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Indian interior design has a very peculiar and traditional look which is what sets it apart from other types of interior designs. Even though there are so many diverse cultures varying from place to place, which also bring in the same number of variations to décor and design, there are a few similarities in all types of Indian interior designs like the use to carved wood, bright colors, traditional paintings, bronze statues, mirrors, lamps, etc.

Designing a place with Indian interior designs brings in a vibrant and exotic look to whichever place is done up in an authentic Indian way. Even though in modern times, people have switched over to other more new and contemporary interior designs than the traditional one, let us tell you about a few essential elements that need to be there to bring in the perfect Indian look to your interior design:

Colorful décor

The Indian interior décor is full of a very vibrant color palette. In such designing, earthly colors like brown, copper, or bronze are used quite often to give that traditional look or as a base color. So, make sure to do this while setting up the place. With these earthly colors as the base, use other bright colors such as yellow, red, or leaf green. This will bring a spark to your Indian designing.

But remember to make sure that you don’t overdo it with the colors and only put in colors that actually go together. Basically, it should be bright but the colors should complement each other instead of being in contrast to one another. Whether it is a bright colourful couch, wall, carpet, or a piece of furniture, a little dash of colour always goes a very long way in augmenting the feel of the entire room. So we recommend that you get those colours splashing!


Considering the fairly warm climate of India, since times immemorial its inhabitants have used such materials in making their homes that would ensure that the homes stayed cooler. People in villages still use cow dung cakes to add some layering to the roof in the summer season. Indians’ interior designing uses stones like marble and granite for flooring. These give an elegant look, are easy to clean, maintain and they obviously bring the indoor temperature down. These days people have also started to use tiles as a substitute for the same effect that is given by marble and granite.


Unlike the western world where steel and other artificial materials are used to make furniture, due to the abundance of trees and availability the required wood in India, Indians have always used heavily and beautifully carved wooden furniture in their homes. Indian craftsmanship is famous around the globe for the same reason. So, go ahead and cherish your culture and add some wooden, curved edged beds, sofas, chairs, and tables in your setting to give it that authentic Indian look! Dark brown wood or polished wood will also give it the classy look you might be hoping for. Wood work never fails to add royalty to whichever place it is used to decorate.
With furniture, you can easily experiment with completely diverse material, fabric, design, or texture to beautifully enhance the appearance and feel of the entire space. This way, you’ll be sticking to a familiar décor, and also revamping it to give it a fresh new feel.

Art and paintings

The art of painting has existed in India since the early times and it is a big part of our culture and heritage. You can always put up beautiful Madhubani paintings or Tanjore paintings in your drawing-room. One of the ways of putting them up would be to have a dedicated wall with one grand painting in the middle with other smaller paintings around it or you can always put them up in the corridors or hallways or even the bed rooms.
You can install statues made of bronze or brass, of idols if you are religious or even statues of animals like elephants or camels, etc can easily become the centerpiece of the room as they tend to give a very grand look to the setting.

Make your walls your stunning gallery

Whether it is to showcase your artistic capabilities in the form of wall paintings, or hanging up your photographs, walls play an important role in housing décor. Family pictures, in particular, play a crucial role in developing an aura of love, care, comfort, and serenity within the house. And each and every house must radiate them. So, you must stop worrying and begin hanging them frames!


Indian décor is absolutely incomplete without the use of ethnic embroideries and weaves, especially because we have a wide variety of select from. Cotton, Jute, Khadi, and linen have always been used widely in India. Indian textiles have always been wanted by people from all across the world and are well known to have originated in India. Use these fabrics to make the room more “Indian”. Make an effort to use block printed bedcovers, silk runners, bandhani throws, or even Kantha cushions.
Embroidered, woven, or block printed fabrics can be used as drapes, rugs, bed sheets, cushion covers, and table covers. Also, don’t forget that Indian carpets are also one of the most beautiful carpets!

Bring in Greenery

Small little pots with succulents or little flowering plants freshen up the living space. You can also get creative with the kind of pots you choose for your flora and the colour scheme you follow will depend on the general vibe of the room. Houseplants not only add life to your decor, but they also deliver a lot of health benefits. They help rid the air of common toxins, regulate the humidity in your living spaces, and have been known to improve your mood, increase productivity, and reduce stress levels. It is simple to maintain the temperature in your residence like never before.

Up-cycle the recycled materials

It is a fact that we Indians love recycling, so why not use it to decorate our lovely houses. Don’t throw away stuff like cans, bottles, fabrics, and old paper. Instead make an effort to transform them into lights, origami, vases, planters, and cushion covers. With endless possibilities, up-cycling these small elements, not only saves the precious environment but also add to the aesthetic appeal of your living spaces. In the meanwhile, they make for a sold family-time activity, to keep the strong energy flowing.

Interior Décor

Indian culture has always included décor pieces like bells, hanging lanterns, oil lamps, mirrors, statues, etc. Items or statues made out of bronze, copper, or brass can add to it! Even handmade pieces like earthen pots or puppets or even diyas are very Indian and will make the room look absolutely beautiful and traditional.


Instead of regular couches or chairs, opt for royal looking wooden carved sofas, floor seating mats or cushions, and low-lying stools made of carved wood and woven fabric. Swings or Jhulas as we usually call them in Hindi can also be placed in the poaching or even inside the house. This will give a very casual yet traditional and calming vibe to the room.

Bright lighting is always a go

Lighting is a vital component in any Indian house decoration. There are numerous options when it comes to lighting in terms of size, design, patterns, and style. Play with these choices to develop a good and jolly vibe. Floma highly recommends warm colours for living areas, as it perfectly radiates a calm aura for the guests. You can easily throw in some coloured lighting to see the true magic unfold. We promise that your residence is just going to get LIT!

Unique Patterns and Motifs

Indians have always used intricate designs and patterns to beautify things and places. Motifs are colorful images or designs which are usually repeated to form a pattern. Therefore, the use of nature-themed designs or motif patchworks or paining walls with religious symbols is a really good way of brings ‘Indianness’ to the place.

Treat Your Walls

Wallpaper can be subtle or bold and patterned wall panels add tactile appeal to the Indian living space, making the room feel more inviting for the guests. The options are endless and you can change the look of your room whenever you want with a small change in the wallpaper!

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