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Bedroom Design Tips to Keep in Mind!

Planning on redecorating? Your living space should be a reflection of your personality and should be a getaway from everyday mundanities. When changing your landscape, it’s of supreme importance that you plan every tiny detail and leave nothing to estimate if the project is under a budget.
The best way to go about it is to figure out which space of your apartment is that you want to design and redecorate. It could be the living room, the kitchen or even one of your bedrooms. Irrespectively, you should have a vague idea of what you want the space to look like and how you wish to furnish it. All you need to do is close your eyes and visualize the modifications you wish to make or the things that can be added to the room, like a mirror or a wall decal or even a cute little lampshade by a nice bookshelf. Even moving around things can change the whole outlook of the space.

Once you have an idea of what you want, you must do thorough research for the same. To help you with this, we bring you the best contemporary ideas to pep up your apartment!

Choose the right furniture

Picking the right furniture is a make or break for any space. It is difficult to find furniture that saves space and also provides good storage. Decide what you need and discard the rest. Shrunken nightstands, elaborate dressers are so out. Pick small funky pieces that add to the quirk of the bedroom without eating up space. Get folding sofas to do the job of two things. Invest in a canopy bed to change the vibe of your room.

Indulge in luxurious linens

The kind of linen you choose for your bedroom speaks volumes about you as a person. Indulge in elaborate and intricate linens for every room. Make yourself feel good every time you get into your bed. Nothing says comfort more than luxurious fabrics. Add sensual feelings by casually throwing a nice fabric of over a reading chair or over your canopy bed. Pick the right thread count for your sheets and the right dry cleaner as well!

Choose the right lighting options

Lighting is a core element in any room but it is especially crucial when you are thinking about developing a relaxing and attractive atmosphere like a bedroom. It’s good to “layer” your lighting options in your bedroom. A simple lamp can focus on the reading part of the room while a separate simple on/off light for a specific part of the room. You can add a mood to the bedroom by getting a light with an adjustable switch. Go in for hanging lamps to save space instead of floor lamps or table lamps. You can indulge in an overhead chandelier if you are feeling a little rich!

Don’t be afraid to go dark

You don’t have to stick to the common whites and neutral colors for your space. Experiment and embrace your dark side by switching it up with grey, charcoal, blue or olive green. Painting your walls with a darker color can appear to be chic and sexy if you find the right additions to accentuate your taste and vibe. Using bright and neon colors in a dark themed room is another way to explore that side of you!

Choose accents that add color

Depending on the kind of color you have chosen for your wall, it is important to choose the assortments that compliment it. It can be calming to sleep in an all-white room or you can add some warmth with shades of blue and greys. Frame special pieces, source pieces from local makers, and print special images in white and black. Go for frames in a consistent style from simple black to ornate gold vintage. Art must reflect your personal interests and passions and must be uniquely reflected.
A pop of color can be added by picking a yellow or orange item. Patterns and shapes of different sizes add to the vibe of any space. Baskets and stands of different patterns, paintings, and artwork; take your pick!

Get the outdoors in

Just because you indoors do not mean nature has to stay outdoors. Any room immediately lightens up with plants and flowers. Small little pots with succulents or little flowering plants freshen up the living space. You can also get creative with the kind of pots you choose for your flora and the color scheme you follow will depend on the general vibe of the room. You can use pots that can be placed on the ground or a table or you can get hanging pots to maximize space and also liven up your walls and balcony.

Save space and cut the clutter

You can save a lot of space by moving around very basic things. By saying no to floor lamps you are saving a tiny bit of space that can be used for something else. A canopy bed is a cool way to make your room seem bigger while also serving the purposes of design. Avoid lots of dressers, night stands, and tables. Utilize the wall to the fullest. You can create the illusion of space by picking the right furniture. Mirrors are a smart way to “make more room”. Avoid messy holders and trinkets that occupy space without serving more than one purpose.

Mirror it

Mirrors are your best friend if you have a small space. It will not only reflect the natural light in the room but it will also make the room appear larger. The best thing about mirrors is that you can put it anywhere! On the cupboard, on the wall or just keep a standing mirror in the corner. You can use multiple small sized mirrors to add an artistic touch to your décor. It serves as a wonderful wall decal and changes the entire outlook of the room.

Corner cozy bed

Most bedroom decorating plans feature the bed by placing it by the wall. However, limited space and narrow floor plans call for deviation for this. To maximize the floor space, it would be best to tuck your bed up against the corner. This effect will develop a sleeping area that feels cozy and snug.

Go for the minimalist style

Go for adding space to your small master bedroom by pairing it down to some of your crucial essentials. The focus of this space is undeniably the bed, so make sure to furniture accessories and pieces down to a minimum. Even better, go for sleek, contemporary built-ins for more storage. These built-ins help in maximizing storage while looking like they’re not even there. An effective built-in around the bed creates a cozy sleeping nook while adding a great amount of space.

Loft living

If your floor space is limited but you have high ceilings, then try to go for a loft or platform for your sleeping area with seating or storage area underneath. This isn’t an option for everyone, but for those who do not mind climbing into the bed, this creative layout can definitely transform a small room into a creative and innovative one.

Transform your bedding and throw pillows

Since the bed is the focal point in every bedroom, changing throw pillows and/or your duvet can be one of the most effective small changes you can easily make. Choosing bedding in a color that is wholly diverse from what you currently have can create a huge impact. White bedding is considered to always be the tried-and-true favorite . White bedding works in all seasons and can be easily layered with a cozy wool blanket in the winter season and lighter boho inspired pillows in the summer season. Don’t be afraid to try out a new pattern for your bedding.

Give some thought to your floor

This can include changing out the duvet, changing or adding a rug, which can have a big impact and act as a great place to get innovative and creative with patterns. Think about adding a thick shag or an appealing vintage kilim. Rugs are an innovative means to pull a room together and never be afraid to layer a few to give the area a collected and relaxed feel.

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