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Making an effort to redesign your new house, but do not know where to begin? Each one of us imagines a place with adequate area and lighting, spring evenings in the garden, fresh morning breakfast, elegant dining furniture, cascading drapes, and enjoying barbeques. But it is true that achieving that can be a difficult task. This is where Floma comes into the picture. We have detailed some tips for interior designing resources.

First, always decide whether your attention must be on aesthetics or functionality. After that move forward to select ideas. Your house must accurately convey your sensibility, style, and your disposition. When it comes to the house theme, you can select from an array of themes like classic, contemporary, ethnic, or Scandinavian. The best-chosen theme can invoke the best mood and notes. The fabric and appearance of the curtains must blend accurately with the interiors, the colour of the room such that it is asymmetric. The rest of the house need not be accurately the same but must match somewhat for that visual resonance.

When it comes to Scandinavian interior design, it became well-known in the mid-century movement. It works to develop a minimalistic look, and the style is well-known even today. The specific design pays tribute to the typical life of Nordic countries and the simplicity of existence.

The Scandinavian furniture design appears like real works of art. You may say that they are simple and comprehensive. An element of functionality is there in the Scandinavian design furniture along with interesting lines. Scandinavian interiors are characterized by less use of accessories, spacious corners, and natural lighting. This style fetches a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Certain elements of this particular interior style are used in diverse interior designs to attain the Scandinavian look. Wall-to-wall rugs are not used and muted colours are properly incorporated.

Other features of this style are the usage of neutral colours including white. It also accurately incorporates natural elements like form-pressed woods, bright plastics, and the use of steel and aluminum. Floorings are mostly wide-planked.

Light and muted colours

Since the winters are dark, chilly, and long, Scandinavian interiors are mostly painted white to benefit in keeping the spaces bright. The colours used are soft to keep the whole space feeling bright, uniform, and cohesive. In typical Scandinavian houses, walls are maintained white permitting for art and furniture to captivate more.

Introduce nature pictures

Decorate your walls with framed photographs of the landscapes such as Norwegian fjords or the Iceland waterfalls. You can also go for pretty pictures of animals such as the Norwegian Narwal. Make use of rustic-looking wooden frames to complete the Scandinavian motif.

Decluttered spaces

Traditionally, most Scandinavian residences are small and do not permit excessive amounts of materials. While houses are built larger now and there is room for most things, the idea of keeping the space free of useless clutter has remained a crucial aspect of the Scandinavian interior design. Storing areas are mostly implemented in the form of shelves and cabinets. Décor is intentional with a less is more formula, keeping the spaces appear cleaner and visually relaxing.

Simple accents

This is basically related to keeping the area clutter-free. Décor is kept to a minimum in this Scandinavian interior. Empty spaces and bare walls are not shielded away from.

Warm textiles

In the Scandinavian cold areas, it is not surprising that part of the décor arises in the form of warm textiles like wool, sheepskins, or mohair throws, and soft cotton. Not only do they offer a feeling of coziness and warmth, but they also add an extra layer of texture to space.

Go for colourful art

Usually, in Scandinavian interiors, we can easily find colourful art which is in graphic multitudes. Candles are mostly the hallmark of huge interior and often come in simple brass candle holders.

Wooden floors

The Scandinavian interiors are all about breezy and light spaces in the house. Thus, to emulate that aesthetic into the floor design, this particular interior style needs the use of light-coloured wood applications. Most Scandinavian design interiors are connected to oak wood or ash wood floors. This offers a qualitative visual dynamic against the otherwise minimal design of the rest of the interiors. It is crucial to know that warm wood tones and sepia hues are well-known in Scandinavian interior design because they offer a room with sunny and bright feels without the use of overwhelming bright colours.

Functional layout

One of the best ideas of a good Scandinavian design is the focus on the workability of the layout or plan. This basic functionality makes the design a very pragmatic yet visually desirable commodity in the design market.

Add good contrast

High contrasts are the best hallmarks for Scandinavian interior design. In the all-white dining area, stark black sculptural furniture benefits in creating an impactful and dramatic statement. Modern furniture also easily contrasts with the architectural interiors that are common in the historic structures in Northern Europe.

Layer bedding

The Scandinavians are best at layering their bedding in the most welcoming means. This often includes warm wool blankets, a blend of linen sheets, and a small collection of accent pillows, mostly in muted tone-on-tone hues. Iconic lighting is also common in Scandinavian bedroom interiors, with the help of ceiling fixtures and bedside lamps to make a modern statement.

Limited window treatments

Adding to the idea of inviting as much as natural light as possible, Scandinavian areas tend to leave their windows bare of basic coverings. If used, light fabrics like sheer and linen are mostly preferred. At night time, the glow of illuminated windows in buildings appear like a beautiful postcard.

Low hanging lights

Another vital feature of Scandinavian design is the long-hanging lights that seem to be well-known. These beautiful lights come in numerous styles and designs, though they are mostly simple. When there are Scandinavian design rugs on the floor, this kind of setting appears breathtakingly stunning. Thus, it is said that this is a simple yet bold interior choice.

Greenery in abundance

To help brighten up the house and to introduce in some life, fresh plants are found in plenty of Scandinavian houses.

Corner the fireplace

Scandinavian houses are popular to have fireplaces in the corner of the house, not centered on a wall. Thus, seating arrangements are mostly designed and decorated accordingly. Smaller accent chairs float closer to the fireplace while the sofas anchor the middle of the room, leaving the walking area behind it.

Smooth and vibrant surfaces

The overall look of any Scandinavian interior design is extremely minimal. This basically indicates that the design has to be carried out in simple, effective, and understated materials and colours. Most interior designers make use of smooth laminates of numerous muted hues on huge vertical surfaces though the Scandinavian interiors.

Carpets aren’t so important

In the Scandinavian interior style, carpets have never been popular. Instead, wood flooring is mostly used throughout the houses and is sometimes softened with sheepskins and rugs for a better look.

Architectural details

The Scandinavian architectural designs include leaded glass windows, hardwood floors, wall moldings, and high ceilings. Adequate lighting is added with scones and iron chandeliers as well as plain table lamps. The hardwood floors must be light-coloured wood, such as bleached, or maple. Floors painted white are common, sometimes with stenciled borders. These stenciled borders are also used on the walls to frame the doorway or to perfectly create a border.

Simple and effective furniture

Furniture is always a huge and vital part of the Scandinavian interior design. It requires to reflect the style and theme of the overall space. The Scandinavian style makes use of modern and sleek furniture styles that are very simple in aesthetics. Light in material and colours, the furniture pieces are used to offer a wholesome image that mixes seamlessly with the rest of the interior treatments.

Cute simple toys for the toddlers

It is a fact that Scandinavians prefer to keep their things practical and simple. Wooden tents and toys from fabric and dowels mostly fill Scandinavian interior playrooms. Wondering how to fetch a perfect Scandinavian design for your house? Floma is your go-to solution to find interior designing ta its very best. Find interior designs for your bedroom, living room, kitchen, and other rooms in your home only at Floma! They offer a variety of styles, from contemporary to Indian, and from minimalistic to modern designs, they got it all!
Our style selector enables you to select your favorite designs from the website and share them with the expert team. A designer can then call you to discuss the residence project and begin developing the perfect living room for your house, all based on your taste.

Floma is a one-stop platform that caters to all your home décor requirements. Inspired only by the best of ideas, they offer designs such as contemporary, modern, minimalistic, and much more, at affordable prices just for you! Contact our expert team today to discuss your project and get the best results. Implement the interior design ideas that perfectly match your comfort factor and style. Easy-to-follow and stunning design ideas can easily transform the space making it opulent and luxurious. Use the above-mentioned ideas to add style, life, and colour to space.

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