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Modern Home Designs

Floma Homes proudly presents a huge collection of modern home designs. We design modern houses in various styles according to your needs and requirements. You will find everything under modern home designs like single floor, double floor, small house designs and houses for different plot sizes and apartments. We have modern home designs suitable for Indian culture, traditions, and modern requirements. 

We Indians build homes specifically for families, so it’s better if we avoid wastage of anything like space and materials. According to our survey for modern home designs, we have found that we Indians always prefer terraces and balconies with a modern touch. Be it a modern sit out or pergola, we Indians just love modern designs everywhere. Right from budget homes to 3 bedroom or 5 bedroom to huge bungalows, we have served homes of all sizes. We use our designs and plans cleverly to use space efficiently. Our plans include a living room, bedroomdining room, kitchen and bathrooms, and other areas such as balconies, swimming pools, and gardens.

A Huge Collection of Graceful Modern Designs

Never get disappointed with so many modern home designs with Floma Homes. Considering the Indian population we all mainly need a beguiling exterior that is unique and eye-catchy. We make a great combination of different structures built in the home like show walls, Gable windows, pergola, etc. We understand that every member of the Indian family has their own preferences while building a modern home design or plan. So it becomes a bit difficult for an interior design firm to build a solid plan which we have successfully managed due to the expertise of our modern day designers.

Beautiful Indian Home Plans

Floma Homes thrives for the best available designs in the market with trending home desires. We keep designs to be trending for the next few years so you never feel bored at home. We provide the best designs taking your opinion into consideration and fulfilling them while you rely on us. We have heard the term Modern Home Designs or Modernism which describes a certain style of home decor. But, what exactly does modernism mean and entail? We believe that modern design style means simple straight lined spaces with thoughtful use of bright colors and patterns.


To truly understand the meaning of Indian Modernism, it’s important to know its origins. In India, modern designs started in the early 20th century with a great influence of the Bauhaus and the Art Deco movements. Today, while we immensely follow western concepts of minimalism and maximalism, we feel that somewhere we are ignoring great homegrown styles and architecture. Though we cannot bring the exact same palaces and temple arts, modern home designs are a way to bridge that gap by adding minimal elements, patterns, charm, and grace into the new wave of design along with functionality and practicality.

International Outlook

While modern home designs need to have roots to the history, it surely has a global lookout. Indian modern designs are about making the traditional with the contemporary styles to create new terms that fit the current scenario. It is a beautiful fusion of influences and materials— both old and new—to achieve something novel and unique. The definition is more about the freedom to mix styles and elements that can work the best for you.

A Mix of Modern Design and Traditional Elements

At the center of it is a combination of old Indian elements with modern design. We have always promoted the idea of Indian Modernism with a classic lens of the deep cultural and traditional roots. At Floma Homes, we believe that a reflection is what makes a space intensely personal and yet relatable. We find great excitement and challenge in bridging the gap between India’s unique colors and the concept of ‘less is more,’ which influences our designs and aesthetic sense. There is great happiness and achievement when we can create a harmonious blend of minimalism design form and traditional styles for modern Indian homes.

Recreating Indian Modernism

We have developed a concept of modern home designs using three primary ways – blending the old with the new, using art, antiques & color, and using a traditional layout and indigenous materials.

Art, Antiques, and Colour

One simple way to get a modern home design is by adding lively home decor pieces, artworks, and antiques. In order to achieve this design aesthetic, such elements need to be used moderately. It’s always important to show restraint with any style and design. From bigger pieces to small ones, the scales may change. One way to achieve this look is by using classic cane furniture or solid colored accent furniture. Adding Indian prints and patents in various patterns can further enhance this look. Accessories and artifacts play a major role in achieving this look.