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Using Violet in Your Interior Design - Tips & Ideas

Modern interior paint shades precisely reflect the current trends in fashion and decorating. Glamorous wallpaper prints and patterns, decorative fabrics, interior paint colours, and home accessories in light violet colour make the modern interior design feel tender, calm, intimate, attractive, and cool. Subtle violet colour tones and soft violet interior paint colours, like plum, greyish, bluish violet, lavender tones in light hues, plum, and violet or rich indigo colour shades are well-known for huge surfaces of room walls and flooring decoration.

Selecting interior colour schemes that include greyish violet, lavender, light bluish, plum tones, and light violet paint colours, mixed with rich indigo or fresh white tones or blue-violet shades, for wallpapers or furnishings, have the ability to create romantic, stunning, pleasant, and interesting modern interior designs. Interior paint shades offer quick and practical décor ideas that can dramatically transform the way rooms feel and look. Modern and latest wallpaper prints and patterns in stunning violet colour and furnishings, upholstery fabrics, décor accessories, like floor carpets, decorative vases, and bedding, can be precisely used for inducing violet colour shades into interiors designs.

Violet is now a well-known colour because of the multi-cultural influences being embraced as interior design. Use lavender, pink-violet, or magenta and you will be perceived as someone youthful and sophisticated. When used intelligently and imaginatively, the colour violet acts flawlessly for ground-breaking interior design. Dependent on the shades of violet that you have selected, some shades will introduce naturality into your house, some will do the opposite, so you absolutely require to select those shades that you adore the most for your house. It is not a simple task to select the accurate shade of violet, but if you succeed, the lavenders will always smile happily in your house, and that’s all one must desire. It is impossible to look at the colour violet and feel unhappy.

One other reason why violet is regarded as a stunning colour is that it appears distinctly before other colours when placed against black. This means that you can easily pair it with other diverse accent shades and it will still be the center of attention as long as there’s some shade of black for it to contrast with. Another effective interior design idea is to use the violet shade in the breakfast room or space where you usually spend time in the morning. This way you can start your day on a happy and chirpy note.

Making use of the colour violet in interior designing with suitable other shades of violet or with other diverse other colours with a well contoured destination may have special and creative effects. Use this brilliant and soothing colour if you desire to have a fresh and natural atmosphere in your house. This makes violet perhaps that one colour with which one can never be wrong. Violet is a strong colour and that is why you must add certain violet elements in your house. Read on further to understand where all you can use the violet colour in your residence.

Bedroom dreaming

The lightest shade of violet is finest to develop the perfect aura of tranquillity all around your place. Combine subtle textures with diverse colours for a deep sleeping experience.

Chill in the violet aura

Add violet in your lounge for the ultimate coffee chill out area with rustic violet velvet design sofas. White woodwork combined with a white hanging lamp offers this evening lounge an altogether refreshing appearance.

Luscious lavender

This is a splendid instance of the difference just a little colour can make. You can go for an all black and white kitchen, and spice it up a bit with some lavender touches. This absolutely brings some softness and warmth into the room.

Violet wallpapers in the room

Apart from painting your room walls with a transformative and stylish violet shade, you can also utilize a printed fresh violet wallpaper on all the four walls to create a bold effect perfectly brought to life with furnishings and decorative accessories that feature shades picked out from the printed wallpaper. Violet wallpaper makes for an innovative option if you want your living room to radiate a spacious feel together with a welcoming and warm look. And also, it would be best to stick to wallpaper ideas that are symmetrical to keep the look consistent and simple on the eye.

Neutral colours develop a calming effect and benefit harmonize modern interior design colour schemes with stunning violet. Also, you can add other paint colours to interior designing with violet shade, and include three or four matching interior design colours for stripes on the walls or floral designs that brighten up the room décor.

Popping violet kitchen idea

Here, you can add a small touch of violet, so that you can see the wonderful difference that it makes in the entire room. If you are attached to your appliances and you don’t wish to let them go, here is an alternative that just needs a little bit of paint. This shade of paint really makes the room pop and even makes the ceilings appear taller.

Violet and grey kitchen idea

Add a dash of grace and elegance in your kitchen with violet cabinets accompanied with bare brick walls and steel appliances. A great move from drab and boring to a lively perfect kitchen.

Contemporary blue and violet apartment

Violet and metals are a timeless combination

As a homeowner, we are sure that you must have noticed that the latest trends in interiors pair neutral colours such as greys, white, brown, and black with typical metal colour combinations. Violet and brass, stainless steel, gold, and copper are all popular in home interiors and the look is absolutely inviting and warm. For a gorgeous pair, it would be best to pair violet with classic metals like stainless steel.

Mesmerize your heart to the core by selecting a combination of violet and blue in the living area. The funky, retro rug, violet walls, and a cream coloured sofa can easily set a perfect room for serenity and elegance in your living space.

Rustic violet kitchen

The rustic violet kitchen is appetizing and inspirational as it surely sets a perfect tone for enjoying or preparing a great meal or delicious desserts. White kitchen cabinets complement the deep violet island, making a stunning statement in a rustic cottage kitchen.

To picture the beauty offered by violet, just imagine a stark white and violet kitchen. While kitchens need to be clean and clear, the colour white tends to make it look sterilized. Adding violet on the background changes this as it is a welcoming contrast to the white and silver appliances that adorn modern kitchens. Violet, in this case, adds warmth and character to the kitchen.

Adding violet in kitchen décor also creates a flow in small apartments including the master bedroom that can be decorated in violet-indigo, plum, or navy. While violet may not be a common shade choice for kitchens, this is actually a shade that is slowly becoming favored by most expert modern interior designers.

Don’t forget the curtains

Window treatments and curtains are one aspect of room décor that is, for the most part, ignored by most interior designers and homeowners when looking to introduce a sumptuous colour. You can easily make your special curtains a central part of your violet room design ideas by sourcing cost-effective curtain panels in the warm hue. Colourful curtains paired against a soothing violet wall will precisely develop a subtle feel, and yet a vibrant and dynamic look while also lending the space more depth. Let violet room ideas grace your interior décor style without diminishing other decorative features in your rooms. We would recommend that you must use violet room ideas to your benefit as they make for a stunning starting point when refreshing a particular room.

Mix violet walls with wood tones

If your house has different warm wooden tones, such as a wooden floor or wooden paneling, violet walls can precisely offer brightness to the room and complement the earthy tones.

Use violet to create more space

Because of clean aesthetic abilities, violet walls offer a heightened perception of space and make the room appear larger. Psychologically, the violet colour also indicates focus, simplicity, and clarity. With this combination, it makes the colour violet an ideal choice for any study or home office.

Violet on violet

Violet walls mixed with violet furnishings can definitely offer the room a clean and crisp feel. It will also enable you to add your own twist to the room and make use of textiles and cushions to add a splash of co-ordinated colour.

Violet in Hallways

Hallways are mostly bland spaces inside a house. These are regarded as mere passageways where one can get to different rooms. But a hallway need not be random, bland, and dull in terms of design. Hallways and corridors can look attractive by adding accent furniture while putting in printed and patterned violet walls. This area becomes notable especially when the adjoining rooms have a more subdued colour such as silver grey or black.

The violet office

It is time to offer your workplace a new and stylish look. This season, paint it all violet whether it’s the furniture or the book rack, and add a refreshing and vibrant look.

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Royal violet bedroom

Integrate violet with white in your bedroom and enjoy a royal feeling packed with cozy comfort and polished white chandelier and white painted furniture. Relaxed nights are assured as you make your way into this stunning violet bedroom. The master bedroom can become more delightful and romantic if the colour violet were added. This lovely violet should effectively complement the ocean all year-round. Violet is an amazing colour to frame the blue skies and oceans. To keep the sophistication of this shade, make use of accessories such as pink, green, or coral accent cushions.

Violet kids’ area

Gift your kids an enthusiastic atmosphere to play and study with violet and brown combination. The simplicity of design is what matters the most in offering the room a complete look.

Focus on natural lighting

When painting the room violet, always consider the natural light source. This is because a room that is painted violet can precisely optimize the light of the space, so a room with poor natural lighting can advantage from all-violet walls whereas a well-lit area will require warm infusions, such as wooden tones, to make sure the room doesn’t seem too chilly or cool.

Violet in the living room

What could be an amazing way to start embracing the colour violet in your home’s design than to use it in your living area? The living room fetches much foot traffic during the day or even the evenings when social meetings and gatherings are conducted. An expansive area can look intimidating thus an effective means to soften the room is to use violet as the dominant shade. You can easily combine this creative and unique shade with splashes of black and silver grey. A violet carpet can also offer a pretty look to the living room design.

Black, violet, and grey living room

For those who prefer it sober, a touch of black or grey will add a soothing touch to the exciting and vibrant feel of violet. Pair it up with a white rug or flooring with black wooden work and the room is absolutely set for a sober yet stunning look.

Graceful Victorian powder room

Develop a dramatic background with stunning patterned violet wallpapers. A combination of greys, blues, whites, and lavenders establish the colour palette for the small and dramatic room.

Add mirrors for reflection perfection

Positioning mirrors against violet walls can offer any room a touch of grace and create a perception of more area than there actually is. It can be especially effective if the mirror has a coloured frame or warm wood to make it stand out in the room décor. Beauty can be personified in a violet dressing room where a mirrored wall and long violet drapes are combined against a gracefully lit mirror. Everything in the violet dressing room must simply fall in love with. It is a fact that if you surround yourself with violet you will attain absolute peace of mind.

Playing with diverse shades of violet

Stunning as it sounds, the colour violet comes in a variety of shades. Every colour, be it yellow, blue, green, or red, has a tone of violet to its own. Make use of these shades and tones to their finest extent when adorning your rooms with violet. There may definitely be a shade of violet that goes well with the metal and wood or the upholstery.

More than a mere connector

Violet can be more than just a connecting shade. In the right hands, it can also become the centerpiece of the house. Graceful violet can transform ugly storage spaces into stunning designer rooms. It is easy as adding artwork and printed wallpapers with dashes of violet into any room. With this warm colour combined with natural light, you can easily transform light rooms into warmer rooms and dark and dull rooms into cheerful ones.

Futuristic violet TV room

The violet and white setting will definitely enhance your TV watching experience as you can easily combine white sofas with purple cushions. A corner lamp completes the overall evening look with white light brightening the violet wall in an innovative and creative way.

Violet shade can make your interiors adaptable all year round

The colour violet creates a canvas for you to design in diverse ways all year round. Whether you adore ushering in autumn with stunning rustic tones of yellow, blue, red, and burnt umber or change to bright colours and pastels in spring, an all-violet interior gives you the adaptability to change at a whim. Swap out throw pillows, bed linens, accent carpets, and window treatments to create a seasonal house that is welcoming and adaptable all year round. During summers, an all-violet interior is refreshing and cool and may not require seasonal colours at all.

Lazy violet mornings

A lovely chandelier, violet texture walls, and the wooden flooring, all these are great for creating a mood for some lethargic newspaper reading while resting across the white window peeping out for the greenery of your stunning lawns.

Violet accessories in a violet room

For a violet bedroom theme, the bed is not the only element that can be transformed into a violet-themed space, but the accessories around the bedding area can also be touched with violet. You can go for violet pots. The pot can be unique as it clearly emphasizes futuristic characteristics and modernity. To transform the atmosphere, we suggest you play around with the lighting.

Violet and pink combination

Observing the colour wheel, pink and violet are pretty close. That’s the reason why a lot of homeowners select pink to accompany violet. To add more fun, you can play with numerous shades of pink and violet, and mix them in one room.

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