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How to Use the Colour Brown in Your Interior Design

Brown is a colour that most people are usually skeptical about. There is a common misconception that brown is dull, drab, and lacks character and. However, we’re going to show you that nothing could be further from the truth. Brown is, in fact, a rather warm, cozy, and inviting colour that immediately makes one feel at home with it’s safe and comfortable earthy tone. It is natural, warm, and familiar. It is also extremely versatile and can be paired with a wide range of other colours when decorating or designing your home.

These days, the trend is to pair the colour brown with vibrant pinks, sophisticated creams and caramels, teals, blues, and soft dusky pinks as well as metallic favorites such as gold, bronze, and copper, etc. Not only is the colour brown safe colour homey, but it is also ubiquitous and widely present as most of our furniture is made from warm brown wood. Choosing home decorations, wooden furniture, and fabrics that will blend with brown coloured walls is not difficult. Brown colours look stunning with white decorating ideas, turquoise, blue, green, yellow, creating modern interior design colour schemes. Given below is a list of colours that complement brown beautifully and that you can combine to make your home a warm and welcoming place:


White, when paired with brown, provides a beautiful contrast that looks elegant and sophisticated and this colour combination is widely prevalent in wallpapers, drapes, and curtains. It is seen very frequently in ceramics and earthenware used for house plants, decorative pots, and sculptures.


If you’re inclined towards a more modern and minimalistic design that is cool and soothing, you should consider pairing brown with blue. Brown and blue are a match made in heaven as the cooler tones in the blue harmonize perfectly with the warm browns in your wooden furniture. You can give a make-over to your living room, bedroom, and even your bathroom with this beautiful blend of colours to give your home a calm and peaceful ambiance.


Dark brown wooden cabinetry teamed up with vibrant and fun shades of fuchsia on the walls, heighten the drama of any room or space. Any room with a brown foundation can be transformed into a youthful and bright setting by adding fuchsia accents to it. The zing and vivacity of this shade of pink balances the solid and grounded character of the colour brown, creating a beautiful and harmonious balance.

Dusky Rose

The soft shade of dusky rose offers an exquisite contrast to the glorious warmth of dark brown nicely with the warmth of brown to create a soft, romantic, and dreamy atmosphere. The two colours meld with each other so wonderfully as to give you a beautiful and inviting space that looks intimate and cozy. These two colours are ideal for living spaces as well as bedrooms and are so versatile that they can be used for both contemporary as well as vintage-themed spaces.


Yellow is a colour that instantly brightens up any space. Paired with the subtle and understated brown, it would immediately make any room or space bright, cozy, warm and inviting, not to mention extremely aesthetic. Bright shades of yellow look lively and energetic and when paired properly with brown will add an electric spark of life to your living space. Yellow accents in the bookshelf and the bright furniture in the room will provide a wonderful contrast against the neutral brown background, creating a heavenly symphony of colour.


Soothing shades of mint will do wonders in making your living room look lovely, dark and cool, when combined with a good dose of brown and will also lend it an incredible air of understated and timeless elegance. Adding this gorgeous shade of minty green to a room with brown wooden furnishings will lend a fresh and natural vibe to the overall atmosphere of your room.
If we take the green shade, then it would be prudent to say that this combination creates a natural feel and make rooms look balanced, calm, and cool. Green shades relieve anxiety and stress while brown colours feel safe and comfortable. Brown and green colour schemes are greatly pleasing to the eyes. Painting ideas that include green and brown colours develop creative accent walls and offer a unique character to interior designing.

Green indoor plants are perfect for accentuating the latest interior designs in brown shades. Indoor plants have the ability to naturally blend with house furnishings, walls, and floor décor in brown colours, introducing nature inside the house.


One of the most popular colour combinations doing the rounds right now is the lovely turquoise paired with a luxuriant shade of brown. This incredibly modernistic and sleek look would work well for your living room as well as your bedroom. These two colours compliment each other perfectly and their versatility allows for a wide spectrum of design and decor options. This colour combination is timeless and classic and can be adapted to vintage as well as contemporary styles of home decor and interior design.


The colour gold is extremely bold and looks almost magical, and too much of it can be overwhelming. However, when paired with a dark shade of brown, it mutes the gold’s blinding brightness making the room glow with the wondrous warmth of this magical combination. This will make the room look effortlessly regal and refined. Gold accents can be incorporated in the table lamp and other metallic accessories as well as in embroidered and painted rugs or carpets or drapery.


A rich shade of copper, when paired with a luscious dark chocolate brown, can jazz up your room like nothing else. This bend of rich colours can make your room look glamorous and decadent as well as warm and sensuous. The red undertones of copper will offer a perfect contrast to the velvety hues of brown and will give your room a lovely, warm, and inviting look. The brown background and furniture will also allow the copper accents and accessories to pop and shine beautifully. All in all, it will make for a resplendent room.


The sunshine warmth of the colour orange combines beautifully with the muted brown to give a spectacular contrasting effect that glows with fun and vitality. Paired together, these two colours have the ability to create trendy and bohemian-inspired styles that are vibrant and youthful. For instance, orange center tables would contrast wonderfully with luxurious chocolate brown sofas and wooden flooring. In fact, orange accents all throughout the room will also give off an air of vibrance and charm that look extremely artistic and bohemian. Apart from colour combinations, brown furnishings can also be used in other special spaces in the house.

Bedroom dreaming

The lightest shade of brown is finest to develop the perfect aura of tranquillity all around your place. Combine subtle textures with diverse colours for a deep sleeping experience. A cozy and comfy bedroom that features a brown soft bed, a shag rug, soft velvet light brown curtains, a fireplace with stone surround, and a huge grey sectional is sure to give a goodnight’s sleep.

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Brown color

Chill in the brown aura

Add brown in your lounge for the ultimate coffee chill out area with rustic brown velvet design sofas. White woodwork combined with a white hanging lamp offers this evening lounge an altogether refreshing appearance.

Use natural feels

This is an easy one this time of the year with easily accessible gourds and fallen leaves but make sure to not overdo it. The colour brown compliments and contrasts the leaves in such a way that they could easily stay post fall. Overall, brown is a great shade to make a splash and make a room really pop. Accent cushions, artwork and rugs are all great ways to integrate this colour in the interior design.

Selecting the right shade

Brown is available in numerous shades and kinds that it is almost impossible to discover the one that suits your house the most. A common guideline you can follow is to use darker and burnt shades or golden prints in rooms that require a relaxing atmosphere, while the liveliest ones fit in frequented places where you deal with most of the activities with your family.

An accent wall in the living room

The best way to apply brown is to use it as the accent shade of your reception place. Using brown in a predominantly white living area adds liveliness and motivates a positive mood. In a room full of natural light, brown can even work on more than a single accent wall. You just require to be innovative and creative and experiment with this amazing shade.

Utilize brown to create more space

Because of clean aesthetic abilities, light brown walls offer a heightened perception of space and make the room appear larger. Psychologically, the light brown shade also indicates focus, simplicity, and clarity. With this combination, it makes the colour brown an ideal choice for any study or home office.

Position mirrors for decorative designing

Positioning mirrors against light brown walls can offer any room a touch of grace and create a perception of more area than there actually is. It can be especially effective if the mirror has a coloured frame or warm wood to make it stand out in the room décor. Beauty can be personified in a brown dressing room where a mirrored wall and long light brown drapes are combined against a gracefully lit mirror. Everything in the brown dressing room must simply fall in love with. It is a fact that if you surround yourself with brown you will attain absolute peace of mind.

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