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Apart from serving a very important function in the house, staircases can literally elevate an entire house. They can be so much more than just a conveyance to move from point A to point B, they have the potential to really be the main event. A beautiful staircase will change the way you have looked at the interior design until now. Craft-style straight wooden staircases, straight open stairs, and u-shaped models are the new upgrades in the contemporary interior staircase designs. Stairs not only need to be placed at an appropriate location, but they must be safe and comfortable to use for the users.

If you are going for another floor or elevation in your house, well, do it in style. Wondering how to go about it? Whether you are anticipating a remodel in your future and need some enticing ideas or you simply love to explore architecture, these steps will lead you there- to a gorgeous staircase:

Go by the book

There are a few fundamental building rules that are to be followed by any architecture when it comes to staircase design. It is extremely important to follow these substantial rules around the staircase design to arrive at the perfect one. For example, in case you are planning to have a long set of stairs, you will have to assess if you would require a landing, the dimensions of the vertical distance between the treads along with the distance horizontally between the front of each tread to the riser and height of the balustrade above the stairs. These are some measurements you cannot fiddle with; they need to precise and will ultimately give you the design suitable for space.

Location is a must

Deciding on the location of your stairs requires to occur in the initial stage of your design phase. Stairs location can vary contingent on the requirements but most stairs are centrally placed and are handy to the main entrance as well as the main living space. This basically saves travel time around the residence and provides privacy to the other areas in the house. Go for stairs that go through the dining area and also make the users spend more time getting to other areas in the residence.

Accurate measurements

The next step is to assess the amount of space you have for your dream staircase. Where there is limited space, a straight flight should do it right for places such as a hallway or entry. If you have a lot of space, go on and opt for a U-shaped staircase as it is the safest of all options, especially if you have children and a big family. An L shaped staircase can fit in a living room sort of an area that has corner space. For really compact spaces, spiral stairs are used but are safe or kid-friendly. Also, never forget that your staircase dimensions will need to be mirrored onto all the floor plans for better design outcomes.
If you think that costs and space are an issue for you, then you must keep your stairs plain and multifunctional.

Suit your home

You can deduce a lot from the look of your house which can help you decide the kind of staircase for your home. Looking for a rustic look? Go in for timber handrail, wrought iron balustrades, and moldings to add all the royalty and poise to the steps. Fancy a minimalistic modern look? You can always dip into options such as clean lines with steel, glad, and timber. Always remember to have a rough idea in your head of how it will turn out to be. You do not want your staircase to be dominant but complement your interiors.

Priority to Safety

If you have kids, it is best to go in for a high-security staircase. Opt for vertical balusters over horizontal elements. The things that parents are always scared of is falling into the gap between the stairs. A closed tread will make sure that nothing or nobody falls off of it, making it your safest option. Attach a steady hand grip and you are good to go!

Square spiral design

This modern, bold, and sleek spiral staircase proves to be ‘square’ is absolutely cooler than we are led to believe in the playground. In fact, the warm and natural wood steps and sharp, black rails are adequate for us to encourage you to go square and never look back. If we talk about the traditional circular stair, then it is prudent to mention that these types are costly and uncommon in residential construction. More common is the circular stair that cantilevers it treads off a central load-bearing post typically made of timber or steel. This kind of stair needs little area and is mainly self-supporting, but is trickier to traverse than a typical straight flight for example.

Choose your Balustrade wisely

Timber is worth the call as it provides warmth, visual appeal, and a great range of tones. Among others, glass is too expensive, open to light, and great views but also high maintenance. Stainless steel could be able and sturdy and is perfect for the typical modernistic look. Understand the strong architectural lines and spectrum of style you can choose from and then make an informed decision.

The Tread

The different kinds of treads available tend to offer various features and benefits. Closed treads are obviously extremely children friendly and also enables concealed storage underneath. When carpeted, these closed treads are on their full potential and offer great slip resistance. Carpeted treads tend to go easy on your pockets as structural timbers can be used. Open treads offer a better flow of light and a sense of open space; however, they are not safe for kids or old people. The treads are mainly kept sleek with no risers, which creatively adds to it a clear and uncongested look.

Down to décor

A staircase is something that is meant to be used the most in your house. With such high-traffic areas, you can add a few decorative touches to conceal all the work marks. Such decorates may include washable paints and hard wiring that can help you strengthen your set of stairs. Go in for a low-sheen finish on walls with pale colors will make space below feel larger, while deep tones are captivating and give an intense finish to your home. It is a common practice to hang your arts and family portraits along the staircase to utilize the space constructively.


Instead of regular couches or chairs, opt for royal looking wooden carved sofas, floor seating mats or cushions, and low-lying stools made of carved wood and woven fabric. Swings or Jhulas as we usually call them in Hindi can also be placed in the poaching or even inside the house. This will give a very casual yet traditional and calming vibe to the room.

Space below

If you happen to have your staircase right in front of your main door, it will be wise to put such space to use for storing hats, shoes, and coats. You are free to improvise to a push-open cabinet or cupboard which can be a great addition to your interiors. Always be conscious of what is below your staircase and put such space to use, of any.

Light them up

Indeed, a very smart option when it comes to a staircase. A well-lit staircase with concealed LED lights under the handrails and stair treads can be both smart and trendy. For more light, you may look at a glass balustrade staircase with an option of the skylight with overhead lighting. Suspended lighting will leave your guests eyeing for more as it makes them look up and fills the natural void created by a step.

Glass is a good idea

A staircase railing of glass panels, mounted and outlined in a simple metal frame, is absolutely minimalistic chic. But it also keeps a tiny space, one that could feel crowded and dark, airy and light. Without the glass transparent panels, the subtle under-stair lighting would be lost on occupants of the room. Also, a toned wood staircase railing graces the top of glass panels in the elegantly curved staircase. Paired with similarly toned wood flooring, it offers adequate space for a seamless appearance.

Review your look

Instead of redoing parts of it, it is best to redo the entire staircase. In case you feel your present staircase isn’t up-to-date, go all in for the various new features such as, modern square profile handrail, glass railings, and dreary stairwells to add all the brightness and replacing carpets with a new wool runner, all could be an effective change.

Before you select what stair materials you will be using make sure that it is within your budget and meets the usage requirements. Get your all-new staircase and other interiors only at Floma! Our style selector enables you to select your favorite designs from the website and share them with the expert team. A designer can then call you to discuss the residence project and begin developing the perfect stairs for your house, all based on your taste. Floma is a one-stop platform that caters to all your home décor requirements. Inspired only by the best of ideas, they offer designs such as contemporary, modern, minimalistic, and much more, at affordable prices just for you! Contact our expert team today to discuss your project.

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