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Design Your Home With These Tips and Ideas

Thinking about making space for a home office? Be it a small corner of a room, an annex, or even a store room, it is imperative that your office space is well designed to ensure that the atmosphere is conducive to getting work done. The flexibility from working out of your house offers numerous perks, especially being able to design your office just the way you prefer it. To not get distracted, and efficiently organized workstation can help any home office employee to maintain their focus and get the job done accurately. Here are a few tips on how to go about making your office space is practical and aesthetically pleasing:

1. Make Sure Your Office is Suitably Located

It is extremely important that the place you choose as your home office’s location actually suits your needs and requirements. How, where, and when you work are all factors you will have to take into account when deciding on the location. For instance, professionals might prefer a quiet place where they can think or talk to clients without being distracted by daily house-hold activities.

2. Space is Key

It is crucial that you choose a spot that offers you adequate work-space. You must make sure that you can move around comfortably and that your mobility is not affected. The rule of thumb that most interior designers go with is to create a space that has a minimum width of 150 cm and at least a depth of 210 cm.

3. Choose a Desk and a Chair That Are Right for You

It is crucial that you pick the desk and chair that are the best for you and your office space. Select a chair that offers you comfort and proper support, and preferably one that can be adjusted. You must also choose the right desk, which would ideally be one that is not too high and wide enough to accommodate all your stationery, electronics, and other work station essentials. Office chairs can range from low to hight, but no matter what the charge is, all that matters is that you can sit in it for more than an hour or two to get your work done at ease. Comfort is the most crucial here, so make sure that it is adjusted at a comfortable height. Also, you can try adding a pillow if you require some additional support.

4. Shelving & Storage

Although one of the most important things to consider when creating a home office, a common oversight most people make is the lack of shelves and proper storage spaces. A cluttered home office with no designated storage space can seriously hinder your thought-process and productivity. Ensure that you have as many filing cabinets, shelves, and cupboards as you might require. In addition to this, you must also make sure that your storage space is neatly organized so as to enhance your productivity and to make sure that your home-office looks inviting and spick and span. Always know that magazine files, storage boxes, and shelves, are an effective means to make what could potentially be a mess look great.

5. A Private and Cozy Meeting Area for Clients and Visitors

If your job requires you to meet with clients, visitors, customers, or even business partners or sponsors, you must make sure that you have a cozy and private area where you can meet them and entertain them while conducting business visits. It doesn’t have to be too fancy, all you need is adequate seating and a setting that is welcoming and conducive to discussing business matters.

6. Some Good Lighting and a Pleasant View

Natural light or just good lighting for that matter is positively essential for a place like a home-office, where you are going to be spending a significant amount of your time on a daily basis. Not just that, it is also important that you pick a spot with a good view so that you look forward to spending time in your office space. Additionally, you can also make your office space look bright, airy and well-lit by investing in blinds and window shades that allow as much natural light inside as possible, painting your walls a light color to give the illusion of a bigger space and using mirrors to reflect light and light up the room.
In case your office space doesn’t have a good view, you could always place your desk in such a position that it faces a beautiful work of art or an eye-catching and interesting sculpture. If possible, make an effort to position your home office as close to a window as possible, preferably towards the one that fetches more light. Good exposure to natural sunlight also benefits our bodies to get a better sleeping schedule, further aiding in needed concentration.

7. Invest in Wireless Technology

There is nothing more annoying or destructive to the general atmosphere of office space than wires that clutter your working space and constantly trip you up or get tangled up and don’t come undone. Here is how you can avoid getting ensnared in a messy web of wires-

  • You can reduce the number of wires you have to tackle by more than half by investing in a wireless router.
  • Go for a printer and a mouse that are wireless.
  • To keep wires away from your desk, fix a grommet to your desktop to lead the wires out of the way and down towards the floor.
  • Pin or fix all the visible wires along the base of your desk or one of its legs.
  • Collect and contain all the loose wires scattered across the floor by using a simple and effective cord tamer.

8. Customize and Accessorize

You don’t have to be dull and boring and compromise on aesthetics to be practical and work efficiently. You can have the best of both worlds, without sacrificing on either style or comfort, and with very little effort too. All you have to do is to jazz up your home office with a few personal touches and details, such as displaying your favorite works of art or painting a wall in any color you like. The options are endless. Personalizing your office space will not just make you feel at ease but will also make your clients and customers more comfortable and make them feel at home too.

9. Envision and Create your Perfect Home-Office with the Help of a Floor Plan

A floor plan is an extremely convenient way for you to gather your thoughts and see how you will come together. It can easily be made online by using, for instance, the RoomSketcher App, which is an online designing software that enables you to create your home office design and plan the setting of your work-space. With the help of this app, you will be able to actually visualize your ideas in a three dimensional format that will give you a clear and holistic view of your home-office will materialize. When it comes to floor covering, it is the quickest means to warm up the room and define the space with the area rug. It develops comfort in the area and adds some pops of colors, leading to a more cozy work environment.

10. Go for a designated workstation

The most crucial factor for having a productive home office is to have a designated area to work. Any place is other than the bed, sofa, or the kitchen table. Even if you reside in a small apartment, prioritize area for a small desk or table that will be utilized solely for work purposes. It will effectively help separate your home from your office and will be beneficial when you finish for the day. Individuals who work from home often face the difficulties of separating work hours from their non-work hours because it’s easy to keep at it late into the night. But maintaining a balance and switching off the computer and email is crucial for overall well-being. Physically being able to step away from the desk helps in promoting that required balance. Similarly, it’s noteworthy to get into a working state of mind when you’re at your desk or office, and away from the living areas of your house.

11. Add the green color to the area

Plants act as a natural air filter and even if they are too tiny to do much effective in that department, they surely can still offer what other objects in your home office can’t. If your sitting area doesn’t get adequate light to sustain a potted plant, try just a few stems of fresh flowers or if all else fails, go for some fake flowers, as they can still create a colorful and happy environment.

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