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Beginner's Guide to Contemporary Interior Design Style

Meaning of Contemporary style

This style includes a lot of styles that have grown in the second half of the 20th century. Due to it being so new, people generally confuse it with modern interior designing, mostly because of the word “modern”. Though the two styles are predominant at the same time and also have similarities, they are not at all the same.
Unlike modern style, Contemporary interior design is one of the most simple and classy ways of setting up any place, big or small. It is a soft and elegant look that uses clean lines along with a warm color palette. The biggest advantage of having such a classy setting is that it is more or less timeless and will never go out of style. To help you get the perfect “contemporary” look, read below to get an idea about how you will create a contemporary style.

How To Bring a Contemporary Look Wherever You Want:

Remember to keep things simple and mellow but don’t confuse it with boring. For example, for flooring, use wood or a rug with simple patterns or when it comes to the materials being used, don’t hesitate in going for metal, glass or even stone to bring in that a little extra class. Let’s walk you through it one by one:


The furniture that ideally features in a contemporary kind of setting is simple, made of plain wood like birch or even stainless steel, and is without any carvings or ornamentation. The upholstery should have clean lines, simple geometric shapes, or patterns made from cotton, linen, silk, or even jute. The silhouette should be slim but not a dainty one. If you wish to bring in some pops of color you can do that throwing in a bright-colored cushion or two.

Pay attention to your doors

Another easy way to completely change the look of your residence for contemporary interior design style is to change the doors. You can switch your boring old doors for a traditional barn door. It adds a rustic look to it and saves space. If space is a problem, you change your swinging door to sliding doors. Go in for double doors if you have ample space to flaunt them. It adds an architectural element to the most basic living room spaces.


While it calls for a minimal approach while furnishing the rooms, the same is not the case with accessorizing. Lamps, artworks, or little décor here and there can really add to the feel you want or the personality you want to give to your room. Just like the bright cushion which adds a spark to the room, colorful art pieces can do the same for you.
So, choose your décor pieces carefully and in a way that the room gives out the personality you want it to. Accessorizing the right way can prove to be a good conversation starter too!

Create Multiple Seating Areas

Design a house space that flows with several spots for group gatherings. This lengthy living room lends itself to two separate seating areas: one for watching TV and another for playing games or chatting. You can create a similar effect in a smaller room by thinking about where guests can pair off for cozy conversations.

Rejuvenate Your Fireplace

Refresh tired brick with a new coat of paint. Some reddish or orange brick colors can make the entire living space look dated. Shades of gray, black, or cream are striking colors that will transform your fireplace, and of course, a bright white never goes out of style.


Lighting can make or break the deal in a contemporary design. With the right lighting, you can draw the focus on the prettiest parts of the room. Floor lamps and table lamps both can do the trick for you.
Using rot iron lamps or even stainless-steel lamps with room appropriate lampshades will do the trick. Lampshades can also be used to accessorize the room. With the coming in of LED lights, you can always highlight a precious painting or another such piece of art that you would want to show off!
Consider adding new light fixtures to your space to brighten it up adequately. You can go in for skylights or lights that run along with panels on the ceiling. Find the perfect lighting to show off a beautiful design at your residence. You can go in for lights of different shapes and sizes and for lights that hang instead of wall lights. The options available are too many and you just have to find the right pick for you. You can add a mood to the room by getting a light with an adjustable switch. You can indulge in an overhead chandelier if you are feeling a little rich!
Small rooms have the tendency to be congested and crooked especially when it’s dim. Installing adequate lighting can make it appear brighter and bigger. Using table lamps is an effective idea but it must be with bigger shades. Adding lighting to the floor can also be an efficient plan. The best choice can be a floor lamp, pendant light, and recessed lighting.


Fabrics like cotton, wool, silk, linen, or even jute are the best at getting a raw and neutral look which is the basis of contemporary interior designing. To add a little buzz to this, the usage of simple lines or patterns or geometric shapes is a wise idea. These patterns or lines can be on the upholstery or even the rugs or carpets you place. If you still want to add a bold aspect through textiles, you can go in for a boldly patterned or colored rug too. For this purpose, even wall carpets are a good idea. But remember not to overdo it with too loud a pattern or color.

Bring in the best Greenery

Small little pots with succulents or little flowering plants have the quality to freshen up the living area. You can also get creative with the kind of pots you choose for your flora and the colour scheme you follow will depend on the general vibe of the room. Houseplants not only add life to your decor, but they also deliver a lot of health benefits. They help rid the air of common toxins, regulate the humidity in your living spaces, and have been known to improve your mood, increase productivity, and reduce stress levels.


Windows are generally the most underrated and unfocused part of a room and this is a wrong practice. Windows can help you add to the look of the room. To elaborate, the whole idea of contemporary interior designing is doing out of the box things which catch the eye of a person who walks into the room for the first time. You can always use a window to achieve this by bringing in contrast to the room via the use of the window.
Or if you are blessed with a big window and a beautiful view, stick to a simpler window panel that doesn’t take the focus of the beauty that lies when one looks outside the window. One classic contemporary way of doing up a window would be to put have floor to ceiling curtains of a neutral color i.e. white or grey and the blinds can be wooden or they can have a soft pattern to compliment the curtain.

Get rid of useless things

Most of us have the attitude to collect and collect stuff that is not at all useful inside the rooms. They may be a perfect piece of décor but sometimes can easily overcrowd the space. We must state in mind that having a small spaced location is already a huge challenge to reside in. Our rooms must have a perfect and well-balanced layout. This would only happen if you get rid of those useless things. Learn to apply the accurate living area arrangement guidelines to successfully harmonize your homeroom decors and furniture.
If possible do not block any open area that will serve as an entryway to your living area. This way you can have a stunning connection with all the other rooms in the entire house.

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