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Grey Colour Interior Design Ideas & Tips

While talking about the natural colours of this world, grey does not usually cross a man’s mind. However, it is also true to say that we might have underestimated this colour. Grey has perhaps now become extremely popular amongst the interior designer and homemakers. Tones like grey, blue, and green are counted as softer tones as compared to other red, orange, and purple. Grey as colour never stands out in a room and is often left unnoticed. Our eyes always first spot primary and bright colours, hence we can say that grey is more of a blender. It is because of this reason why our household equipment like, computers, keyboards, blenders, cleaners are mostly in the shades of grey. It aids them in blending in which the vibe of any room.

When we talk about neutrals, the colour grey has always been the hot shade for the past several years and its popularity has yet to decline. Once associated with dreariness and drowsiness, the particular colour has fetched popularity among top interior designers, who appreciate its sophistication and versatility. With more depth that the colour white, the shade offers more sophisticated backdrop to any space.

Apart from being the most subtle shade, grey is one of the most dignified and calm colours. It is not as dramatic as the sharp blues, blacks, and reds; however, they can very easily adjust electric shades with them. Neutrality and flexibility are the major selling points of grey. It brings a very sophisticated vibe to the interiors as well as the exteriors.
Here are a few combinations of grey that you can try!

The Obvious Grey & White

One of the most smooth and easy combinations of all times. The crisp shade of white along with the correct tone of mid-grey will be a canvas for you to play with other colours. It forms the most perfect base for a multi-colour furnishing. In this combination, grey can be the primary colour and the whites can be used to highlight the edge and finish the curves. This not only gives you an edgy look but also leaves you with a wonderful finishing.

Grey and Yellow

Another trendy combination can be that of a fun Pantone’s Primrose Yellow and a milder toner of grey. This adds that extra punch of energy to your room, while at the same time it doesn’t disturb the ease of the room. It showcases a very friendly and welcoming vibe. To talk of furnishing, it can easily be coupled with a bit of white and wooden accessories. This is a winning pair, where grey’s subtleness enables yellow to shine in all its vibrant glory. The crazier the combination of colourful and bright prints and patterns in your house accessories and upholstery, the more welcoming a grey backdrop becomes as a means to counterbalance all the visual activity with cool simplicity.

Grey and Blue

This blend may seem to be a bit rough and grim. It creates a cool and inviting ambiance that makes you feel inherently urbane. For the décor, you can use darker tones of grey or some brighter hues of the shade blue. This will leave with an effortlessly adaptable room. You could also use a bit of white in the background and sharpen the look with hints of teal or turquoise, another treading shade for a better visual appeal.

Aqua with grey

Shades of aqua or lighter blue shades that are crisp and clean like the ocean on a sunny look stunning with grey. Pops of the shade using cushions, artwork, throw rug, or vase are a few ways to integrate this colour.

Grey & Beige

For the ones who prefer a less colourful atmosphere, this combination can be the best option. It cuts short the need or extra garnishing in total. These two colours are known to be the most delicate yet elegant colours on the palate. Its finished look offers a very moderate, yet classy vibe. This combination will be recommended for living or television rooms, the work cabinets, or even the bedrooms. You can use wooden furnishing with this combination along with some jute accessories and shades of brown.

Grey & Brown

Rule one for this combination will be to not be scared! In spite of the popular opinion, brown can be an excellent colour to have that warm and cozy winterish aura to any interior. Hence the combination of these two can bring great eye-appealing results. This one combination is very popularly used for living rooms. It leaves an intimidating and rich look, which help in maintaining the adaptability along with the royalty of the look.

Grey & Pink

Yet another astonishing combination that the designers love: pink and gray. One of the softest and romantic shades, pink and gray can give you some really amazing dreamy bedrooms. Pink is known to bring a very feminine touch to the place. It’s one of the most love pastel shade and hence can also be styled in some edgy ways. These two blends will give you a great balance of sophistication and grace. There are a lot of ways in which this combination can be incorporated. You can either go in for grey walls with an accent wall of pink shade, or you can have grey-based walls with light, baby pink furnishing.

Grey & Mustard

Yet another fun tone to work with is mustard. The combination of grey with mustard can be seen as a much cooler. To set the alight grey colour off in a room, it can perfectly be blended in with some warm mustard cooler. However, the trick to pulling this combo off is to get the right shade of mustard. The lighting of the room plays a very important role in this regard. The best of shades can go for a six if the lighting of your space doesn’t compliment it. Having said that, these shades are can give an edgy look to your living room. You can couple it up with some mustard cushions or a sofa with mustard piping.

Grey and lime green living area

Lime green in a colour that mostly raises eyebrows, but, when it is used in a combination with the right neutral as the base colour, it definitely becomes a room for a grown-up.

Masculine grey living area

Grey living area furniture is a well-known choice for any bachelor pad vibe. Because of its neutral base, it is simple to style the grey living room so that it feels more masculine or even feminine. To create a more masculine look, try using a few diverse grey tones in the lounge but with the focus being on mid-grey and dark shades. You can even combine a few combination colours like teal or petrol blue. Furniture-wise, maintain the grey theme with nickel or chrome finishes or even matter black frames or burnt wood finishes.

Grey wallpapers in the room

Apart from painting your room walls with a transformative and bold grey shade, you can also utilize a printed fresh grey wallpaper on all the four walls to create a bold effect perfectly brought to life with furnishings and decorative accessories that feature shades picked out from the printed wallpaper. Grey wallpaper makes for an innovative option if you want your living room to radiate a spacious feel together with an inviting and warm look. And also, it would be best to stick to wallpaper ideas that are symmetrical to keep the look consistent and simple on the eye. Also, you can add other paint colours to interior designing with grey shade, and include three or four matching interior design colours for stripes on the walls or floral designs that brighten up the room décor.

Creating contrast would be a good idea

Although grey walls can offer a stark and crisp feel to a room, it doesn’t mean that you have to shy away from bold prints and patterns or stick to similar and muted shades. A statement carpet can be an ideal focal point and grey walls can offer a shabby chic a minimalistic twist.

Grey dining rooms

The palette of the dining room may integrate numerous diverse colours but it must focus on one primary theme for a better décor outcome. For a primarily grey dining space, the exact hue of grey that you select will have a noteworthy impact. Greys vary from exciting lively bold dark grey to pale soothing light cloudy grey. The grey shade that you select for your residence must precisely capture the mood that you wish to develop. Grey is a well-known choice for most dining areas, perhaps because of the diverse variety of moods that it can develop.

Grey bedrooms

The bedroom is one of the best places in the residence to embrace the creative blend of grey and white. Both colours come in such a wide variety of shades and hues that the potentials are almost endless. Since you desire the bedroom to be a fresh, serene, and relaxing space that promotes a goodnight’s sleep, using mellow shades of grey for the walls and soothing white hues is a stunning way to go. The warm yet soothing grey walls also offer the room a snug atmosphere that turns it into a comfortable retreat in the winter months.

The colour grey in the master bedroom is a brave and outstanding colour choice. When used accurately and imaginatively it can definitely make any room stand out. The trick will come in how much grey shade to use so that you don’t spoil the interior design. Selecting the right accents and tones can really make the room attractive. The colour must be comfortable and welcoming without being threatening and deliberate. When you see the grey shade in the master bedroom interior, the end outcome will definitely be something you can be proud of while showing it to guests. Minimalistic and traditional interior styles, for instance, mostly always make use of the grey shade very well as these are usually soothing and softer in their colour schemes.

It is highly believed that the grey shade relieves stress levels by helping the individuals relax. If you are planning to use the colour grey in a child’s nursery, it would be best to warm it up with some pinks or yellows. Not every kid’s room has to be a kaleidoscope of bright shades. A small colourful poster and odd pops of colour are all this is required. The rest of the space can be kept plain and simple so as not to overwhelm a baby’s developing senses.

Grey bathroom ideas

We all know that grey clean bathrooms are always a feast to the eye if maintained properly. With grey toilet fixtures, optimum use of glass shower cubicles or walls, and white flooring, the bathroom can be given a chic makeover. Be sure to go either for grey or metallic luminaries for the lights and try to express as much variation in lighting as possible. If you wish to use any of the shelves, restrict them to a different tone of grey. The colour grey used in bathrooms with white ceramic plumbing fixtures and wainscoting feels classy and crisp. It definitely complements the natural grey in the flooring as well as the silvery shade of the mirror.

Playing with diverse shades of grey

Stunning as it sounds, the colour grey comes in varieties of shades. Make use of these shades and tones to their finest extent when adorning your rooms with bold grey. There may definitely be a shade of grey that goes well with the metal and wood or the upholstery.

Mix-up textures

Grey interiors work precisely great layered with texture to truly bring the neutral to life. Stoneware and natural woods are particularly discerning against the grey and are vital trends in their own right. From opulent marble to industrial concrete, stoneware in the house can complement a variety of interior styles and can be accurately implemented on a large scale via tiles or flooring or through accents such as tableware or planters. Wood is another key player for house interiors and can be represented through flooring and furniture. The adaptability of both wood and grey makes them perfect partners, with warm woods such as mahogany and walnut warming the often-cool hue or paler choice such as beech offering a crisp, Scandinavian feel.

For the winter season, cozy furnishings and grey interiors go hand-in-hand. You must always have a lookout for faux fur throws, sheepskin, and chunky knits in a selection of complementing shades to infuse a sense of warmth.

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Mix grey walls with wood tones

If your house has different warm wooden tones, such as a wooden floor or wooden paneling, grey walls can precisely offer brightness to the room and complement the earthy tones.

Chalk painted walls

For homeowners who like their houses set to conformist values, and yet love experimenting with the colour grey, here is the perfect solution. Walls could be well in basic shades of white, and cabinets made of refurbished woods, while one could be creatively painted with deep grey chalk-paint. Very indie and stylish, it also doubles up as writing surfaces for to-do lists, grocery lists, recipes, lessons.

Perfect for Scandinavian interiors

The popularity of grey as a neutral colour is definitely linked with the rise of the Scandinavian interior trend of the moment. In such interiors, the focus is on magnifying natural light to fight the dark, dull, and long winters, using a repetitive colour palette of beige, whites, soft grey, and cool blues. Select a shade of grey with cooler bluer tones that work best with pale woods and whites as this end of the spectrum offers a room a more modern aesthetic.

Grey on grey

Grey walls mixed with light grey furnishings can definitely offer the room a clean and crisp feel. It will also enable you to add your own twist to the room and make use of textiles and cushions to add a splash of co-ordinated colour.

Don’t avoid grey upholstery

You may be wondering that grey upholstery is harder to keep clean and it gets dirty and darker quickly. While this may be true, it would be best to consider what kind of room will match the fabric type for which you use it. In family and living rooms, consider using faux suedes and leather. Also, khaki and grey denim slipcovers are ideal for houses with kids and pets. Never shy away from grey because of the shade, instead use fabric suitable for your busy house.

Fetch lots of light sources

This can include floor lamps, sconces, or table lamps. Since grey is already a colour of shadow, it would be best not to cast more with an overhead fixture. Layered lighting definitely keeps the room flattering.

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