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Using Green in Your Interior Design - Tips & Ideas

Green, as we all are aware, is the colour of nature. Tones like green, blue, and grey are counted as softer tones as compared to other red, orange, and purple. Colours too carry a certain amount of energies in them and when we speak of green, it is known to be a soother. It signifies life, growth, and harmony. It is an easy colour that expresses a rejuvenating, summer-ish, and fresh energy. In the past, it has often been used as a restful colour. It is because of this reason why actors use Green Rooms to steady their nerves before the Act. We all can harp on about people veering towards all things ‘eco-friendly and green’. Hence it is barely a surprise that shade of green is one of the most sought after colours among homeowners and designers.

Green is the finest colour you’ll find in the nature and the most plentiful and it is related to nature, freshness, fertility, life, freedom, and harmony. Tonic and refreshing, the green colour relaxes the mind inducing good behavior, meditation, pleasantness, relaxation, peacefulness, balance, intense impression of freshness, and fantasy.
Making use of the colour green in interior design with suitable other shades of green or with other diverse other colours will a well contoured destination may have special and creative effects. Use this vibrant colour if you desire to have a fresh and natural atmosphere in your house. This makes green perhaps that one colour with which one can never be wrong.

Science of the colour Green

Green colour generates a positive environment. It helps in evoking balance, harmony, and order, change, and transformation. Along with this it welcomes sustainable changes whether physical, emotional, or mental. Colours have proven to induce to some extent physical and psychological responses in the human body. However, the same has mostly proven to have emotional effects rather than scientific results. For example, Green is known to be a safe colour as it is used in hospitals as the colour of assurance and on signal lights to signify safe movement.
Green can help in lifting depression and reducing anxiety. The Visual appeal of the darker shades of green is more sophisticated than the lighter ones. Light greens give a more cozy, fresh, and earthly feel. Based on your theme and requirement you can choose from these different hues.
Here are a few tips to help you design your room the green way!

Have Green walls or an Accent Wall

Though it may seem to be a bold move, with the right shade of green infused with some subtle coloured furnishing, you will easily get yourself a classy room. If painting a whole wall seems to be a bigger risk, you can always go for something simpler yet soothing. For such scenarios, an Accent wall will be an ideal choice. One bold wall to stand out in the whole room. Woody shades and simple beige shades can easily blend in with the green themed walls.

Go for Green Furnishing

Instead of painting the walls, you can also go in with some green furniture. For example, the cabinets in the study rooms or the bedrooms can be covered with shades of green cermica. Cermica on its own is a great choice. It is eco-friendly, pocket friendly, and scratch resistant. For rooms like the living room or the drawing room, green coloured sofa covers can be used. This leaves a lot of scope for playing with more colours in the room. Because a room with green collared walls leaves little space for playing with a lot of other colours.

Add Green Artifacts

Having green themed walls or a small corner is yet another classy method of adding green to your interiors. This can mean wall hangings, show pieces, paintings extra. Your picture frames can be green. This saves you from the commitment of having your walls painted green or your furniture being green. You can never go wrong here. You can also try the artificial grass placed vertically over the wall or in the balcony as a separator. It not only brings elegance but also ensures privacy.

Use green textiles in any room

Green textiles and fabrics are not hard to come by and can be easily used anywhere.

Mint green walls

When considering mint green room interior ideas, think about a colour palette that uses green as a completely neutral base colour. When done precisely, room walls painted with a graceful mint green colour will benefit you create an innovative and unique feel that will always appear clean as mint green walls are best at hiding scuff marks. Also, combining mint green room ideas with cream and neutral coloured chairs and other furnishings will not only benefit you in creating the perfect blend but also give a timeless feel for years to come as mint green is also a colour that sparks less instant emotions than say, a moody grey or bold red might.

Rug it up

Green is a colour of elegance and there is nothing like too many rugs. Rugs are known to finalize and lock the look of a room. Hence the combination of the two bests will surely leave you with a more welcoming and balanced room. A full-size rug under the sofas or a long one besides either side of the bed will look wonderful. Another plus point of the same is low maintenance. As compared to the other lighter tones, green does not easily get dirty and hence saves you the effort.

Green wallpapers in the room

Apart from painting your room walls with a transformative and bold green shade, you can also utilize a printed green wallpaper on all the four walls to create a bold effect perfectly brought to life with furnishings and decorative accessories that feature shades picked out from the printed wallpaper. Green wallpaper makes for an innovative option if you want your living room to radiate a spacious feel together with an inviting and warm look. And also, it would be best to stick to wallpaper ideas that are symmetrical to keep the look consistent and simple on the eye.

Green bathrooms

We go to the bathroom to freshen up after a long tiring day, and if you wish that your bathroom must always appear fresh all the time, then it would be best to give it a stunning green makeover. Green is a well-known theme for the master bathroom because of its refreshing and rejuvenating look. Precisely pair it with white for a clean look or you can try pairing it with dark shades for a more contemporary look. Browse through some of our green master bathroom interior design ideas to get some inspiration.

Don’t forget the curtains

Window treatments and curtains are one aspect of room décor that is, for the most part, ignored by most interior designers and homeowners when looking to introduce a sumptuous colour. You can easily make your special curtains a central part of your green room design ideas by sourcing cost-effective curtain panels in the warm hue. Colourful curtains paired against a green wall will precisely develop a subtle feel, and yet a vibrant and dynamic look while also lending the space more depth.
Let green room ideas grace your interior décor style without diminishing other decorative features in your rooms. We would recommend that you must use green room ideas to your benefit as they make for a stunning starting point when refreshing a particular room.

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Add fine Greenery

Plants are now seen as a way of bringing that aesthetic touch to your house. Be it small succulents or huge palms, they all can find a place in some corner of your interiors. Small little flowering plants can be a great way to add colours to your living room. Apart from the obvious change in the vibe of the room, plants also have great health benefits. As one would spend most of their time at home, it’s always suggested to give your body and mind a break from that polluted environment outside. You can add air freshening plants like Barberton Daisy, English Ivy, Snake Plant or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue, Chrysanthemum, etc. However, one suggestion from the same will be to go for those plants only that don’t require a lot of maintenance. You don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning the mud and watering the plants. You can also go in with creative pots to go in with your interior decor.
To help brighten up the house and to introduce in some life, fresh plants are found in plenty of traditional houses. Fresh green plants are a crucial part of the traditional interior design, and the use of potted plants offer a natural factor to this particular theme. You can easily add potted plants to any room in the residence. They help rid the air of common toxins, regulate the humidity in your living spaces, and have been known to improve your mood, increase productivity, and reduce stress levels.

Introduce green accessories

When it comes to green room décor ideas, it doesn’t always have to be about heavy and sturdy furnishings and all-over colour. Instead, make an effort to bring in the hue in small parts like vintage inspired finds or other decorative accessories. This way you can easily move pieces about for a quick room refresh.

Use it as a decorative anchor

From a painted rooftop to a single carpet, let green room interior designs define your space by using just one piece as a standout piece that you can work around.

Green in your living room

As you research through our green living room collection ideas, you will observe that green is a welcoming and attractive colour for a variety of living room designs from formal to traditional to relaxed and eclectic look. The meaning of the green shade is as diverse as the living room interior designs that use green as the dominant design colour scheme. Lighter shades of green are mostly associated with vitality, growth, and nature while darker shades of green precisely symbolize abundance and prosperity. As a homeowner, you can select whichever shade you prefer, regardless of the interior style design.
The green shade used in the living or family room encourages unwinding but has adequate warmth to promote togetherness and comfort.

Green furniture chairs

In a living area with less neutral features, you can easily transform its overall look and develop a comfy feel using a green soft sofa and accent chairs. This will create a cool and discreet ambiance. Green room ideas will benefit you to create a uniquely modern room décor design with retro-inspired vibes that will always appear timeless.

Green foyers

Stunning and spectacular foyers are a result of the combination of white and green sleek elements that creatively reflect the brightness of the room. The pastel green colour of the walls and high ceiling are a perfect colourful background for the royal treatment of golden features scattered in the area.

Green dining rooms

The palette of the dining room may integrate numerous different colours but it must focus on one primary theme for a better décor outcome. For a primarily green dining area, the exact hue of green that you select will have a vital impact. Greens vary from exciting lively lime green to pale soothing sage green. The green shade that you select for your residence must precisely capture the mood that you wish to develop. Green is a well-known choice for most dining areas, perhaps because of the diverse variety of moods that it can develop. Of the colours of the rainbow, the colour green is the most preferred choice for dining room interior designs. Green is regarded as the most restful colour for the eye. Used in furnishing elements creates a dining room that is inviting and original.

Green bedrooms

The colour green in the master bedroom is a daring and striking colour choice. When used accurately and creatively it can definitely make any room stand out. The trick will come in how much green shade to use so that you don’t overdo the interior design. Selecting the right accents and tones can really make the room shines. The colour must be comfortable and welcoming without being daunting and glaring. When you see the green shade in the master bedroom interior, the end outcome will definitely be something you can be proud of while showing it to guests. Beach and traditional interior styles, for instance, mostly always make use of the green shade very well as these are usually brighter and softer in their colour schemes. It is highly believed that the green shade relieves stress levels by helping individuals relax. It is also believed to help with fertility, making it an effective choice for any bedroom.

A green and natural kitchen

The shade of green can act as an excellent colour to induce into your new kitchen interior design, but it can also be a bit challenging to search for contemporary pieces because of green’s position on the colour wheel. Whether you’re looking for a more serious and sophisticated dining room or a beach house aesthetic, green offers a lot of possibilities if you’re willing to work to make it look good.

Olive green as a choice

It is believed that olive green has been around in-home décor and interior design for a long period of time. There are numerous means in which it can be used in a traditional interior scenario, and also in modernized interior aesthetic. From softer shades to muddy tones, olive green is the perfect shade for inducing a touch of nature into the house. It is also fairly neutral, which precisely makes it an ideal base colour for complimenting with bold monochrome characteristics, softer shades, or vivid accent shades.

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