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Best Dining Room Design Tips from Floma!

Planning on redecorating your dining room? A dining room is an ideal place for hosting holiday meals and family game nights or for sharing meals with friends, so how you decorate the dining room should reflect the many ways in which you use it. Dining rooms should be welcoming spaces that suit your home’s architecture, reflect your design preferences, and offer comfortable seating and plentiful storage. We all desire to create a room that guests will recognize as ours. That personal design touch in designing our dining room will definitely make it truly ours.

It so happens that sometimes the heart wants something but your budget stops you from getting it. A dining room makes look expensive but need not necessarily be expensive as well. If the budget is the problem, here are some great tips to decorate your dining room with style and panache, without burning a hole in your pocket!

Selecting Dining Room Furniture

The main essential of a dining room is a dining table and the chairs. When choosing a dining room table, there are a lot of things to be considered; think about how many people you want to seat on a daily basis, at dinner parties and when crowds gather. You must keep in mind the average size of a person and the amount of space they need to eat a meal peacefully. You should also go in for a table that is proportional to the size of the dining room.

The next thing is the shape of the table. Round tables work well in small spaces; rectangle and oval tables are well suited for large or long rooms. You can experiment by investing in a table with removable leaves that can be added as per needs. If you have a compact space, you can choose a flip-top or a tilt-top table that can be expanded when a party is in place.

Choose chairs that match the table and the room. You can opt for a mix and match medley of the chairs but make sure to tie the whole room together with similar additions. Ensure that an ample leg room is available to the person seated at the table.
You can indulge in cabinets and shelves to show off your glass ware and china ware. If you have space and budget, incorporate furniture with doors, drawers or lift up seats to charmingly amplify storage capacity. The kind of wood you choose for your furniture defines your taste. Polished mahogany with cherry finishes, rustic pine tables, Barnwood shelves; whitewashed finishes or basic steel stone and glass pieces; all emit contemporary vibes.

Floral Arrangements

There is no room in any house that does not benefit from plants and flowers. Flora automatically brings a lot to the room. Your dining room is the best place to make a statement with the kind of flowers you choose to flaunt. An elaborate centerpiece or some small arrangement along the runner adds class and elegance to the dining room. It is an easy and inexpensive way that requires to be changed often so much so that you have a new dining room every week!

Textures for Aesthetics

Perhaps this is one of the easiest approaches for a dining room design to begin with textures. Texture building is considered to be highly rewarding not just to the eye, but to the touch. It is essential to maintain balance in all design projects. Too much texture can never offer results that we desire, so consistently balance one texture with a low texture item. Go for three main large surface textures and balance them by alternating one high texture and one low texture furnishings. The most sought after the texture is with fabrics like chenilles, velvets, knitted, silk, loom weaves, lace, and linens, and so on.

Decorate the wall

The wall color of a room and the wall décor has a very large impact on the total outlook of the house. You can start by finding a piece of art that reminds you of some exotic place you traveled to or a piece of art by your favorite painter. You can decorate your walls with a nice solid wall color that brings the whole color scheme of the room together. Investing in wallpaper is a new and efficient way to change the aesthetic of your dining room as and when you wish. You experiment with the walls to create a perfect dining room. You can develop diverse wall textures using sponge, rag, or dry wall painting techniques. One can also create the illusion of stone on the wall.

Go for wall murals

A mural in the dining room acts as a luxury big ticket item. With modern and advanced technology, the cost of such wall treatments has become cost-effective. Murals can be an entire wall floor to ceiling size, a vignette in a niche, or applied to the wall and framed with attractive decorative molding. The plus point is that if you’re talented, you can also undertake painting your own mural. This kind of customized mural has always been a cherished art form. Go for a dining room set that allows the mural to take center stage and keep ascents on the other walls to a minimum and in maintaining with the mural’s style.

Indulge in linens

The kind of linen you choose for your dining room speaks volumes about you as a person. Indulge in intricate linens for chairs, the runner or even the curtains. Make yourself feel good every time you sit down for a nice family meal. Nothing says comfort more than luxurious fabrics. Add sensual feelings by casually throwing velvet on the chairs or decorating your windows with elaborately patterned curtains.

Eclectic Designs

An innovative approach to designing a dining room is to be open to new possibilities. An eclectic dining room can be functional while being absolutely fun. This kind of design is ideal for re-purposed things transformed into practical dining room usage. It is important to understand that there are no rules when going for an eclectic design. Decide on what will distinguish your designs as eclectic. These ideas can include, mismatched chairs and tables, diverse china pattern, re-purposed objects as decorations, and collective objects that are displayed prominently.

Play with colors!

Don’t be afraid to play with all kinds of colors. The colors you use for your fabrics, dishes, cutlery, and other additions set the tone for your dining room. There are neutral colors like white, ivory or gray that pair well with gold flatware, while colors like beige, brown and sorts pair well with silver flatware. These colors set a traditional tone for the area as well.
Add a pop of color and life to your dining room by placing some flowers in vibrant pots. Experiment with a variety of textures and create contrasts by pairing unexpected objects and colors like lustrous velvet and earth linen. You can accentuate your entire dining area with a rug or a fun table cloth too.

Light it up

It’s good to “layer” your lighting options in your room. You can play around with different shapes, sizes, numbers, and colors. A creative fusion of black and gold says nothing but class while a playful take on multiple lamps can bring quirk to the eating space. You can add a mood to the room by getting a light with an adjustable switch. Go in for hanging lamps to save space instead of floor lamps or table lamps. You can indulge in an overhead chandelier if you are feeling a little rich!
You can also go for statement pendant lights. These can light up a room in more ways than one. These black and bold bubble pendants fill the space between the ceiling and the table. These also draw the eyes to the beautiful dining table and chair set.

Just rug it!

Rugs have always been a symbol of elegance and class across almost all cultures and eras. A simple rug in the middle of the room can change the whole outlook of the space. In the dining room, it absolutely defines not just the room but the designer as well. It can be used to highlight the dining table itself or the color scheme of the room. Rugs from exotic parts of the world tell a different tale and add a plush texture to space. Rugs of different textures and patterns playful bring the whole setting of the dining room together.

Table for two

Small space living often incorporates the kitchen and the dining room into one. Space or no space, it is still perfect to have an area dedicated to enjoying the meals. All one needs is a sensibly-sized table, a couple of bucket seats and a small rug to define the perfect space.

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