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Beginner's Guide to Industrial Interior Design

When we talk about the latest interior design trends, it is prudent to mention that industrial designs have become increasingly well-known and it’s quite easy to see why. The overall look is based on mixing the best elements of old-world charm with modern boldness and sleekness. When picturing these industrial designs, we mostly think of lofts with huge open windows, raw unfinished wood, and lots of exposed brick. Those who reside in the less urban atmosphere may feel they don’t have the best surrounding, that their living areas are too traditional to really pull off this look.

Industrial interior design styles mix sleek modernity and old-world attraction with an organic, lived in feel to develop the perfect play of contrasts. Advancements in the construction industry have allowed us to make huge, better, and more efficient structures. Those old structures got the industrial chic look into the picture for homeowners.

What can be defined as an industrial design?

Industrial style furnishings are basically hardwearing and are mostly procured from reclaimed yards. The best advantage of creating an industrial interior design is that you’ll have the chance to customize the look with the help of décor and furniture that are wholly unique to your house. In industrial interior design, interior designers work with exposed brick and metal to create spaces that are edgy, sleek, and can easily blend with any type of style. We have precisely detailed how you can fetch the modern industrial interior design in your entire house beautifully:

Go for an open layout

When we think of an urban loft space as an industrial idea, it is crucial to try and re-create that feeling regardless of the surroundings. Always focus on making the room feel as open as possible. Make sure to keep all the pathways to travel around the room as wide as you can and try to limit any purchases with pieces that pull double duty in terms of aesthetic value and usage. When planning industrial interior design for a living room, keep comfort king although everything should be trimmed of excess for a minimal take. Go for furnishings that have a basic design, neutral colours, and solid upholstery in natural textures.

Recycled furniture

Just as factories and farmhouses were recycled into the house, you too can continue on in that tradition and recycle when it comes to industrial interior design. Broken pipes, reclaimed wood, damaged stop signs, and all kinds of other junk can be fashioned into modern industrial design furniture.

Lighting must be on-theme

Most industrial interior design style lighting is made of metal and mostly consists of lamps and pendants. When using pendants, they must be low hanging with wide shades. Multi-dimensional floor lamps can also feature will in an industrial style living room as does reclaimed lighting.

Exposed pipes are wonderful

One of the significant factors of an industrial style living room is the presence of features that most individuals tend to conceal, such as pipes and ducts. This industrial interior design is usually common in repurposed warehouse apartments. It is important to comprehend that ductwork and exposed piping is a staple of the industrial style. It creates an authentic, captivating, and raw look for the entire house.

Industrial shelving

It would be amazing to know that you can fetch stunning industrial storage solutions for your house by combining metal pipes and wooden planks. Open shelves are a great means to showcase your knick-knacks and also your personality. You can also make a bookshelf with a little bit of ingenuity. Additionally, you can even do it yourself with some money and a quick trip to the hardware store.

Combine metal and wood furniture

Industrial interior design is all about mixing the new and the old for the best look. One of the simplest means to drive home this contrast is through contrasting diverse kinds of metal and wood materials throughout the design. When purchasing wooden pieces, there’s a particular look that you’ll desire to go after. Instead of looking for new, absolutely completed items, focus on acquiring the furniture that looks like it has a fine history. The weathered appearance can be fetched in a variety of means.
When it comes to metal, you always have a choice. The finish you select will play a crucial role in your overall aesthetic look. If you desire the area to have more of an antique feel, go for an oiled or brushed look. However, if you desire the space to feel super on-trend, polished chrome is always the way to go. Additionally, always remember that metal isn’t just for the fixture, it can also be used for anything from kitchen bar stools to shelving units.

Start with a natural colour palette

In industrial interior designs, bold hues are saved for small details while bulk spaces radiate neutral tones. The design and style rely mostly on combinations of neutral colours to develop a minimalistic and clean harmonious look. When it comes to an industrial design style bathroom, white tiles and exposed brick make for a crucial combination finished with black metal framed glass features.

Loft house

The loft style design house is perfect for industrializing. The perfect design has always worked best with huge open spaces and high ceilings, just like the original factories the style and design were based on.

Brick or concrete walls

One of the easiest means to fetch the industrial vibe is by leaving your brick or concrete walls just as they are. No plaster or paint is needed to get the industrial interior design. The bright red brick offers a stunning background to the interiors. It perfectly pairs well with the black metal and deep orange-red woods. Concrete, on the other hand, can be easily matched with neutrals like brown or grey, or you can experiment with other contrasting colours. You can achieve the interior design even if your walls are already painted. It would be best to check out online tutorials for how to paint a faux concrete wall finish and you’ll get dozens of quick DIY guides.

Edison lights showcase the aesthetic

Industrial interior design style can come in diverse forms, most of which include old vintage lamps making a comeback. But the most well-known style by far is the Edison lighting. These filament bulbs from the 20th century offer a warm yellow-orange soothing glow. You don’t need to swap out the energy efficient lights for the century old bulbs, however, there are numerous LED versions in the same vintage design. It would be best to hang them loosely via its wires or frame it in metal to fetch the look you’re wishing for.

Focus on silhouettes

Shapes that are used for industrial interior design include mostly block shapes and squared lines that promote a utilitarian cohesiveness in the complete look of the house. But this doesn’t mean that you have to avoid organic curves and abstract shapes, but be sure to keep them to a minimum to preserve a well-studied industrial feel.

Introduce industrial accessories

The core key to acing the industrial look is by making it feel like you’re inside a fashionable factory setting. Making use of accessories is the best means to do this. Decorate the house with salvaged factory parts and machinery along with distressed leather finds and vintage photographs.

Go for polished concrete flooring

Although wooden flooring is an industrial interior design staple, polished concrete is a cost-effective and ultra-modern choice for the best look.

Industrial bed

If you want an industrial bed, it’s pretty much as simple as adding a wrought iron bed. You can easily decorate it with other vintage touches like old books, clocks, picture frames, and even a romantic flower vase.

What kind of materials should be used?

When it comes to industrial interior design, make sure to avoid plush fabrics paired with an industrial style furniture. Instead, go for hardworking and utilitarian materials and source furnishings that you can offer a second chance. Search for antique stores for furniture made from aluminum, wood, tin, copper, stone, and iron as these are always the go-to material for the best industrial designed houses. And be sure to take benefit of the distressed metal elements and wooden floors, bare steel beams, and stone countertops.

As seen above, it is prudent to mention that industrial style interior design takes numerous forms and the beauty of its realization lies in the interior decorator’s touch. Some say that the industrials design appears unfinished, but it offers a laid-back and effortless vibe that makes the industrial interior design so well-known today. This is where Floma comes into the picture. We offer tips to redecorate to a variety of pieces to decorate your house. Get your all-new living room and other interiors only at Floma!
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