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21 Beautiful Balcony Design Ideas

We always feel relaxed after coming back home after a long and tiring day. At best we wish to relax and unwind after spending hours on our tedious jobs. The balcony is one place where we can go and relax as peacefully as possible. That’s the reason why one should definitely decorate it. But decorating balconies is a very common difficulty. You must think carefully about selecting the right table and chairs and some other noteworthy things. It is crucial that on a small balcony you must not place large furniture so that you can save space for free passage, as well as for comfortable seating area and relaxation. You can easily go for little things, decorative lights, plants, candles, and the like. If you still can’t think of any ideas for your balcony, take a look below and fetch some helpful and informative ideas.

In this article, we present to you a few ideas to decorate your balcony which can turn into a cozy little corner where you can spend your time reading or watching a movie or even a place for you to meditate. Check out these designs and get inspired!

1. Faux Turf

Roll out some faux grass and install it on your balcony. It is an excellent weather resistant solution for your outdoor balcony. These are available in recyclable options. Such mats are soft to walk on and you can add a few pebbles and beach stones in the corner to add a zeal to the entire setting. A cozy area for fresh air and sunlight is vital. You can easily create a unique window, or carve some little sitting area by the large window to build out a faux patio. Make sure to set up a set of chairs, a couple of plants, a small portable side table, and you’ll definitely feel like you’re right out on a cozy balcony.

2. Wind and Sun protection

Our balconies sometimes receive more sunlight than is necessary. It can often make the balcony uncomfortable. Adding umbrellas or an overhead canopy can shield you from the sun. A screen on your railing will be beneficial to block the strong winds. Also, urban areas balconies often lack privacy from above. Thus, creating some kind of overhead shelter increases the room-like feel.

3. Play with Rugs

Adding rugs to your balcony is a great way to add some visually appealing look to it without spending a lot of money. You can keep a small sofa at the end of the balcony to complete the look.

4. Curtains

Curtains are usually inexpensive and add a little more drama to the balcony. You can hang them by investing in curtain rods which will prevent them from flying away.

5. Balcony Counter

Installing a counter with some water-resistant chairs will offer a great view for you to enjoy and at the same time will give you space which can double as a dining table.

6. Rooftop Garden

This is the perfect opportunity to try your hand at gardening. You can use real or fake plants to decorate your space. Such plants are easily available in the market. The faux plants come in almost all varieties like potted plants, tall grass, and ivy railings. They will surely boost your balcony piracy and green up your outdoor decor.

7. Get the Mediterranean Look

String lights, wall hangings, cushions, earthen pots with colorful rugs can all be used to create the perfect Mediterranean look right on your balcony. The string lights will cast a magical glow to that area.

8. Sea of Pillows

Layering the rugs with plush cushions will turn your balcony into a super cozy corner. You can invest in removable cushions covers which can be easily washed in the machine. In this way, you can play with different colors and at the same time maintain a clean place. Make use of outdoor pillows to make metal or wooden benches and sofas as comfy as possible. It is noteworthy to know that even wooden crates can become seats if covered with rugs and cushions. Keep cozy throws in hand for cooler weather and good smelling candles for summer evenings.

9. Minimalistic Approach

The arrangement in the balcony is to be based on a minimalistic approach- minimum furniture, minimum pots, and minimum accessories. This gives you a feeling of openness due to the space available.

10. (Don’t be) Blinded by the Lights

Lighting plays an important role in creating a suitable ambiance in any given space. Subtle lighting of soothing hues makes time spent in the balcony an experience in itself. It relaxes the mind and body together.

11. Furniture

The preferred material for your furniture should be waterproof wood or cast iron which can withstand vagaries of weather. There are a wide variety of furniture ideas that can complement the look of any balcony. Folding furniture helps in maintaining a space within your space when required to be stored when not in use. Extendable furniture caters to additional requirements when more pax is to be catered for. Go for lightweight wooden furniture in plastic design so that they can be folded into each other. They are usually oversized, so after folding you can put them aside on the balcony for convenience. You may also convert your empty storage boxes as settees or coffee tables.

12. Swings

Depending on the space available swings enhance the look of any balcony. However, the choice of the type of swing should merge with the overall scheme of the balcony. Breakfast with bread and jam with coffee on your cozy swing is definitely a great start to every summer day.

13. Water Caskets/Fountains

Water caskets coupled with suitable colored lighting can complement the look and experience for time spent in the balcony. However, the water caskets/fountains should not interfere with your chosen concept of the balcony and should not create sludge. Also, one should ensure that this component does not become a breeding ground for mosquitoes or flies.

14. Floor it up!

If you don’t like the floor of your balcony, you can purchase colorful or patterned tiles to cover up the floor and make it look chicer. But it is important to know that wood is popular for floors of terraces and balconies since wooden floors are easy to clean, are cost-effective, and resistant to frost and also make the room appear spacious.

15. Patterns, patterns, and more patterns!

By adding patterns to your balcony, this space can stand out (pun intended) from the other spaces of your home. It can be a patterned cushion or a rug or even a throw over your sofa.

16. Glass Railings

The railings are an essential part of any balcony. The height of your apartment will decide the type and height of your railings. If an apartment is in a high-rise building and provides suitable cover from neighboring balconies, a glass railing will be a good option.

17. Mix and Match Furniture

There is no need to worry about uniformity. You can choose to keep wicker chairs with crates as tables. It’s your balcony after all. Make it quirky!

18. Screens

You can bring in and install a screen made of bamboo or any stylish screens on your railing to make your balconies more private.

19. Use Your Wall Space

Think posters, chunky wall hangings or paintings. Make use of pictures of your favorite places as an inspiration to customize the outdoor area that’s reminiscent of it. Balconies can be portrayed as mini escapes and help in mentally transporting to a place that brings peace. Also, a metal or wooden stand-mounted against the wall would definitely serve as a home warehouse. You can easily stack the stuff things that you desire to store on the balcony with beautiful, and closed containers.

20. Vacation Vibes

You can place a hammock on one end of your balcony and swing your worries away.

21. Blending with the Interior

Although the balconies form a separate part of your house, they have to match up to your interiors as well. You can use similar designs for both balconies and the indoors which are visually appealing and yet both places stand out in their own way.

22. Jungle-like appearance area

The balcony can be an attractive extension and reflection of indoor style. The plants set up accurately in the balcony offers a sense of tranquility with personal touches like hanging circular mirrors or orange tiles.

23. Boho Chic

A fun space, light-hearted, boho-chic attracts the host who adores entertaining family and friends often and actively but it also offers the ultimate area for relaxation and unwinding.

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