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Looking to design your dressing room? A dressing room is one part of the house where you go in all fresh and ready to start the day and conquer the world! The vibe and place you get dressed in are just as important as the outfit you choose. The best way to ensure both is to have a dressing room that is personalized just for you, by you!

It so happens that sometimes the heart wants something but your budget stops you from getting it. A dressing room may look expensive but need not necessarily be expensive as well. Here are some great tips to decorate your dressing room with style and panache, without burning a hole in your pocket! Enjoy this collection of attractive dressing room ideas with numerous interesting designs to offer your dressing room a luxurious look. These below-mentioned ideas are sure to give your house an everlasting element of class and style.

Mirror me

A mirror is an absolute necessity in every dressing room. Anyone who does not have a mirror is not in their right mind! You can choose from a variety of options; floor-to-ceiling mirrors will create the feeling of space, it will make the room brighter and also adds a touch of glamour, or if there is not enough wall space, you can go in for mirrored wardrobes that serve two purposes with one item. You can pick a dressing table mirror to cater to your minimum needs or a narrow console to save space.

Go for attractive drawers and storage boxes

You can easily create your mini wardrobe or dressing room with the help of a stand to hang diverse kinds of clothes while leaving area or space underneath to place drawers or storage boxes. These will be perfect for storing skirts or pants, which might be difficult to place. Storage boxes can also be beneficial in storing shoes.

Light it up!

You must make sure you have the right lighting in your dressing room. It is of extreme importance to make sure the light hits you right to make you feel good! Ideally, your dressing table needs to be in front of a window to have that natural light coming in. If that option is not available, go in for a halogen spotlight. You can more the room well lit either with ceiling spotlights or lights that run along with the panels. Include a light with an adjustable switch to make it feel cozy at night. If you have the budget for it, you can install lights inside your wardrobe to illuminate your clothes. And while you are thinking about it, make sure your sockets are in the right spots!

Smartly add a class with glass

Try not to shut away from your closet contents behind plain-vanilla dressing cupboards with closed storage. This glass dressing cupboard has numerous beneficial organizing solutions to make sure that the contents of the wardrobe appear smart, neat and worthy of display. It is crucial to know that concealed lights shed delicate light on accessories and clothes helping you to easily locate your precious things. Also, not to forget it offers your dressing room with a smart sense of wow.

Shelves of diverse shapes and sizes

A great trick for small dressing rooms is making space of lots of shelves with diverse sizes and shapes. That way you can easily hang some clothes, place the folded one, and create a place for everything. Make sure you consider the area you have and plan it out smartly, with space for bags and shoes as well. If you don’t prefer having to see your shelves all the time, then you can easily hide them by placing curtains in front of them.

Pick the right seat

It’s handy to have a place to sit while you apply your make up or put on your shoes. Even a seating area for a friend to help you through your dress up is required! A small chair for these reasons is a must-have. If you have more room then you can indulge in an ottoman with a lift-up lid to add storage. You can get a nice wooden chair in case it goes with the vibe of your room or pick the appropriate furniture to pull your dressing area together.

Protect your clothes

Make sure you take all measures to ensure the safety of your clothes. Getting the right clothes storage bags that will allow your best wool and cashmere to breathe is very important. Keep the sachets of sandalwood powder to keep your clothes free of silverfish and also give them a nice smell when you store them away for any season. Always wash your woolens before storing them and find the right dry cleaner! You can find some nice elaborate linen to decorate your windows. Nothing says class more than luxurious linen.

Go for a clothing rack

Clothing racks offer a great solution for a lot of area saving concerns. You can easily hang your precious clothes on them, especially the ones you reach out for the most. All you have to do is go for either a basic metal clothing hanging rack or hang one if you desire to save even more space. Also, you can even have it be a part of the dressing room if you desire to save money or shelf space. It is crucial to know that clothing racks can also be a beautiful décor, where you can display your most attractive shoes at the bottom and they’ll surely add a nice touch to your room.

Up the glamour with décor

As with any other room, it’s important to pick the right décor for your dressing room as well. The key is to make the room feel welcoming and comfortable. You can add your favorite movie quotes on the wall or some art pieces that you like. You can choose to add a big rug in the middle of the room or a cozy shabby rub under your vanity table to keep your feet warm while you get dressed. You can add some floor lamps here and there to give the vibes of a movie set. You can get creative with what you choose to flaunt as a representation of your personality.

A small open closet

You can always go for an open traditional wardrobe, where you just need to find a small space for it and pick compartments or shelving that aren’t too bulky. Here drawers can also help out a lot when it comes to accessories and keeping things that you don’t require all the time.

Stash away your shoes

Find quirky and funky shoe boxes t store away those heels and sneakers without making your dressing room look untidy. You can get plain shoe boxes and add labels or photographs of your own choice to personalize it. Have a nice little chair near it so you can sit down and slip on your shoes in comfort. If you have the budget and the need, you can invest in a wall shelf to keep your shoes as well.

Plan an organized wardrobe

Plants act as a natural air filter and even if they are too tiny to do much eA well-organized wardrobe will help you keep your clothes in the best condition. Plan how you want to sort your items before. It saves time and helps you decide exactly what you want to wear when you need it. Group accessories in easy-to-see drawers and box up last season’s favorites when not in use.ffective in that department, they surely can still offer what other objects in your home office can’t. If your sitting area doesn’t get adequate light to sustain a potted plant, try just a few stems of fresh flowers or if all else fails, go for some fake flowers, as they can still create a colorful and happy environment.

Keep your trinkets on display

It is fancy to place your little trinkets on display to add to some glamour to your dressing room. You can get creative with DIY options to hang your earrings, hair ties and jewelry. Pressed glass cake stands make an attractive display area for perfume bottles and accessories too. Stack them up to save space and give it that messy look too.

Find fab flooring

You should keep in mind that you will be spending a lot of time in your dressing room, either barefoot or half-naked. You’ll want to get a plush rug over the floorboards or an entirely wooden floorboard, something to make you feel in the zone. Just make sure it’s wipeable, for when you inevitably spill your foundation or aftershave on it.

Dressing room designs vary in style and size for every place. Large dressing room designs feature few storage cabinets with drawers, shelves, clothes organizer, a comfortable chair, easily creating a stylish and convenient space which can smartly satisfy the most unpredictable ladies. Small dressing rooms offer elegant ways to re-replace small storage cabinets or a traditional wardrobe.

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