course, first impressions count.

There are a wide range of landscaping themes and styles you could choose from, so why not choose one that matches or complements the theme of your home’s interior?

If you’ve chosen to decorate your home in traditional Indian style, here are a few ideas that you could use outside your home too.

Make the most of plants and flowers that are native to India.

Using the plants and flowers that are native to India to add colour and life to your exterior is a great way to give it a traditional look.

As these plants grow naturally in the region, they have become associated with India and its culture. Therefore by using them, you’ll create a look for your gardens that is instantly recognisable as being ‘Indian style’.

Ideas for plants and flowers you could use include lotus flowers, jasmine plants, mango trees, roses, marigolds, orchids, bougainvillaea, hibiscus plants, sunflowers and ferns – to name just a few!

Plant them in carefully sculpted flower beds or traditional style decorative pots made from terracotta or stone.

Choose sculptures, decorations and ornaments that reflect Indian culture.

If you like the idea of featuring ornaments or sculptures as part of your garden or exterior decor, why not choose ones that reflect Indian culture? Ideas include:

  • A figure of an animal or part of nature that is native to India or associated with Indian tradition and culture, such as the elephant or peacock.
  • A shrine to or statue of a religious figure that has meaning for you and your family.
  • An outdoor mural of some Indian style artwork.
  • A water feature containing traditional elements such as the lotus flower.
  • Lanterns and candles – they’re not just for Diwali, they can create a warm glow all year round.

Whichever of these you choose, feel free to combine them with your own ideas of what visually represents Indian style.

Create an outdoor area for entertaining.

Entertaining guests is a big part of Indian culture. The homeowner should always provide their guests with a warm welcome and ensure they have a great place to spend time in while visiting.

While you may have already ensured your dining room or living room are wonderful settings for social events, you might not have considered moving things outside.

Think about how your garden could be an ideal spot for entertaining. Setting up ambient outdoor lighting is an effective way to create atmosphere, while you can also purchase comfortable outdoor furniture and a practical table solution to ensure there’s space to relax, eat and drink.

Finally, add some decorative items such as ornaments or twinkle lights to finish off your al fresco set up.

Consider how you could use colour in your landscaping.

A classic feature of many Indian exterior landscapes is the addition of colour – and there are plenty of ways you can include it to recreate the look yourself.

  • Use colourful pots and planters that will make a bright statement while also displaying the plants you’ve chosen.
  • Place coloured tiles or gravel to create vibrant paths and walkways.
  • Paint exterior accents in colourful shades, such as steps, exterior woodwork, your front door or hardware, your garage door, outdoor furniture – or anything else!

As for which colours to use, try bold, vibrant colours that are often associated with Indian style, such as red, orange, pink and green. And of course, remember to use paints that are suitable for outdoor use. They’ll need to be durable and weather resistant in order to hold up in the long run.

Lay down paths that lead to your home’s entryway.

Creating a path that leads directly to your front door is a great way to draw attention to the front of your home and create a welcoming atmosphere. This is also an opportunity to use tiling (try stone or terracotta), gravel or stones and even decorative foliage in a traditional Indian style as you lay out the route to your door.

By creating an exterior landscape that stays true to traditional Indian style, it will perfectly represent the way you value Indian culture and heritage throughout your home.

Update the architecture itself.

If you’re looking to take on a large project, you may even wish to enhance the structural architecture of your home. Whether you choose to recreate the look of traditional, older Indian homes or take on the contemporary look of modern India, a good architect will be able to help you transform the look of your exterior.

We’d love to hear how you create an Indian look and feel throughout the exterior of your home – whether it’s a cool accessory you love to display or a traditional part of your home’s external structure, so share your favourite tips and ideas in the comments section below!

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