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Planning on redecorating your house? Your house should be a welcoming space that suits your home’s architecture, reflects your design preferences and offers comfortable seating and plentiful storage. We all desire to create rooms in our house that guests will recognize as ours. That personal design touch in designing the house will definitely make it truly yours.

It so happens that sometimes the heart wants something but the budget stops us from getting it there. A house makes the look expensive but need not necessarily be expensive as well. If your budget is the problem, here are some great Interior design styles and tips to decorate your house with style and panache, without burning a hole in your pocket!

Floral Patterns

Indians love floral patterns, but now coming to the latest interior design styles they have made a comeback with bolder patterns and prints. Bedroom furniture stores show-off a large number of floral pillow covers and bedsheets. Modern and latest furniture stores are filled to the gills with floral upholstery and curtains. It is a fact that florals bring out the feminine side of a house and can be just the thing you were searching for to perk up the aesthetics in the house.

Old Geometric Patterns

Upgrade your modern room furniture with some geometric patterns that make it appear on-trend. It is so simple to do it. All you require is little things to perk up the entire look. Things like circular mirrors and circular carpets can be amazing additions to the house. Now, geometric print tiles and carpets are also available in the market. Patterns in interior design can be utilized to highlight or even minimize certain elements of the house. Its versatility indicates that it can be used in a number of diverse means. Patterns also play a vital role in setting the overall aura of the space.

Textured ceilings

Statement ceilings are transforming into exceedingly well-known in interior design as they tend to develop the allusion of having a high roof. Patterned wallpapers, as well as beautifully painted designs, are being used on ceilings to offer eyes an interesting focal point. Precise pairing is essential to pull this look off as it can be too much.

Furniture usability

Furniture trends in the world are rapidly moving from decorative to functionality and the same can be mentioned for India as well. That means that when you purchase your house furniture or bedroom furniture sets, it is best to select things that are highly functional and not just decorative pieces. Since most homeowners are interested in space-saving decorative furniture, the best furniture stores are choosing to manufacture furniture sets that meet the real requirements of real people.

Maximizing space usage

For small spaces, the popular interior design style is to maximize the available space in the most creative means possible. This has made accessories, like the foldable step ladder that is also a stool or a multi-function mirror that turns into a table when unfolded, really well-known. Thinking out of the box is the main challenge when it comes to the latest interior design styles.

Selecting House Furniture

The main essential of a house is a dining table and chairs. When choosing a dining room table, there are a lot of things to be considered; think about how many people you want to seat on a daily basis, at dinner parties, and when crowds gather. You must keep in mind the average size of a person and the amount of space they need to eat a meal peacefully. You should also go in for a table that is proportional to the size of the dining room.

The next thing is the shape of the table. Round tables work well in small spaces; rectangle and oval tables are well suited for large or long rooms. You can experiment by investing in a table with removable leaves that can be added as per needs. If you have a compact space, you can choose a flip-top or a tilt-top table that can be expanded when a party is in place. Choose chairs that match the table and the room. You can opt for a mix and match medley of the chairs but make sure to tie the whole room together with similar additions. Ensure that ample legroom is available to the person seated at the table.
You can indulge in cabinets and shelves to show off your glassware and chinaware. If you have space and budget, incorporate furniture with doors, drawers, or lift up seats to charmingly amplify storage capacity. The kind of wood you choose for your furniture defines your taste. Polished mahogany with cherry finishes, rustic pine tables, Barnwood shelves; whitewashed finishes, or basic steel stone and glass pieces; all emit contemporary vibes.

Going full natural

One of the most exciting interior design trends in houses this year is going all-natural. As homeowners go with full-on tech in their lives, they desire to come back to something natural. And so, there is the use of a lot of natural stones like marble and granite and also a lot of wood. House furniture made from natural materials like brass, wood, and copper is doing the rounds because individuals desire to bring that naturalness in their houses.

Textures for Aesthetics

Perhaps this is one of the easiest approaches for house design, to begin with, textures. Texture building is considered to be highly rewarding not just to the eye, but to the touch. It is essential to maintain balance in all design projects. Too much texture can never offer results that we desire, so consistently balance one texture with a low texture item. Go for three main large surface textures and balance them by alternating one high texture and one low texture furnishings. The most sought after the texture is with fabrics like chenilles, velvets, knitted, silk, loom weaves, lace, and linens, and so on.

Going monochrome

Indians are well-known to love colour in their hues but judging from the best furniture stores being partial to quite a bit of black and white, it can be mentioned with certainty that the country is catching up with the bold monochrome look. The minimalistic monochrome look is surely a hit worldwide and now India too seems to have been adoring it. The monochrome appearance is best for single individuals too.

The matte effect

It is important to know that Matte finishes are not just restricted to lip makeup anymore. You can easily try modern furniture stores for matte choices in your house furniture and even the walls. Numerous individuals are selecting the matte effect on their residence walls because it is the perfect time to bid the glossy look goodbye once and for all. Also, matte finish paints are easily available in the market at cost-effective prices.

Decorate the wall

The wall colour of a room and the wall décor has a very large impact on the total outlook of the house. You can start by searching for a piece of art that reminds you of some exotic place you traveled to or a piece of art by your favorite painter. You can decorate your walls with a nice solid wall colour that brings the whole colour scheme of the room together. Investing in wallpaper is a new and efficient way to change the aesthetic of your entire house as and when you wish. You experiment with the walls to create a perfect dining room. You can develop diverse wall textures using sponge, rag, or dry wall painting techniques. One can also create the illusion of stone on the wall.

Go for wall murals

A mural in any room of the house acts as a luxury big ticket item. With modern and advanced technology, the cost of such wall treatments has become cost-effective. Murals can be an entire wall floor to ceiling size, a vignette in a niche, or applied to the wall and framed with attractive decorative molding. The plus point is that if you’re talented, you can also undertake painting your own mural. This kind of customized mural has always been a cherished art form. Go for a house set that allows the mural to take center stage and keep ascents on the other walls to a minimum and in maintaining with the mural’s style.

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