How To Apply The Traditions Of India To Your Home Decor

How To Apply The Traditions Of India To Your Home Decor

India’s culture is rich in tradition, with its thoughtful values along with holidays and festivals that illuminate the annual calendar. India’s values are an important part of everyday culture, so it’s no surprise that many people choose to incorporate those beliefs into their home.

Check our list of Indian traditions that you can apply in your home decor and the tips on how to.

Indian Values: Respect and Family

From a young age, children in India are taught the importance of respect, especially towards their elders. Once they become adults, children are expected to take care of their parents throughout their old age.

For those who do not have their family living in their home, it’s still important to be respectful by showing your family members that they are always welcome in your home. Ensure you have an ideal space for entertaining guests, such as a clean, well laid-out dining table or a relaxing lounge area in which to spend time together and converse.

Indian Values: Harmony

The concept of peace in India encompasses love and affection between all people, regardless of their religion, class or background. It suggests that everyone should be able to live the way they wish while maintaining a peaceful environment. In a harmonious society, everyone is considered equal.

This can also be applied to your home and day to day life. Within your family, you may find you have conflicting interests when it comes to the home, whether it’s a question of which colour to paint the walls or simply a disagreement over where to place a new ornament.

The key here is a compromise. Take a moment to discuss with your family the elements they desire within the home. Then, find a way to incorporate them all in a way that allows everyone to enjoy their surroundings.

Indian Values: Religion

Religion is another significant aspect of Indian culture, with the most prominent religion in the country being Hinduism. Those who follow Hindu beliefs value the gods and goddesses they worship. Their beliefs include reincarnation, based on good karma. Those with the highest karma may be reborn into a higher caste while those with bad karma may return in their subsequent life as part of a lower caste or even an animal.

A Hindu’s goal is to achieve Nirvana, during which the soul is released from the reincarnation cycle.

As the Hindu values focus on positivity and good energy, try filling your home with items that make you feel happy, motivated and open-minded. This may include items in your favourite colours, furniture you find comfortable or trinkets that relate to great times you’ve had in your life so far. The positive atmosphere will help you feel at peace, and your positive outlook will shine through as you approach others.

Furthermore, followers of any religion may wish to include meaningful statues or artefacts that relate to their beliefs.

The traditional values of India aren’t the only way to enhance your home. You may also take inspiration from the delightful celebrations that occur throughout the year in India.

Indian Festivals: Diwali

Diwali is a festival lasting five days which represents the Hindu New Year. It is also known as the ‘Festival of Lights’ due to the abundance of fireworks, candles and lamps that are lit throughout the celebration. The lights are designed to represent good prevailing over evil and bringing light to the darkness.

These lights also add to the warm atmosphere of the Diwali festival, creating feelings of joy and kindness within those who attend. It’s easy to capture the spirit of Diwali within your home by simply using warm tones on your walls and furniture and accessorising with lamps and candles to bring flickering, atmospheric light to each room.

Indian Festivals: Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi lasts eleven days and honours the birth of Lord Ganesh, the Hindu god, usually associated with his elephant-headed appearance. The festival features elaborate statues of Ganesh which are installed throughout cities on podiums as well as within people’s homes. The statues are usually intricately decorated with colours and metallic glazes. They are paraded throughout the area during the festival, along with singing and dancing, before they are placed in the ocean. To honour Ganesh throughout the year, a statue may be the obvious choice. However, you can also use the delicate colours or even golden touches around your home, similar to the way each statue is decorated.
Try using colourful tones for walls or furniture, combined with the addition of golden ornaments or artefacts.

Indian Festivals: Holi

Holi, also known as the ‘Festival of Colors’ is a chance to celebrate the positive connotations of colour and love. Brightly coloured powder is thrown during parties and celebrations, making it a fun event for those who don’t mind getting a little messy. After the powder has been thrown, colours remain everywhere, leaving lasting reminders of the positive atmosphere. Although they are eventually washed away, the essence of Holi can live on through your interior with the addition of bright, carefree colours.

Try updating your cushions, drapes or rugs for an instant colourful fix or even go all out and paint a room a bright new colour. This way, you’ll have a constant source of positive energy, released by the exciting colours within your home.

Indian Festivals: Onam

Onam is a ten day festival of harvest, created to celebrate the homecoming of King Mahabali, a mythical king of Kerala. The festival focuses on the culture and heritage of India. Many people choose to decorate the outside of their houses with beautiful flower arrangements designed to welcome King Mahabali, as well as purchasing new clothes, serving feasts and taking part in games or sporting events.Try honouring the festival by adding floral arrangements to your home. Flowers are proven to boost your home, enhance your decor and help to enrich your creativity, so choose a selection of vases that complement your theme and select some stunning bouquets to fill them.

Have the traditions of India influenced your home decor? Tell us about any home additions you feel represent the exciting culture that India has to offer!

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