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Kids Room Design Tips & Ideas from Floma!

As kids, we have all dreamt of designing the ultimate bedroom for ourselves. This fantasy comes true once we’re grown up and designing the bedrooms of our children. While designing and decorating a kid’s room brings out the inner child in us, it is important to control those instincts of designing it according to your childhood fascinations and focus more on what your child is going to need at present and also in the coming years.

A kid’s room is much more than a mere bedroom for him/her. It is their play area, study room, creative den, and most importantly, it is their safe haven at the end of each eventful day, where they can come back after being tired from all the activities they have been up to and find peace and comfort. The surroundings of a child can have a crucial impact on how they grow and develop, so parents must always try to make their kid’s living spaces as fun and cozy as possible within their means.

Irrespective of whether you have a big budget or not; or whether you have a small space or a big imagination, following are some tips you can keep in mind while designing the perfect space for your child to flourish and grow in:

1. Simplicity at its best

By keeping the walls and décor simple, you provide the child with more space to play in and a neutral surrounding that can be changed from time to time according to the tastes and choices of the child as they grow up. Even if you want to add some patterns or wallpapers, try restricting yourself to one wall or the ceiling, and even while doing so, remember to not use very dominating colors or patterns. This allows the kid to simply add and remove things from the walls and with that bring a visible difference to the room as per what stage of life they are in. This will make the child feel like he has control of his room décor and makes him more enthusiastic about his bedroom.

2. Think like a child

While designing a kid’s room, put yourself in their shoes, and then go ahead with choosing the décor and furniture. A floor bed or a small table with small stools, low handing hooks for easy access, etc are a few examples to start with. These fittings don’t only look super adorable but are also simulators in making the child more independent and responsible. Children, when allowed to be independent of tender age, can grow up to be responsible and sensible teens and eventually adults.
Therefore, thinking like you’re three feet tall not only helps you design a room that is as functional as it is fun.

3. Storage

Storage plays a key role in defining whether a room is well organized or not. Especially in the case of kid’s bedrooms as they come with a lot of things from toys to books to clothes. Kids as compared to adults need a lot more storage space. Hence, including under bed drawers, small racks here and there on the walls, compartmentalized closets, etc can prove to be a success in cooping up the possible clutter which kids tend to make. Proper storage will also help the child to learn to be more organized.

4. Lighting

Lighting should never be underestimated while setting up a kid’s room. It is very important to bring more life and the right energy to the room. Fairy lights work well in creating a cozy ambiance; while bedside lamps encourage positive habits like reading. Adding a night lamp to the room can help with those who are a little afraid of the dark or it can work as a guiding lamp for when one needs to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

5. Colors bring life

As the heading rightly suggests, the right color scheme will light up a room and make it feel vibrant and lively. Sure, it’s best to add the colors that your kid loves but also keep in mind that their preferences and favorites will change with time. Painting the wall with a sharp pink shade may make your daughter happy for another two years but eventually, she’ll want it gone. Therefore, add frames or other accessories to add color to the room instead of painting the walls, which is more permanent and restrictive.

6. More than just a bed room

A child’s room is not merely his bed room. It’s their sanctuary, a place where they can be alone by themselves, away from the outside world, and do whatever pleases them. Make sure you create a comfortable and cozy corner in your kid’s room where they can just “chill” or “hang out” with their friends. One of the simplest and easiest ways to do this is by installing a mini tepee in one corner of the room, add a few cushions and a cute rug next to the tepee and make sure to not miss the fairy lights around it!
Even the idea of twin beds can play wonders as they offer loads of style and multifunctional built-in shelving, storage units, and staircases. All these organizational designs clear some floor space for fun and modern play land as well as plenty of space work for homework.

7. Focus on your kid’s room wallpaper

Wallpaper is regarded as a route worth considering if you’re searching to design a children’s room with plenty of personalities. Most children’s wallpapers are busy and bold, so never feel obliged to use one of all the four walls if it’s going to look too full or make the room feel too small. Instead, make an effort to hang it on a single wall or maybe even two. Patterns including geometrics can suit the best and usually come in a range of colorways from bold to more subtle shades to suit the room owner’s age. For. instance, grey wallpaper is an interesting pattern that offers an amazing backdrop for an evolving scheme.
Wall art has with time become a convenient means to dress up a kid’s room, delivering simplicity with a punch of character in its application with time to come.

8. Murals aren’t a bad choice

Another attractive alternative, murals operate like a feature wall created with wallpaper, but one can size the design (rather than working with standard wallpaper rolls and pattern matching). Themes may include maps, animals, astronomy, birds, architecture, or charts, as well as patterns.

9. Rug it up

Comfortable and warm underfoot, carpets offer perfect siting for everyone. It will cushion falls and forgiving when items are dropped on it. It can also offer effective noise insulation, basically quite useful when children are playing.
But on the downside, rugs can get stained so spills must be bottled immediately then gently cleaned. Also, if your children suffer from allergies, then carpets are not recommended. Go for hard flooring options for better results. Whichever kind of rug you select its crucial to make sure that it isn’t going to slip. Grips and underlays designed for the purpose help to prevent accidents.

10. Rubber options in the room

In addition to being practical and good-looking, rubber is comfortable, soft, and a really durable surface which is simple to keep clean. It also offers good noise insulation. There’s a wide choice of colors so you’re guaranteed to find an option that suits your area.

11. Positioning is everything

While planning out the layout of a kid’s room it is important that you place inter related safety fittings and appliances next to each other to make accessibility easy and smooth, without having to run from one side of the room to the other side and functioning in a haphazard way. For example, the bed should be right next to the wall or the cupboard so that the kids can easily hold it while playing on the carpet and not trip while doing so.

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