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How to Use Red Colour in your Interior Design

Colours play a vital part in our lives as they affect the way we see our surroundings and the way we live. Colours have an inclination towards influencing our habits, moods, and the way we feel different kinds of emotions. They make us happy, sad, nostalgic, or angry depending on what colors we associate ourselves with. The colors of your house are a direct reflection of your personality. The colors of your interior decor have the ability to change your moods and thoughts. They very much define your likings and your outlook towards things. That is why it is important to choose the right color when it comes to decorating. If the color red hasn’t come to your mind yet here are a few reasons why you should definitely consider red for your home décor.

Red as color for interior designing

The colour red is a definite one that propagates feelings of excitement, warmth, stimulation, strength, power, and vitality. The colour in itself is so strong that it goes on to send a very strong message of what it depicts. It often radiates a sensuous, passionate, and vigorous outlook when used as your interior designing alternative. A playful combination of reds can add the required excitement into your mundane lives.
Being the bold and brave colour that red is, it is important to use it with caution in case you plan on putting a bulk of it on your walls. In case you are looking for a scatter here and there, you can go ahead and use as much as red as you want. The thing about the colour red is that it tends to showcase your room and space as enclosed making it more intimate. It gives a very cozy and enclosed look to your home space balancing out the actual space of your home. It is normally advised not to go for red to decorate your bedroom as it increases your respiratory rate, whereas, you want your bedroom to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. Although it would for the best to avoid any reds in your bedroom, people do have red interiors as it also offers a feeling of warmth, love, and romance.
Similarly, it is not used in large spaces as it is an electrifying colour and therefore is used to highlight a corner of elegance passion and romance. Through the use of drapery bed linen and accessories, you will be able to accomplish your electrifying yet flavourful space. Although using it as accents can enhance the way your home looks. Add this electric, passionate essence to your home décor and you will feel the difference yourself.!

Planning proper accessories

When working with a red wall, it is vital to strategically plan out the rest of the house décor. The major key to making red walls work is to make sure that a great majority of everything else in the room pops against it. This basically indicates light coloured furnishings, moldings, artwork, floors, and even accents.

Red and its colour schemes

The classic blend of a pure white room with a red leather sofa and red pendant light fittings looks spectacular as the colour draws all of your attention to its magnanimity. Inspired by this simple yet effective combination, you may go for a red wall or red furniture to go with your pure white room. This looks adequate and leaves an edgy touch to the whole room. You don’t have to be too dramatic to opt for red as it has a lot of more than that to offer. It is a great way to draw focus and attention into your spectacular interiors.

Add Green Artifacts

Having green themed walls or a small corner is yet another classy method of adding green to your interiors. This can mean wall hangings, show pieces, paintings extra. Your picture frames can be green. This saves you from the commitment of having your walls painted green or your furniture being green. You can never go wrong here. You can also try the artificial grass placed vertically over the wall or in the balcony as a separator. It not only brings elegance but also ensures privacy.
The most popular one is a red wall around a fire place which instantly takes you a warm and cozy space even if the fireplace is not lit. The colour creates a peaceful snug that can complement your living room and your guests will leave in awe of its beauty. Adding the brick texture to your red walls around the fireplace can give you’re the ultimate feels.

Using a red coloured wall in your entrance could be a bold move as its intensity is the first thing you will notice as you enter. Having said that, the versatile colour goes on to depict a bold, luxurious, affluence that shall augment your lovely home. Compliment this look with a gorgeous chandelier or golden fabric that will make your house look nothing less than a royal palace. That one place only a few people consider red is the dressing space. The colour red cannot be misunderstood for being too bold for the dressing area. Not only is it a private space in your home but red also flatters the skin and makes it look the best while putting on makeup and getting dressed. This could add a boost to your dressing room and additionally make your skin look great! The colour is also known for its extensive usage in clothing stores, both its element of luxury and its compatibility with the skin tones.

As a vibrant and powerful colour, it is also suitable for your dining room and living room. The focused bold shades of red will definitely make a style statement. Do not be afraid to use the colour red if that’s what you desire. It is a perfect representation of positivity and bravery. Red provides a feeling of courage and is essentially used in gyms and sports arenas too. It adds a bit of vigor and passion that are crucial for motivation in such a setup. This goes on to prove that the colour brings with itself a great deal of adaptability and can be adorned in any interiors if used wisely. The colour of extroverts is out there for you to explore and play with. The rich, opulent, and bold nature of red will add the right amount of sassiness to your home.

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Red furniture chairs

Some strategically selected and well-positioned pieces of red furniture can easily make an interior pop. In a living area with less neutral features, you can easily transform its overall look and develop a comfy feel using a red soft sofa and accent chairs. This will create a cool and discreet ambiance. A set of chairs and a table plays very well with neutral shades for the rest of the room. Since the colour is so visually arresting, even one piece can easily transform a bland space. Red room ideas will benefit you to create a uniquely modern room décor design with retro-inspired vibes that will always appear timeless.

Rug it up

Red is a colour of elegance and there is nothing like too many rugs. Rugs are known to finalize and lock the look of a room. Hence the combination of the two bests will surely leave you with a more welcoming and balanced room. A full-size rug under the sofas or a long one besides either side of the bed will look wonderful. Another plus point of the same is low maintenance. As compared to the other lighter tones, red does not easily get dirty and hence saves you the effort. Red carpets are definite to leave a dramatic impression, they easily richen the room’s environment and they are a great basis for decoration.

Pay attention to lighting

If your living room does not have many windows, you must look for a different colour option. This is because red walls need a lot of natural light to really work.

Never forget the curtains

Window treatments and curtains are one aspect of room décor that is, for the most part, ignored by most interior designers and homeowners when looking to introduce a sumptuous colour. You can easily make your special curtains a central part of your light red room design ideas by sourcing cost-effective curtain panels in the warm hue. Colourful curtains paired against a light red wall will precisely develop a subtle feel, and yet a vibrant and dynamic look while also lending the space more depth. Also, consider a few strategically positioned wall accessories like mirrors or tapestries. Let red room ideas grace your interior décor style without diminishing other decorative features in your rooms. We would recommend that you must use red room ideas to your benefit as they make for a stunning starting point when refreshing a particular room.

What is the finest combination with red?

In the red spectrum, there are quieter colour schemes, which successfully mix up with rich red. It is pink, purple, and even brown. On contrasts, you can mix yellow, white, and even blue, this way you can add a little rigor to the interior and induce black as an additional shade. If you desire to create a festivity, for instance, in a country house, then this combination will be the most exciting. Red goes well in combination with orange, beige, and yellow hues. For the kitchen and bedroom, there is no more suitable colour choice. Warm colours always accurately contribute to appetite.

The Red and Yellow shade

Red and yellow shades are visually powerful as they are the two warm primary shades, thus they easily stick together. Using the red colour can be a strong and major choice in the inside structure plan, this it is vital that you adore the shading, however, it would be best to find out how to use it effectively. A room with adequate red colour can easily enhance the level of passion or make the mood romantic. It is mostly the first choice for newly wedded couples or individuals who prefer to show the bold side of their personality.

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